Love Unraveled (Honorable Intentions #3) Read Online Rose Phillips

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They are masters of charades, but can they fool their hearts?
Countess Sophia Tessaro is the toast of London. A wealthy widow, she is free to do as she pleases…and she does. Courted by a duke, surrounded by admirers and good friends, she has created the perfect façade for spying on the elite and aiding Britain in its intelligence operations. Her goal is to see the end of the little emperor in France. Only then can she find a measure of peace from the past.

Gaston Armand, the Marquis de Lyon, has never forgotten the girl who saved him from the streets of Paris during the storming of the Bastille. Nor has he forgiven her for betraying him years later. He seeks Sophia out for one purpose. To hurt her as she had him. But the woman she has become confounds him, and he wants to both walk away and hold her in his arms once again.

When Gaston threatens Sophia’s carefully constructed persona, she agrees to his proposal—to allow him integral involvement in her life for one month. She is determined to see him gone when the agreement ends.
Gaston has other plans. Can he recapture the heart that long ago stole his?


Others because you did not keep

That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;

Yet always when I look death in the face,

When I clamber to the heights of sleep,

Or when I grow excited with wine,

Suddenly I meet your face.

—William Butler Yeats, “A Deep-Sworn Vow”


Promise us the sun forever as well as the night;

Yes. Forever the night. Promise me that.

—Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, “Let Us Cry”


If Sophia had not known he was coming, she would have assumed the tapping was the wind shifting the far-too-loose latch on her window. But she’d been waiting for him for hours. Truly for years. Her heart pounded ferociously against her chest. He was here now. As he’d promised.

She leaped from the bed and pressed her ear to the hall door. There was no sound other than a repeated tap, tap, tap behind her. She flew to the window and threw back the drapes, the shadow of Gaston’s willowy body all she could make out of him in the darkness. She unhooked the latch and pushed at the window. Gaston caught it before it blew too far to the side and banged the pillar. He threw one long leg over the sash and pulled the window closed as he stepped fully into the room.

She reached past him to rehook the latch, catching a whiff of him as she did so. “You stink,” she whispered, scrunching her nose.

“And you, ma chérie, smell like a garden of roses in summer.” He tilted his head to kiss her, and raindrops fell from his hat, chilling her bared shoulder.

She pushed him. “Well, you smell like a wet dog,” she said even though excitement raced through her veins.

“More like a wet horse,” he said but shook his entire body exactly as a dog would do, splattering Sophia even more. She laughed out loud. He stepped up to her quickly, covering her mouth with his hand. “Fais attention, Sophie. Someone will hear you.”

Sophia bit his hand playfully, and she could see the flash of his teeth in the dim light. “There is a hook on the wall there. Hang your things.” She strode to the window and closed the drapes again, then returned to her bedside, fumbling for the tinderbox she’d left there.

“Let me.” His breath was warm against her ear as he took the box from her, and she regretted its loss when he leaned away from her to blow on the tinder. She set the wick to it, and the candle slowly took. After she set it on the table, she turned to look at him. Mon Dieu. Sophia still could not believe he had come.

“You are so beautiful my eyes hurt.” Gaston ran the back of his fingers down her cheek, along her neck, and across her shoulder. Her flesh tingled in their wake.

“Embrasse-moi.” Sophia puckered her lips and closed her eyes, and Gaston obliged her request for a kiss. His lips were soft and gentle, but she wanted more. She tried to probe with her tongue, but he kept his mouth closed to her. She opened her eyes, and he grinned. Sophia slapped his arm, and his grin grew bigger.

“You have not changed.” Gaston chuckled and looked around the room, then pulled her toward the chairs by the fireplace.

“Non, it is too cold to sit by an empty grate. Come.” Sophia tugged him in the opposite direction, back toward the bed.


He said her name like a warning, and she ignored it. She did not fear Gaston. It was Gaston who should fear her. Sophia had waited three years for him, and she was not about to sit politely in chairs across from each other. She was going to be held, and for the first time in too long, she was going to be loved. She would settle for no less.