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More Than Her

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Lailani was a surprise. An aberration. Something I never expected but want to hold on to forever. She is the sun in the shade. The sugar in the brine. The forever to my…never. I was building our life in my mind, more than certain she was in it with me.

One misunderstood conversation and I could lose everything I have come to need. Even something I didn’t know existed. I will never stop looking, searching…loving her. I will find her. She will come back to me. When she does, I will show her that…more than HER doesn’t exist, because she is EVERYTHING!!!
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ChaShiree M

Chapter One


God, I hate these fucking meetings. It's all figures and numbers. Like I give a fuck. As long as at the end of the day my profits soar and these assholes see to it, I don’t need all the other shit. Checking my watch for the hundredth time, I keep eyeing the door contemplating just getting up and walking out. “Mr. Louis, did you hear what I said? Mr. Louis?” I look over at Robin and try to concentrate even though all I want to do is go home, pour me some and sit. Hell, my fucking head hurts. I know most of it stems from the pressure from my mother to succumb to this farce of a marriage she has arranged. See, my family comes from a long line of money on my father's side. Some gold mine or some shit. As a result, the marriages have always been arranged to be mutually beneficial to all parties. So, my mom has decided my betrothed is to be Laurie Winston. The granddaughter of Harry Winston. Now of course I am never going to go through with this, but no matter how many times I inform her of this, she continues to push and right now, it is not all that serious to beat it over her head. It’s not like…

“I’m sorry. May I come in and grab your garbage?” the sexiest voice interjects my thoughts and I can feel my libido doing backflips before I even see her face. I turn my chair to look up and holy fucking flame. She is...EVERYTHING! From the wide childbearing hips to her miniature stature and her milk chocolate colored hair, which just makes her gray colored eyes… no…. gray is too simple. As she leans over my chair to grab my containers, I can see a burst of gold in the middle of her iris, making her eyes look like fireworks. Let’s not talk about the lips that are plump, red and made to wrap around my cock as I make them more swollen. Jesus. She practically lit this dull room up when she walked in. Flanking it in color and life. “Oops. Sorry.” she says biting her lip as she drops the napkin on the floor. I am going to tongue fuck that filthy lip, I think as she bends over to retrieve what she dropped and I swear to fuck, I want to put everyone out of the fucking room, bend her face down on the conference room table before turning her over and make love to her while making her understand she belongs to me now.

“It’s ok...Lailani.'' I say taking a second to check her nametag. “Let me give you a hand.” picking up the rest of the garbage off the table I hand it to her, becoming increasingly upset that she has to work here, as someone's servant.

“Thank you.” she says, her cheeks pink and her voice like molten lava. Holy hell. I haven’t been this turned on by a woman since I was in high school. I hope she doesn’t look down, because she will be met with something I can’t seem to control. While I am lost in thought, she slips out of the room and everything turns black again. I need the color back. I am up and out of the chair before I know what is happening. Panic sets in as I think about what happens if I don’t find her in the hallway and the hotel won’t give me her name. I would buy this motherfucker just to get to her.

Turning the corner, I see her disappear into what I assume is the closet and follow her. I knock first, not wanting to scare her. Knock. Knock. “Who’s you.” she says her eyes falling down as her face once again turns the same color as her cheeks.

“Yes, it’s me. My name is Dunbar. You can call me Dun.” sticking my hand out, I hold my breath, praying she takes it, so I don’t have to show her the other side of me too soon.

“Nice to meet you, Dun.” her hand touches mine and the breath I was holding becomes stifling. Fire passes from her to me and everything shifts.

“Not as nice as it is for me to meet you, baby. What time do you get off?”

“My shift just ended.”

“Excellent. Come to dinner with me.”

“That didn’t sound a question.” she says her head cocked to the side like she is trying to figure out what to make of me.

“It wasn’t. Why would I give you the choice and give you a way out? Little boys do that shit. I assure you; you will learn I am all man, baby. Now, do you live far from here?” might as well give it to her straight. No need to play games. Her throat bobs as she swallows and her breath gets shallower.