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My Brother's Roommate (Frisky Business #2)

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There are a few things you should know about my brother’s roommate.
Wolfie Cox is . . . complicated. Terminally sexy, and more importantly, he has an impressive stick lodged so far up his ass, he’s about as emotionally available as a chinchilla. Actually, that might be an insult to the chinchilla community.
So, naturally, I want to ride him like a bicycle.
He thinks I hate him. Mostly because I’ve led him to believe this. It’s easier than admitting the alternative.
And while Wolfie is about as soft and cuddly as a fork, I’m the opposite. A good girl. Reliable. Conscientious. Oh, and completely panicked about an upcoming work conference.
Wolfie’s usually allergic to altruism, so when my brother volun-tells him to help me out by escorting me to said conference where everyone else will have a plus-one . . . I say thanks, but no thanks. Surprisingly, Wolfie is unflinching about this. And that’s the story about how I got stuck in a hotel with my brother’s hot (grouchy) roommate.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
In all seriousness, this isn’t a game to me, and hormones aside, I need to impress my boss this week so the promotion I’ve worked hard for doesn’t get handed to his spineless nephew. But with Wolfie and me sharing a hotel bed, things get confusing quickly.
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Frisky Business Series by Kendall Ryan

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Kendall Ryan


* * *


“Do you know what I mean?” Tessa pauses in her dramatic monologue, but not long enough for me to actually answer.

Which is good, because the honest answer is, I have no idea what she means. For as much time as I’ve spent with the woman seated at the bar beside me, I’m starting to realize how little we actually have in common.

“You look so glum, Wolfie,” she says, teasingly squeezing my knee beneath the bar top. “But I guess all the girls like that kind of thing, don’t they?”

“Sure.” I nod, not bothering to correct her.

On the outside, I’m the poster boy for an in-demand bachelor. I’m young—relatively at least, at twenty-nine—and single, aside from the occasional hookup with Tessa when I’ve had too much to drink. I run a successful business with my friends called Frisky Business that’s put a couple million dollars in my bank account over the last few years.

But the reasons I can barely manage a smile at a pretty girl who wants to fuck me? Well, those are complex.

My friends-with-benefits arrangement with Tessa works because she doesn’t ask much of me, doesn’t demand answers about why I’m so broken. She only knows the vaguest of details because I’ve not been willing to share any more than that, but now she’s looking at me with a sympathetic expression that puts me on edge.

I don’t bother returning her smile, even as she pats my thigh and calls me a grump, laughing at her own joke. Although, is it even a joke if it’s true?

I toss a few bills on the counter, enough to cover her glass of wine and my bourbon, and rise from the stool I’ve been occupying at the bar.

“You want to get out of here?” Tessa says cheerfully.

“I think I’m going to head home, Tess.”

With a silent glare, she stands and gathers her purse.

Shit. That went well.

I escort her to the door, tipping my chin at the bartender when we pass him. Outside, Tessa lingers, shifting her weight as she turns to face me.

“Wolfie.” She touches my stubbled cheek in a way that’s meant to be sweet, but feels patronizing. “I worry about you, you know. You can’t let your past define you. None of that was your . . .”

I hold up one hand, stopping her.

Giving me a serious look, she lowers her voice as she leans in closer. “Well . . . if you change your mind—”

I take a step back. “I won’t, Tess. Not tonight. I’m tired.”

It’s not a lie. I am tired. Tired of keeping up this charade. Of pretending everything’s fine. Of putting on a mask every single time I leave the house.

With one last sad smile, she turns and leaves. I watch as she climbs into her car and drives out of view.

The disappointed look on her face should have bothered me. But tonight’s encounter was a variation of a conversation we’ve had half a dozen times lately. She wants more than I can give. She wants normal. A guy who can deliver the wild sex she likes in the bedroom, and who can hold it all together and at least pretend to be okay.

With a stony expression, I head toward my SUV.

I should feel upset. But I’ve been feeling for months that what Tessa and I have has run its course. As much as I like things staying the same, they’ve started to change. I guess I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? And the tighter she tries to hold on to me, the farther away I want to get.

Maybe all the change I’ve been through this year has unsettled me. Who knows? One of my best friends, Hayes, has settled down—with my sister, Maren, of all people. I spent this winter feeling lonely, alternating between hitting the gym and working too much.

My friends and I created an ecofriendly couple-and female-focused line of sex toys. A big-name celebrity posted about one organically on her blog, and then bam. Next thing we knew, we were flooded with orders.

Our website crashed twice that first day. We sold out of everything until we could ramp up production, and then because of the attention, media outlets started featuring us. It was quite a story . . . five male friends who wanted to make a difference in the bedroom versus the boardroom. I became a millionaire within ten months. We all did. It’s been a crazy ride.

Which means I should be happy, on top of the world. I have a successful company with my friends. I have financial freedom and more money than I know what to do with. But for some strange reason, it all feels empty. Like I missed my calling, but I’m in too deep now to turn around and do something about it.

Back at my apartment, I’m surprised to hear voices coming from the living room. It’s nearly midnight, and I didn’t think my roommate had any plans to entertain tonight. But when I round the corner and see Connor sitting on the couch with his sister, Penelope, my chest tightens.