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“Right,” I say, feeling dumb. “Of course.”

“They know the rules with the girls, so don’t worry. These guys are regulars.” She turns to me, arms crossed and looks me in the eye. “Any questions?”

I have a million. “No,” I say.

“Good. I’ll take you to the boys. They’re eagerly waiting.”

I bite my lip and nod. “Okay. Thanks.”

“My pleasure.” She walks back through the kitchen and we head through a series of halls again. Finally we stop outside of a door with the number 502 in brass on the front.

“Always knock,” she says, before rapping her knuckles against the wood. She turns the knob and pushes it slowly open, giving them time to tell her to stop if they wanted.

She opens the door and we step in together. I’m so nervous I can barely take in the details. It’s large, with several couches, a bar against one wall, and a huge television against another. There are five men, each of them wearing expensive suits, and I’m immediately overwhelmed.

“Hello, gentlemen,” Stacey says, smiling huge. I barely remember to smile along with her. “This is the host I told you all about.”

“First off, Stacey, we’re not gentlemen,” a man standing at the bar says. He’s tall and large, with thick shoulders, a gravelly voice, and piercing blue eyes. “We’re a bunch of scum, you know that.”

Stacey laughs lightly. “Scum or not, you’re gentlemen in my eyes.”

“That’s what I like about you,” another man says. He’s sitting on the couch, legs crossed. Dark hair, dark eyes, a mischievous grin, handsome as hell. “You’re always lying to us.”

“That’s her job after all.” A man with longer hair, deeply tanned skin, and full, sensuous lips steps up toward us. “I’m Ethan. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Tori.” I shake the man’s hand and he grins at me.

“Of course, you jump on the poor girl right away.” Another man steps up to me, jostling past Ethan, who steps away laughing. This one has a huge grin on his face, open and smiling. He’s handsome, with a chiseled jaw and a slight scar along one chin. “I’m Will.”

“Nice to meet you, Will.” I shake his hand too.

“Don’t let these assholes intimidate you.” Will winks at me and steps away.

“Okay, boys,” Stacey says. “I’ll leave you in Tori’s capable hands. Go easy on her, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Chris says from the bar, raising a glass. “We’ll be nice and gentle.”

Stacey smiles and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.

For a second, all five men stare at me. They’re all older, maybe in their early forties, each one expensively dressed, and unreasonably handsome. I realize that I’m standing among the elite, men who have been around for a long time, and are a step above the rest.

I glance to my left and the quietest of the bunch smiles at me. “Hunter,” he says softly, shaking my hand. “Ignore what the others say. They’re a bunch of assholes.”

I smile and laugh, but before I can reply, the man on the couch gets up. “I’m Jordan. And Hunter’s just a jealous cunt.”

“Jealous?” Hunter asks. “Of you?”

“Of course,” Jordan says. He walks over to me, grinning, and leans up against the wall. “So, Tori. What brings you here?”

“Don’t hit on the poor girl,” Chris calls from the bar. “She’s too fucking new.”

“I like them new,” Jordan says. “You can teach them whatever you want them to know.”

I smile sweetly at him. “I don’t think there’s anything you could teach me that I don’t already know.”

The guys burst out laughing, including Jordan. “I like this one,” he says as Hunter pulls him away.

“Okay, guys,” I say, coming into myself. These guys are rich, powerful, and incredibly handsome, but at the core of it they’re just a bunch of friends looking to have a good time. I can handle that. “What are we in the mood for?”

Ethan walks over to the television. “You guys hungry?” he asks.

“Always fucking hungry,” Will says, taking a drink from a beer.

“It’s always food with you guys,” Chris adds in, walking over to sit on the couch. He smiles at me and shrugs. “This place has everything. And these assholes only ever want food.”

“I love food,” Hunter says softly. “Plus, the other stuff is boring.”

“If you guys are bored, I can find something that can help,” I offer.

“Unless you’re interested in coming over here and sitting on my lap, I doubt it,” Chris says.

The guys laugh. I blush at the thought of sitting in his lap.

“I don’t think so,” I say. “But I can find someone much prettier than I am that would love to.”

Chris waves away the idea. “No thanks.”

Hunter steps up next to me as the guys fall into a conversation about what they want to eat. “You’re not supposed to offer, you know.”

I cock my head at him. “Excuse me?”

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