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My Protector

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Ashlee Price

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S#xy Firefighter’s Second Chance at Love…

People in town say that my reputation is too hot to handle.
What the fu#k do they know?
All they see is a chiseled firefighter with a heart of ash and a Texas-sized trail of women left behind.

What they don’t see are my feelings for Jenna.
It was her that I always wanted.
Not on the on-again, off-again fake a$$ plastic blonde that I can’t seem to shake.
Beautiful. Smart. S#xy. It was Jenna all along.

This time, I won’t let anything get in the way of us.
Not my ego.
Not my immature fu#k-ups that cost our relationship the first time.

It would be so easy for her to skip town.
She could leave the family’s debt and bull$hit for good.
I’ll stop at nothing to change her mind though.

I’ll prove my love for her and our baby.

My Protector is s stand-alone second chance, secret baby romance with a guaranteed HEA.

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Chapter 1

“Ohhhhhh-oo-oh, sweet child of mine,” Jenna belted out with every drop of passion she could muster. Every song on her playlist was one she saw herself performing on a stage… that is, if she could actually hold a decent note. For the time being, she’d simply stick to her car-seat concerts and the occasional shower show. Her makeshift karaoke also kept her mind focused on the drive. While the music blasted, the wind blew through every open window. The sun sat high and bright as she flew down Interstate 76 toward Doveport, PA. Her bachelor’s degree was completed and she was finally free. And freedom always brought her home.

Jenna Ferris had just spent the last week and a half emptying out her campus apartment and making countless trips to UPS to ship her things home. So by the time she finally hit the road for the six-hour drive, she was happy to leave her undergraduate life behind her. The craziness of finals, cram sessions and study groups, coupled with the mixed emotions of seeing people she’d gotten to know over the last four or five years disappear into their futures, was enough for Jenna to miss Doveport.

“Yes, home sweet home,” she sighed, turning down the music and glancing at a highway sign that read DOVEPORT 8 MILES. Her pale blue eyes peered into the rearview mirror toward the road behind her, and she reflected that she was glad to leave it all back there.

Thoughts of her college experience should have been chock-full of laughs and memories she’d never forget. They should have been about midnight coffee and Red Bull runs to push through that 12-page paper due at nine o’clock in the morning. However, there was a gap in Jenna’s memories. Not just a gap, but a chasm of pain, chaos, and every other crappy emotion she could think of as she pushed down on the gas pedal just a little harder so she could get home just a little faster.

Pulling off the highway, Jenna was surprised at how much the town she grew up in had changed. There were gas stations and fast food restaurants right off the exit ramp. The one major road, which ran from one edge of town to the other, was now lined with towering street lights, and there was even a billboard that drivers could see as they cruise controlled down the Interstate. But the further she drove away from the highway, the more it began to feel like home.

She knew the clock in her car was a few minutes fast, but she stared at it anyway as she wondered if she should take a left or a right at the intersection she’d stopped at. To the right would take her toward tree-lined blocks, white picket fences, and every other residential area of Doveport. If she headed left, she’d run into more stores, a few municipal buildings, and more importantly, her father’s bar. Everyone had gotten a kick out of the place’s name when her father revealed it would be called The Wheel. It was her mother’s idea, and that in and of itself made her smile. So she turned to the left.

The bar was on a piece of land to itself, sitting like an island with a parking lot wrapped around it. There was a tire and mechanic place to one side, a vacant office building to the other, and the parking lot backed up against the rear of a building whose entrance was on the next street over.

Pulling into the empty lot, Jenna knew it wouldn’t be open yet, but waiting around for her father to get there seemed like a much better idea than rushing home to unpack. As she rounded the building, she noticed that she wasn’t alone. A large white truck with blue stripes and utility company insignia was parked diagonally across several spaces, aimed toward the back of the building.

Jenna rolled her eyes as she watched a man with a clipboard and a blue hard hat walk back and forth from the electric meter to the truck. All the utilities in town were run by one company, and this one company had been a royal pain in the ass for her family. She hated everything about them. So after parking her car, she grabbed her phone and keys and got out to find out exactly what was going on.

“Hey!” she shouted.

The man in the hard hat looked up but didn’t say anything as he put his head back down into his paperwork.

“I’m talking to you! This is my daddy’s place!” Jenna shouted, marching up to the man. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?!?”

“Sorry, ma’am, but I’m under orders to shut off the power to this facility for non-payment,” he mumbled, neglecting the social courtesy of looking at her when he spoke.

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