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Needing You (Alpha Hero #5)

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Needing You: Alpha Hero 5: An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman Romance

I’m the sole caretaker for my sister. I’m a police officer and I’m a college student. I don’t have time to fall in love… let alone date. But then in walks Carly, my sister’s new babysitter. And she’s everything I want.

I walk away from everything I know. I need to find myself. I need to distance myself from the people that are only interested in my money. Becoming a Nanny wasn’t the plan, but I couldn’t say no. And when I meet the older brother, I know my life will never be the same.

This is a Steamy, Sweet, Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the fifth story in the Alpha Hero Series. If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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“So, uh, is that your dad?” I ask Kendall. From the minute I walked into the house, I had hoped not, because the way the older man was looking at her was definitely not dad-like. In my business, I’m suspicious of everybody.

Her nose scrunches up. “No.”

I tilt my head to the side and smile. “So it’s like that, huh?”

She laughs a little and points at the book. “Maybe we should start here.”

She looks at her watch and I get down to work.

Kendall and I work on the project, which is a one-page paper on the effects of drug usage on the brain. I could tell when I told her what the topic was, she thought it was weird, but in my line of work I’ve had to learn a lot about it. Plus, the students got to pick the topic and I figure it was right up my alley. She seems to be in just as much of a hurry as I am to finish the paper. It takes us only thirty-five minutes to write it, type it and submit it.

I look at my watch when we’re finished. “Great, we’re done early. I promised my little sister I would be home before she went to bed.”

She looks at me curiously. “You and your sister are close?”

I grab up my bag and start stuffing my laptop and books in it. “Yes. Well, actually, I’m also her guardian. Our parents died last year and I was given guardianship.”

I follow her to the front door and we pass Brian, the man she introduced me to. I give him a wave but all I get back is a silent nod. I try to hide my smile because obviously the man didn’t like us working together. I should tell him there’s nothing to worry about, but I figure I’ll just let him sweat it out.

Kendall puts her hand on my shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Luke.”

A snarl from the living room has her pulling her hand back and Kendall and I both look at Brian. He’s staring at Kendall and the possession in his eyes is obvious. Shaking her head, Kendall thanks me for coming across town to work on the project.

I start to walk out the door but turn around quickly. “So you’ll be okay here… with him?” I nod my head toward the living room, pointedly at Brian.

She assures me she’s fine and he would never hurt her before I finally turn around and walk down the steps of the house.

I shake my head as I get into the car. I got partnered with Kendall for the school project and honestly, I wasn’t too upset about it. She’s a beautiful woman… but obviously not the one for me. She’s clearly taken. I mean, I don’t think she knows it yet, but that man obviously thinks that she is his. He definitely didn’t like me being there.

I guess I should be glad it didn’t work out for me and Kendall. I have class with her and she’s pretty and nice, but there’s definitely no spark there. Plus, I don’t have the time to date anyway. Not since I’ve taken full guardianship of my little sister, and I work full time and go to school, well, there’s no time for any kind of social life really.

Pulling out of her driveway, I look down at the clock. Our project took less time than I thought it would, so I decide to head over to the grocery store. I’m pretty sure that Anna ate the very last bit of her favorite cereal this morning. And even though it’s something small and she wouldn’t mind switching cereals for one day, I can’t just let her go without it. My thoughts go to Anna. She’s only ten and seems pretty adjusted to everything, but what do I know really? Nothing about kids and even less about girls, it seems.

Our parents died last year in a white water rafting trip. They were in their late forties and still action junkies. They lived for the adrenaline rush and growing up it was always one adventure after another. We moved around all the time and instead of things like school, sports and sometimes even food, they spent their money on what next trip they could take. It was fine when it was just me. I learned at an early age to take care of myself. But when they brought Anna into the picture, I had to step in. I mean, I’m fourteen years older than her. The big age difference is not the only reason she’s always looked at me as her dad instead of her brother. No, it’s because pretty much from the time she was born, I helped take care of her. The first five years of her life, my parents hired a babysitter. Once she started school, it was like they thought she was grown up and ready to take care of herself. That’s when I had to take over completely. By that time, I had completed the police academy and was just starting out as an officer. Not a lot has changed since then except instead of her sleeping at my parents’ house, she now sleeps at my apartment.