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Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles #1)

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Pittacus Lore

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Set in the world of Pittacus Lore’s Lorien Legacies series, this 100-page novella begins a new saga that coincides with the events of Generation One. Fan-favorite characters Six and Sam Goode return in this digital original companion series that’s The X-Files meets the X-men.

In the aftermath of a thwarted alien invasion, teenagers across the globe have begun to develop incredible powers known as Legacies.

Most are sent to the Human Garde Academy, where they can learn to harness their powers for the good of humanity. But there are still countless others who slip through the cracks, who prefer do things their own way, or who are being kept from attending the Academy by people with very different plans for these gifted teens.

That is where Six and Sam come in. They’ve just joined a convert group tasked with investigating suspicious incidents around the world which might be Legacy-related. Their first mission has them looking into the connection between a string of disappearances—but as they dig deeper into the mystery, they stumble upon an unexpected and dangerous Human Garde underworld.

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The Legacy Chronicles Series by Pittacus Lore

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Pittacus Lore Books





As Six and Sam walked up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan’s middle latitudes, they were surrounded by crews repairing the damage from the Mogadorian invasion that had taken place more than a year earlier. While huge swaths of the city had been reduced to rubble, new buildings were rising from the ashes of the old. All around them, New Yorkers went about their lives: cabs honked, shoppers peered into storefront windows at mannequins wearing the latest fashions, a dog walker stopped to let her six charges anoint a tree that still bore the scars of a piken’s claws.

It was the first time either Six or Sam had been to the city since the battle that almost destroyed it. During the time they’d been traveling the world, they had seen other cities that were recovering from the invasion, but mostly they’d stuck to places where they were not reminded of those terrible events. The point of their trip had been to enjoy the beauty in the world, and to give them time to be alone with one another. Being in New York put them right back where so much of it had happened.

Passing a bus stop, Six noticed a poster about an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History commemorating what was being called the Battle for the Boroughs. It featured an image of a huge dinosaur-like creature. The Mogosaur, Six thought, remembering Daniela’s name for the monster that would have killed her friends and thousands of others had it not been turned to stone by Daniela and John. She hadn’t faced it herself, as she’d been dealing with her own problems in Mexico at the time, but she’d heard all about it. She glanced at Sam to see if he’d noticed.

“I guess they fished the pieces out of the river,” he said. He looked at the poster for a long moment before adding, “We should visit him.”

“John?” said Six, knowing he didn’t mean the petrified beast. “We will. Soon.”

She thought about the Loralite pendants their friend had left for her and Sam on that beach in Montenegro. They could have used them at any time to travel to John’s compound in the Himalayas. But they hadn’t. They hadn’t even talked about the possibility much other than to agree that they weren’t quite ready to go. They weren’t angry with John or anything like that, even if he and Six had disagreed about how to handle both the Loric’s relationship with the human world and the issue of the emerging Human Garde. She and Sam just wanted some time to be normal—or as normal as they could ever be, given who and what they were.

Then, a week ago, just after they’d returned to the United States and were hiking the first part of the Appalachian Trail in Maine, an email had arrived in their in-boxes. It was from someone asking to speak to them about possibly working on some kind of task force involving the Human Garde. Six had deleted it without finishing it. Sam, however, had read it, and a few days later brought it up while they were eating dinner by a particularly beautiful lake. Six immediately objected. But Sam worked on her over the next few days as they continued on the trail, and eventually she’d agreed to meet with the sender, if only to shut Sam up.

Now, after hitchhiking to Bangor, taking a bus to Boston and then a train to New York, she wasn’t so sure about it. Seeing the poster for the exhibit only reinforced her belief that it was too soon to get involved in Garde activities again. She stopped and readjusted her backpack. “Sam, what are we even doing here?”

Sam, a few steps ahead of her, turned around. Dressed in hiking boots and clothes better suited for the woods than for the concrete jungle, he looked out of place in the sea of smartly dressed people who walked around him. He also needed a haircut and a shave. “We’re just going to have a talk,” he said. “That’s all.”

“I don’t see the point,” Six told him. Her head was rapidly filling up with memories—ones she had worked hard to put behind her—and she suddenly wanted to be anywhere else. “Whatever it is, I’m saying no. I said no to John about the Declaration. I said no to heading up the Human Garde Academy. How is this any different?”

Sam looked at her for a long time before replying, and for a moment she thought he might agree to turn around and leave. “Maybe it won’t be any different,” he said, shrugging. “But what else are we going to do? We’ve been wandering around the world for over a year, Six. We’ve been to more countries than I can count. It’s been great having you all to myself, but I’m tired of living out of a backpack. And I want to do something. Something to make a difference. It’s time to figure out what’s next.”

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