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Polar Opposites - A Cozy AF Christmas

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Dani Wyatt

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When she walks into the bar she calls me by some other guys name, then sits on my lap and kisses me…I think I finally believe in the magic of Christmas.
Turns out, she just needed me to be her fake boyfriend, but when her lips planted on mine? There was nothing fake about it.
Things get a little sticky when she walks in the conference room the next morning and we are on opposite sides of a lawsuit. One second, she’s treating me like the enemy, and the next?
We’re doing things in the back of my limousine that make me thankful for blackout windows. Only, I’m in town for one reason only.
That’s to ruin Christmas. Unless, Santa can deliver us a Christmas miracle.
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Dani Wyatt

Chapter 1


“It looks like the North Pole vomited all over this fucking town.” I look out the window of the limo we hired to pick us up at the airport as we come into the little town of Holly, Michigan.

From the signs everywhere, it’s their annual Dickens Festival and there are people standing all over the sidewalks and streets, dressed like they just popped off the pages of A Christmas Carol.

The snow is coming down so hard, it’s practically a whiteout and we were lucky as hell the jet didn’t slide off the runway when we landed.

“Why do you hate Christmas so much?” Javier, my best and oldest friend—as well as a fellow attorney at my father’s firm—shakes his head and takes a sip of the Johnny Walker Black I insisted be stocked in the limo when we landed.

The ice cubes make a soft tink-tink sound against the crystal as he swirls the amber liquid, before emptying the last sip on a hiss and setting the glass on the mini-bar tray in front of us. We are equals, but come from very different backgrounds. When we met in third grade at The Bellington Academy, something about us clicked. He was a scholarship student; his family are great people, working class, and against my own parents’ short-sighted prejudiced discouragements, we became friends.

Javier’s Latino family was such a contrast to my cold upbringing. My parents rarely allowed me to spend time at his home, but the few times I did growing up, it showed me a whole new world. They weren’t rich in the same way my family was, but they were rich in other ways that I knew, deep down, contrary to what my upbringing taught me, could never be bought.

“I don’t hate it.” I reply, reaching for my own glass, no ice, and drawing the scotch between my lips before letting the warming liquid slide down my throat. “I’m indifferent towards it. I have no use for it and I do not understand the hype. Every fucking year it starts earlier and earlier.”

“Pisses you off you have to endure the horror of pine scent and customizable ornaments when you go shopping at Target in September?” He lifts an eyebrow on a shrug.

“Target?” I snort, looking down at my phone, answering the hundred new emails I received in the hour and a half we were in flight.

“So, you didn’t think it was a little sadistic to have Mr. & Mrs. Claus served with the final eminent domain land seizure papers, the week before Christmas?”

I shrug, reaching down into my briefcase to pull out a file, flipping through to find a piece of information before I answer one of my father’s twelve texts. “I didn’t decide on the timing, I just executed what our client requested. Besides, sentimentality is a weakness. They were the ones that asked for the meeting. They have no grounds for it to be overturned. I’m here at the behest of our clients, trying to make sure there’s not going to be any PR trouble.“

“Okay. Well, good luck with your meeting tomorrow. I’m pretty sure Santa is filling your entire apartment with coal this year.”

I reach up to knock on the glass divider.

“Hey! You passed it. It’s right there.” I jerk my head toward the back window as the driver lowers the glass.

“Sorry. I was looking at all the decorations. This is a pretty cool little Christmas town.”

I roll my eyes on a groan. “Just turn around.”

I shove the folder back in the briefcase and slip my phone into the inside pocket of my suit jacket. If this meeting wasn’t for one of our biggest clients, I would have sent a first year to handle it. But, as it is, Pruitt Development is one of the top real estate development companies in the country and they expect that every time they say jump, our firm says how high.

So here I am, in this tiny-ass nowhere town that has a hard-on for Christmas, and a Mr. & Mrs. Claus—a.k.a. Eva and Williams Jenkins--that are about to have their little North Pole tourist trap split right down the middle by the local utility companies.

Pruitt Development has purchased six hundred acres just north of this town for a new housing development and sewer, water, electricity and gas service need to be secured before anything else moves forward and money can start flowing.

The car comes to a stop at the front door of the only local hotel that had availability. It’s an old historic inn, and I’m sure most people would describe it as charming but all it makes me think is low rent.

The driver comes and opens my door and I look at Javier. “We’ll catch up late tomorrow. Have a good visit with your family.” His family moved from New Jersey to Michigan four years ago when his father received a buyout from the manufacturing plant he worked at for going on forty years.