Porter’s Angel (Harvest Ranch Summer #24) Read Online Stephanie Fowers

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Get ready for a good old fashioned Twin Switch at Harvest Ranch!
Cadence ran away to Harvest Ranch to escape her troubles in Nashville. She’ll do anything to save her unborn baby from his influential father–a rich and powerful womanizer who ruthlessly tries to hunt her down. How did she ever believe that he once loved her? Cadence thought she’d be safe at her friend’s home in the middle of nowhere, except that the only other man who knows her secret somehow followed her here, and he’s a no-good playboy!

How did he find her?
Porter promised to keep his friend’s plants alive as a favor while she’s away, but instead he’s stunned when a breathtakingly beautiful woman is staying at the apartment and tries to clock him in the head with a lamp for trespassing. When Porter realizes that she’s mistaken him for his twin brother living in Nashville, he decides to have some fun. After all, what better way to get to know this mysterious house guest than with a good prank?

But who is this gorgeous stranger?
As Cadence falls in love with the friendly inhabitants of Harvest Ranch, she begins to understand how precious a gift this sweet little life inside of her has become. At the same time, she makes a wreck of Porter’s normally fearless and undisciplined heart. The anguish in her deep brown eyes haunts him. She’s hiding secrets, but he can’t get through her defenses. Porter needs to tame his wild ways and show her that he’s the kind of man that she can trust before it’s too late.

When trouble follows Cadence to Harvest Ranch, will she turn to the strength of Porter’s waiting arms or will she run again?


Chapter One

Cadence turned the worn teddy bear in her hand. Mousy. Why had she called a bear such a name? It had long since lost its fur in some places where she’d rubbed it off with her mournful hugs as a child.

Mousy had gotten her through her toughest times. She’d embraced Mousy in each strange bed as she moved from foster home to foster home. The bear was smudged with her tears. She’d used him to cover her ears while she listened to familiar shouts with unfamiliar voices. She’d used Mousy as a shield, even as she grew bigger, and he somehow smaller, but still he stayed wise as he’d looked on her with big embroidered eyes that never judged, only loved her.

Oh, how she’d wanted to be loved.

He’d said that he loved her. Was that enough to get them through this? She sat on the edge of her tub staring at the pregnancy test in her other hand. Her heart thudded as she waited for the results. She’d never thought she would repeat the mistakes of her mother. She was wiser, stronger… knew better.

Lacy Lynch was a complicated man, a powerful one. At times he seemed so hard, almost cold, but that was the hard outer shell that he showed the world. He was a businessman and her boss, the CEO of WhiteBoulder Private Equities. His job was to command respect, but when they were alone?

Well, when they were alone, Lacy was the gentlest, sweetest man that she’d ever known. She got to see his true face, the one he didn’t show to anyone else. They had a connection that was unbreakable.

When Cadence had first joined the company, she was definitely the lowest in the pecking order. Newbies always had to fight their way up for respect, and she used to joke that she had a business degree to pour coffee. Lacy always took it easy on her, meeting her eyes from across the room and smiling.

It turned out that Lacy liked having her “angel face” around. Whenever he brought her to his major business deals, the clients trusted him more and the deals always went through. He claimed “his angel” was his lucky charm, and so he started taking Cadence everywhere.

Before she knew it, Lacy was jetting with her all around the world on his business trips. That’s how they’d ended up together. They’d been strictly professional at first, though Lacy later admitted that the second he’d set eyes on her that he’d always hoped she’d see him as something more. He began leaving flowers in her room, ordering dinners on the terrace at their hotels, surprising her with private tours in Venice, Bahamas, Paris.

He was possibly the most romantic man that she’d ever met. Her life in those foster homes had been lonely, horribly scary sometimes, but Lacy? He’d protected her, cherished her. She’d never felt anything like it, even after she’d set off on her own at eighteen and tried to make something of her life. Lacy had taken her from her sad and lonely existence and showed her the world.

She watched the lines form on the pregnancy test. Pregnant. She was pregnant. Her heart felt like it was exploding out of her chest.