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Power Struggle

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Paige Fieldsted

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I gave up on love twenty years ago. These days I only want hot sex. Jameson Beck is experienced, confident, and sinfully sexy— a perfect distraction from the murder trial taking over my life. But now I’m expected to work with him every day and ignore his never-ending advances? Yeah, right. I can’t keep my distance, not even with Jameson threatening everything I’ve worked for over the past ten years. And he’s making me want the very thing I’d sworn off: love.

Olivia Roberts, the blonde bombshell. She’s hot, feisty, and isn’t afraid to talk dirty. She fights me at every turn, but that only makes me want her more. Too bad she’s the one person standing between me and the partnership I’d do anything to get. Olivia makes me question it all. I thought my career was enough. I thought I didn’t need love. But now I don’t think I can live without it. Or her.

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This conversation was pointless. Why was it so hard for Gabriel to understand? I didn’t have time for a relationship, but more importantly, I didn’t want a relationship, or at least not the kind he wanted. Gabriel wanted to shower me with romance—surprise dinners, weekend getaways, moonlit walks around Central Park, bubble baths with candles—everything most girls wanted. Just the thought made me nauseous.

“Come on, it’s one weekend. It’ll be fun,” he said. No, it was fun when you talked less and fucked me more, I thought. He wanted me to go away with him to his parents’ house in the Hamptons. A weekend away was the worst possible idea right now. I was on the verge of being named partner at Hugh and Roscow Law, one of the best law firms in the city. I couldn’t have even the appearance of being anything other than totally dedicated. Not now.

“You know I can’t. Not when I’m so close to finally making partner,” I said as I buttoned up my blouse.

“You’ve been saying that for months,” Gabriel protested. The fact that he could recall what I’d been saying for months meant this had already gone on for too long. Our relationship had started out just the way I wanted it—hot, casual sex whenever and wherever we wanted. I thought for a while maybe I had found someone I could keep around for more than a few weeks, have the kind of relationship where we satisfied each other’s physical needs but left the mess of feelings and emotions out of it. But then Gabriel started wanting more, and I couldn’t give him more.

“You’re allowed to have a life outside of the law firm, you know?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head for what felt like the hundredth time since this conversation started. I didn’t have time for this shit. I’d strung him out too long.

“Gabriel,” I sighed, slipping on my heels. “This is never going to work. We want different things.” He ran a hand through his thick black hair and looked at me with his deep brown eyes. God, he was so hot. His tanned skin and muscular frame made me want to take my clothes off and stay in bed with him all day. I tried to clear my thoughts. His good looks were what got me in this mess in the first place. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and it had been since the day I’d literally run into him on the subway, but I couldn’t give him what he was asking for.

My career was my life. I was considered one of the best defense attorneys in New York City. It had been just Dan Hugh and Jack Roscow since they started the firm 25 years ago, so adding a third name partner was a big deal. I wasn’t about to let Gabriel and his good looks get in the way.

“What do you mean?” he asked. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes again. When I was young and still believed in fairy tales and happy endings, I’d given my heart away. It was never happening again. I didn’t need love and a relationship to interfere with my life. I needed sex and passion and that was it.

Gabriel had been perfect for that—until now. Until he wanted a real relationship.

“Look, it’s been great,” I said. “But I’m not ready for a relationship. I could never give you what you want. I’m not girlfriend material. Right now, the law firm is my life, and nothing is going to change that. I don’t have the time for weekends away and dinner on Tuesday nights. This was never going to be anything other than sex.” I laid out my points logically and without emotion, just like I did in the courtroom.

You could always tell what he was thinking just by looking at his face, and right now, he was a mixture of anger and sadness. He dropped to his knees in front of me and ran a hand up the inside of my leg. My breath caught in my throat when he reached the bare skin above my thigh-high stocking.

“Olivia,” he whispered, his fingers reaching the edge of my panties. Goddamn him. There was no way I could end this with his fingers there. I let out a whimper as he rubbed me through my panties. “You don’t really mean that. Let me show you how awesome life could be if you stopped working 100 hours a week, and stopped giving your entire life to old men who don’t even appreciate everything you have to offer.”

That jolted me out of my Gabriel-induced haze. I pushed his hand away and stepped out of his grasp.

“That isn’t going to happen. Not now. Probably not ever,” I snapped. I straightened my skirt and put on my earrings. If I didn’t leave soon, I was going to be late. “I have to go.”

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