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Quarantine Pet - His Pet

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Jamie Knight

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Jack: They warned me to stay away from her but I can’t resist.
Everyone says you don’t mess with the Davies brothers. As a lawyer at their law firm, I know this firsthand. But I don’t let anyone tell me what to do.
Especially when it comes to who I want to date. My bosses tell me to stay away from their little cousin. But once I’ve caught a glimpse of the gorgeous young associate, I don’t want to let her out of my sight.
The lockdown of New York City offers the perfect opportunity. I convince Sandra—and her overbearing cousins— that she needs to work from my house in the Hamptons. I’m playing with fire, but I can’t just look and not touch. She’s so hot that I’ll risk it all just to be with her for good.

Sandra: He’s so demanding, but it is my job to meet those demands. I’ve never worked for such a rich, handsome guy like Jack before. He’s such a flirt, but can he really have good intentions? He promised my cousins our relationship would stay work-related. But does this womanizer want me for more?
When a pandemic hits New York City hard, Jack offers to have me keep working at his home. But it will just be the two of us. Locked up. All alone. As we quarantine together, things begin to heat up. Jack makes me feel like a real woman.
I want to stay with him for good, but is this just a game to him? Jack Harris does what he wants.
Can I trust him when he says his heart is all in?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One - Jack

“Happy Birthday, Jackie-boy,” I said to myself in the mirror.

You’d look at a guy like me, and you’d think I had the world at my feet, right? I was a rising star at Davies and Sons, a top lawyer at a top law firm in Manhattan. The money was insane, which was why I had a penthouse apartment with a view of the river.

I was still fit. Unlike some of my coworkers, I didn’t get bored and stuff myself with the high end, high-fat foods one tends to get access to with this kind of money. No-no, Jackie-boy. You kept working out, just like in high school. A couple weeks of crunches, I could probably get my abs back, if tried.

And the women, yeah, they were pretty amazing. I mean, all I had to do was show up at a party, name drop my law firm, and it was basically a done deal. Barring that, a girl would immediately process the suit and watch I was wearing. Women do the math on that sort of thing. Shoes included! I had had every kind of woman in the sack. Every race, color, and creed, heavy-set to emaciated, young to old, reluctant that I had to seduce to exhibitionists that got it on with me in the back of the limo. Sometimes, I felt as if my life was one big blur of courtroom, paperwork, and pussy.

I guess that’s why I was getting kinkier and kinkier in my forties. It started small. You know, fun stuff like tying myself down or tying her down, light spanking. That kind of thing. Now it wasn’t enough. I need more.

Guess I was just numb from success at all levels. I was getting sloppy too. Risky, if you would. I seduced one of the legal aides in the office. Fortunately, she was more than happy with our sexual liaisons, and the forty thousand in jewelry I dumped on her didn’t hurt my rep. Lucky for the partners at Davies and me, she wasn’t the clingy type.

I finished getting dressed and went downstairs to get my Porsha. Tuesday meant I had a meeting with the partners. Mostly it was about the continuing merger, but this time William and Daniel wanted to remind me to behave.

“Jack,” said Dan in the conference room, after the door shut. “William and I want your promise that we won’t have anything like what happened with Claire.”

Claire was the legal aide. So much fun.

“Claire’s doing well at Saxon and Madison,” I reminded him while taking a seat. “Our recommendation got her a seven-figure salary.”

“Yes, lucky you,” added William with an eyeroll.

The two brothers stared down at me, or they tried. Most people found the Davies brothers intimidating due to the fact that they were the size of dump trucks. But I was almost as big, so they didn’t faze me.

William continued, “But the last thing we need in this climate, during this merger, is to have you MeToo’d, understand? No dipping your pen in the company ink.”

“Guys,” I laughed. “You know I’m not normally like that. Claire was just a onetime fling. These things happen.”

“Not in 2020 they don’t,” grunted Dan. “We can’t have you endangering a merger in the billions for a little fun. Your work is exemplary, Jack, but we’ll can your sorry ass if you do this again, understand?”

“Message received,” I relented. I put my palm against my chest. “Hand to God, I will not do anything like that ever again. We square then?”

Dan looked at William. He nodded, seemingly satisfied with my promise.

“Okay,” agreed Dan. “We’ve got some of the new corporate lawyers coming in late, so don’t go anywhere.”

“What time?” I asked.

“Three,” answered William. “They have dinner reservations at five, so the meeting will be short. Mostly it’s an introductory thing to meet some of the other lawyers we’ll be working out the deets with.”

“We’ll be sticking around for it,” added Dan.

“Okay, then,” I said, getting up. “If that’s all gents, I will see you this afternoon.” I gave then a half-assed salute.

I strolled back to my office. Davies and Sons had solid two floors in the McKenzie Tech building, one of the downtown skyscrapers. We luxuriated in big offices with amazing views of the city. It was nice on a visit but felt kind of lonely when you worked there. Our floors were a maze of offices designed to keep each partner cut off in such a way that the sound flow didn’t bleed into the other areas. It made me feel I was by myself with the staff.

“Morning, Kelton,” I greeted my assistant as I walked into my office. “What’s the coffee situation?”

“Got yours right here, boss,” he replied cheerfully. “You look tired. Late night?”

“Yeah,” I responded, walking across the room to my desk. “Was up all night cruising the Internet, watching cat videos. Melting my brain.”