Ravishing (The Roderick Billionaire #4) Read Online Amber Moore

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My name is Coleman Peterson Roderick. As you may know
already, I am one of the most powerful men in the city of Los Angeles.
Besides wealth, money, and power, I also have my sons to live for, but
one thing I have lacked, for quite a long time now, is a lifetime partner.
There is a loneliness in my heart that no amount of wealth can fix.
Once, I had this, but I lost it in the blink of an eye. But second chances
exist, and so does my first love, Scarlett, and I’m willing to make the
most of every chance I get to win her back.

He lives high up in his castle, worried only about his empire, not
the least concerned about his home. In the past, I walked away because
I didn’t feel loved by him, becoming a second-class citizen the moment
I said, “I do”. Now, he thinks he can waltz back into my life when it
pleases him and whisk me away to his castle. But I’ve built my own
walls. He has my heart forever, but before I’ll allow him to know that, I
need proof that he’s ready to be the man I need. Coleman Peterson Rodericks is playing his game, but I’m
changing the rules.


Chapter One


A man in a black tuxedo mounted the stage, his hair mashed to his skull. I imagined making jokes about it, but still, I kept all the possible witty remarks to myself, conscious of my environment. When the man leaned in to whack the microphone, my eyes widened in anticipation of his downfall. "Is this thing on?" He laughed nervously. "Is this thing on?" He looked around the room. Sweat trickled down his neck to his body, plastering the white shirt to his skin.

I stifled my grin but eventually found myself choking after I took a sip of my champagne, the icy liquid traveling down the wrong tube for the third time that night, making me gasp for air, desperate to clear my windpipe. So much for being classy and elegant.

"God, I can't believe I have to endure your presence for this. You are insufferable. Not at all impressive when it comes to your maturity," A feminine voice sassed beside me.

Setting the glass of champagne on the table, I picked out a handkerchief from my pocket and coughed into it before giving her my full attention.

She was not just any woman. It might have been better if she was, but this woman had her standards. Trust me, she is incredibly observant, and the reason I make no attempt to satirize every speaker that climbs up on that stage tonight.

"You need to loosen up a bit, Scarlett. You are still as stuffy as ever. Not enough alcohol in your system yet? I can take you someplace else after this, some place more obscure where you could drink as you please." I chose to taunt her, flapping the handkerchief slightly, only because I knew it would irritate her further.

"Perhaps, you’ve had too much. I find you the only drunk in this room. Fu..." She paused halfway through the vulgar speech.

I smiled.

She gasped and quickly restructured her words. "I believe you should have a chaperone assigned to you for this event, Cole." She gritted my name like she was spitting out the word “devil”.

I couldn't hold back anymore. I laughed boisterously, enjoying every strangled word that left her lips as she tried to quiet me.

"Oh, Scarlett. No one bloody cares if you curse once in a while. I mean it's a form of stress relief, I must say."

My eyes narrowed at the elegant figure settled in the seat beside me. She looked delicate, classy—she was like a mother hen, or maybe I could liken her to a peacock. Scarlett was undoubtedly brilliant and goal driven. She was disciplined and all the other stuff that made a powerful woman get recognized in society, but there was something about her beauty that made me forget all the rest of it and only think of having her below me, pressing her to the bed, to remind her of all the things—the spark, the fireworks—we could create as a couple. Together, we could stand on land mines and create a sonic rumble that would shake the earth and bring forth mushroom explosions that could wipe out an entire city. Too much? Well, we once did all that (relax, not like actual explosions) until we both chose separate paths.

She glared at me through a set of raven eyes, and I was reminded of how arrogant she could become when she was aggravated. Usually, she kept all her anger in check when we had to meet with the boys and make public appearances together. To our five sons, we could still be considered a couple because we gave them no reason to think otherwise. The only time Scarlett bared her fangs at me was when she suspected I wanted more physical and emotional contact than she was willing to give. Cherry-glossed lips curved downward in irritation, and I felt her go taut at my unwavering stare. I didn't budge. I let my eyes travel lower to take in her fair skin, her long bronze-colored hair falling around her shoulders in loose waves. I feasted my eyes on her slender body, realizing how much I had missed the beauty that lay beneath. As much as she appeared thinner than the last time we had met, I still found her sexually attractive—Oh, no chance in hell I'd skip that slit that exposed her thighs, giving me the slightest hint of a black garter belt.