Rescuing Melissa (Moretti Family Rules #2) Read Online Ivy Adams

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“She looks so innocent, but I know the truth.”
I shouldn’t be distracted when I’m on the job, but when the earnest and gentle Melissa crosses my path, my need to be with her is the only thing that holds my focus. A smart and self-possessed teacher isn’t the woman I thought I would fall for, but when it becomes clear that Melissa is in over her head and turns to us Moretti men to help her, all bets are off.
When a leak in our organization could be the undoing of all we’ve worked for, I have to decide if my need to protect Melissa is stronger than my duty to defend my family from certain doom. My brothers need me to come through for them, but ever since my adventurous vixen looked my way, I’m not sure if the family’s rules are strong enough to keep me away from her.

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Crystal is great because she doesn’t mind a quickie after her shift. Most of the women at the gentlemen’s club owned by our family don’t want to deal with men after they punch out, but Crystal’s sex drive is similar to mine. Either that, or she really needs the extra cash I always leave on her vanity after we finish.

She’s slick from her work on the pole, which works well for me. After a long day of trying to keep everything in line for the many family businesses, I need something mindless to drain any accumulated tension.

“Fucking glitter,” I complain while I pump into her from behind. I know it’s part of her gig, but it’s annoying all the same to go home with glitter on my palm from smacking her ass, glitter on my lap, and glitter stuck in the random crevices that these annoying sparkles seem to accumulate.

Crystal grunts as she holds onto her vanity. Her Hello Kitty stickers and knickknacks everywhere used to be a distraction, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Even as I thrust into her, my mind wanders. I need to figure out where the leak is coming from. The books didn’t add up for the gentleman’s club last month. While I normally am not the bookkeeping type (that’s my brother Antonio’s job), when he notifies me of a discrepancy, my team is the muscle that gets to the bottom of it when the numbers don’t lead to the obvious culprit.

I pump in and out of Crystal, my hands on her hips so I can pound as hard as I like. She doesn’t pretend she loves it, tells me when I’m too rough, and doesn’t mind that I’m not about to fall in love with an employee. It’s perfect.

She’s got her own life, and I’ve got mine. I don’t know how people who actually care about each other do it. There’s too much talking, too many feelings that get in the way of release, which is all I’m looking for tonight.

Crystal keeps her bra on, so her tits don’t swing uncomfortably when I slam into her from behind. The thing has fake crystals sewn into the fabric, so the only sound in the background of her grunts is the tinkling of those gems. It’s a delicate sound, almost precious, contrasting in stark relief against the not-so-precious sex we have every Friday like clockwork.

“You’re gonna need to wrap it up soon, kiddo.”

My teeth grind. “You know I hate when you call me that. I’m thirty years old, Crystal. I’m not a kid.” I try to keep my focus on reaching my peak, but it’s not coming.

I’m not coming.

I should be coming.

Crystal giggles and then her voice turns syrupy, as if she’s talking to a child. “Yes, you are. You’re a big boy, Giovanni!”

“Hilarious.” I roll my eyes. My lips purse as my climax inches further and further away. “Could you not make fun of me right now? I’m trying to concentrate. If you want this to finish quick, laughing isn’t the best way to go about it.”

Crystal turns her chin over her shoulder, her waist-length blonde extensions draping to the side. She winks at me with lashes long enough to be fingers. “Got it.” Then she turns around again, facing her vanity, and puts her back into it. She moans gratuitously, and I don’t even care that it’s fake. “Oh, Giovanni. You’re so big. I’ve never been this fully fucked before. Deeper, Gio! Baby, I’m so close!”

All lies, but I don’t care. I close my eyes and try to get there, but even though I’m pumping my heart out, I am no closer to my release.

Eyes closed isn’t working. Nothing’s working. For some reason, shutting out the Hello Kitty laden vanity in front of me sends me into a frightening abyss.

Someone is stealing from the club. I have to figure that out and punish the proper person.