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Rock My World

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Mia Ford

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Addison’s the one who got away. Scared off by my rockstar life… and her friend’s lies. Now it’s time to make her my world.
You can split my life in two.
Before: College days and Addison in my arms. Baby blue eyes, sweet tempting lips. Knowing we’ll be together no matter what.
And after: Sell-out gigs with screaming fans. Women throwing themselves at me at the stage door. I pose for the selfies and sign the merch, but that’s all they get. There’s only one woman on my mind – and she’s not my biggest fan!
Six years is a long time to be single. And six years of touring gets old. Time to find Addison, even if I don’t play by the rules.
Tell her the truth – music is my past.
Her love, our family, is my future.
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Mia Ford

Chapter One – Addison

Jace Fairs.

I smile to myself with my arms wrapping me and I bask in the warm glow that is my boyfriend and the love of my life. The dark-haired, dark-eyed rock god who I get to call my own. I must be the luckiest woman alive.

“Right, I’m off to play a gig,” he says in his chocolaty smooth voice while placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. “I hope you’re the one screaming the loudest for me because I’ll be looking for you.”

“Oh, I will be.” I shudder with excitement in his arms. “Don’t you worry about that.”

God, it feels so exciting. So, thrilling to be dating him. Okay, so this might be more of a college gig than a sell-out stadium, but the sensation is exactly the same. He will be up there playing and loads of girls will be screaming his name. Me the most, and the loudest because he is mine and it’ll always stay that way.

I barely want to let him go but I don’t have any choice. He’ll come back to me soon enough anyway, I will have him back in my arms and where I need him to be. I just have to wait, to be patient, that’s all.

“I love you,” I murmur as I watch him leave, my heart fluttering with excitement. “I love you so much.”

I just know that not only does he love me too, but that our love will last forever. I didn’t come to college planning to meet the man that I would marry, but when you know, you know it well, and I definitely know. I just have to look at him to know that I will walk down the aisle towards him, that we’ll have a family, a happy ever after…

The next moment, the gig is over. It happens in the blink of an eye. That probably should be weird, but it isn’t. Mostly because his arms are around me and he’s kissing me like there’s no tomorrow, pushing me back onto the bed as he does. He’s sweaty, his clothes from the gig are sticking to his body, he smells so manly. Every fiber within me is on fire, I’m tingling, there’s a pulsing between my thighs that needs sating. I need him so badly that I might actually die. It’s as if we have been separated forever and I’ve finally managed to grab him once more. I need every inch of him, I want him deep inside me, pressed up against me, everywhere.

“Oh, fuck, Addie, you feel so good,” he growls while yanking my dress off. “You’re so hot.”

A moan flies passed my lips as he meets my throat, sucking and licking me all over. I feel passion bruised and twinkly everywhere, I cling to him like he’s the only thing connecting me to the planet.

“Fuck, Addie.” His mouth moves down. He’s moving quickly, kissing me desperately. “I need to taste you.”

His mouth is on my panties, I squeal and squirm as he teases me by brushing his mouth over where I need him the most. I grab his head and try to push him but he won’t be guided, he won’t be controlled, and that’s just the way I like him. He has all the power over me and it’s fucking incredible.

“I need you,” I whimper like a pussy cat. “Please, Jace, I need you so bad.”

“Ooh, you’re bad,” he murmurs, his words vibrating against my core. “And that’s why I like you.”

The next moment, my panties have melted away and his tongue is buried deep into me. The scream that bursts out of my chest this time is so loud it shakes me from something. My consciousness becomes something different, I’m not quite sure what yet. My body doesn’t feel quite so satisfied as it once did…

“What the…?” I mutter, my throat gravelly and painful. “Where am I?”

I grip onto my forehead, trying to block out the violent bright white light that infects my vision. How am I in so much pain all of a sudden when a moment ago, I was in Heaven, with Jace…

Jace. Jace Fairs.

I fall backwards with a thump. Everything sinking like crazy. Of course, I’m not with bloody Jace Fairs, I haven’t been with him for six long years. I’m not in college either, I haven’t been for ages. That was just a dream. Or a dream combined with a very unhelpful memory, something that I don’t need right now.

“For fuck sake.”

I turn over in my bed and face my very familiar white bedroom wall, not the awful cream color from college. My life is completely different now. It’s better, in a lot of ways, so I don’t know why I’m dreaming about the past. I’m better off without Jace. He wasn’t the amazing guy I thought he was. He was a cheating bastard and that’s why he isn’t in my life anymore. The dream of a future together became nothing because of him.