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Rough Edge (Tannen Boys #2)

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Lauren Landish

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This ain’t no love triangle. This is people not knowing when to let fate do its thing.
Brody Tannen has been the boss for way too long, putting everyone’s needs above his own. It’s the way his family farm stood while fate took shot after shot against them. But now he’s got a chance to figure things out for himself.
Everyone keeps pushing him one way, but deep down he knows which way he should go. Towards her… Erica Cole, the rough and rowdy woman that’s always been one of the guys. Except to him.
Brody loves her inappropriate humor and smudges of grease on her cheeks. He wants nothing more than to be the one who cracks her exterior shell to find the sweetness he’s sure is inside.
Erica Cole has been in a man’s world her entire life. First in the military, and now, taking over her dad’s mechanic shop. She’s not the sugar and spice girly type that guy’s normally go for. She’s grease and engines, snark and bite, responsibilities and expectations.
So when Brody Tannen sets his sights on her, Erica doesn’t know how to handle it. Not when everyone else thinks she’s destined for a man that does nothing for her. Erica can’t say the same for the broody, cocky cowboy that saunters into the shop though.
Brody’s tall, dark, and won’t give up, which is a problem because Erica desperately wants to know what’s lurking beneath his hungry gaze. Even if she should stay far away from the heat he promises.
They both know what they want, but can they stand strong against those who think they know better to get the happily ever after they deserve?
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Tannen Boys Series by Lauren Landish

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Lauren Landish

Chapter 1


“Well, as I live and breathe. Is that you, Brody Tannen? I haven’t seen you in ages, boy!”

Mrs. Perkinson squints her rheumy eyes at me and I do my best not to cringe. It’s not that she’s unkind, but she’s at least the fifth person to tell me the same thing this afternoon alone. You’d think I hide out on the ranch and never see the light of day in town. There might be some truth to it, but I don’t need people pointing it out left and right all damn day.

“Good afternoon, ma’am.” It’s the bare minimum of words to not be accused of rudeness. I’d know because I’ve tested it over the years. My preference was a simple ‘hello’, one word and done, but apparently, that made me sound like a grunting ass and didn’t meet the requirements of respecting my elders. So the needlessly complicated ‘good fill-in-the-blank’ and ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’ is what I’ve gone with.

So far, so good. And I’m almost done with deliveries of my sister’s homemade, high-demand seasonal treats, not only for the day, but for the entire week. No more pies, no more jellies and jams, no more soaps, and best of all, no more people. I can’t wait to not have to people. Yes, that’s a verb, because again, it’s simpler to say ‘people’ than ‘I don’t prefer to socialize, thank you very much’ because who needs all those useless words when one will get the same message across just fine?

“Get your hiney on into my kitchen and let me feed you. Skin and bones, you are!” Mrs. Perkinson’s bony finger juts out, poking at the thick slab of muscle on my chest.

Great. She’s obviously gone blind as a bat if she thinks I’m skinny. Most people cross the street when they see me coming—too tall, too broad, too brooding, too asshole, with a reputation of kicking ass first and asking questions never. I’m too busy being busy to give a shit with consequences unless they affect my family.

“As much as I’d like that, ma’am, Shayanne would have my hide,” I say with as much ‘aw shucks’ as I can muster, not a single fuck given that I’m throwing my sister under the bus, but I can’t help scratching at my lip with my thumb as the lie passes between them. “I’m on her schedule, you see.”

She takes the jar of lemon curd from my hand, signaling the end of this conversation. Or at least I hope it does, but I’ve still got to say polite goodbyes and whatnot or she’ll be tattling on me to Shay for sure.

“Well, that girl works her tailfeathers off, so I won’t begrudge her requiring the same of you lot. Only way to keep you hellions in check is a firm hand. Glad to hear she’s got one.” Sweet Mrs. Perkinson becomes a bitchy old biddy right before my eyes, and I’m no longer willing to uphold niceties when she’s insulting me and my brothers, even if she is one of Shay’s customers.

Without so much as a goodbye, because I ain’t wasting words when I don’t have to, I turn and shuffle down the two steps of her porch. I climb into our old farm truck and peel out of her driveway. She probably thinks I just proved her point, that I’m a rude motherfucker with no proper manners despite my poor sister’s attempts to housebreak me, but I don’t care.

If anything, I raised Shayanne, not the other way around. Little thing was just thirteen when Mom passed. She took over that role without a fuss, but she needed some guidance growing up, and that responsibility fell to me as the man of the house, because Dad sure as hell wasn’t.

Not that I’m thinking of him.

May the Devil himself be pissing on his soul down in hell.

I hear Mom scolding me in my head and sigh heavily as the speedometer creeps up to sixty on the old country road. “Fine, Mom. I hope Dad’s resting comfortably in hell, does that work for you? Because we both know he ain’t up there with you. When you were here, maybe it could’ve gone that way. But you know how it was later, so don’t be rewriting history now because it’s rude to speak ill of the dead.”

I turn the radio up to drown out the voices in my head. I don’t hear them very often anymore, not Mom’s sweet assurances that I’m doing okay and definitely not Dad’s harsh bites that I’m fucking everything up. Truth be told, they’re both right in some ways.

But the growl of the old diesel engine drowns them both out easily, and they float away on the wind blowing through the open window. Along with any preconceived notions Mrs. Perkinson has.

For a moment, I’m free.