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Say Please

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C.M. Steele

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Ted Evans needed a woman. People constantly reminded him. They accused him of living with the guilt of his failed marriage, but they were wrong. It wasn’t guilt, but the wasted, tasteless past that ruined his hopes for a good woman.

Katie McGee loved her new job as a pediatrician. She had been forever grateful that she caught her longtime boyfriend with another before she gave up on her dreams. At twenty-six she was a doctor and a very good one at that. Nothing was going to stop her, even her new patient’s hot uncle.

Nope, no way was she going to cave to his caveman ways or so she thought.

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Chapter 1


I ran my hands through my hair, wringing out the water. After a long day at the office, a shower was just what I needed. I took my time, even though I had to get my ass over to my brother’s for dinner. I tossed the towel onto the floor, strolling out of the bathroom ass-naked. My dick dangled between my thighs, bumping around. It didn’t matter because this place was empty, and I didn’t have anyone to get it stiff. I hadn’t brought a woman here since I bought the house. The only woman in it was my sister-in-law, Angel. It was because of her stealing my brother’s heart that I finally understood the truth about my feelings for my first wife, which were none.

I sat on the edge of my bed feeling lonely as fuck. It had been five years since I’d been with a woman. Yes, it was less than two years that I was in the fake marriage with the black widow, but since I never fucked her it didn’t count. At my age, finding a woman was going to be hard, and a good one would be beyond difficult.

Sally damaged me more than I thought. My first wife was supposed to be my soul mate, but there were a few little glitches. One, she was a lying whore and two, she got sick and died. It left me laced with guilt that things hadn’t been better between us. It wasn’t my fault, but I hadn’t done the right thing and called off the wedding. Now a decade later and I was still paying the price for that decision. I was miserable and alone with no hope for a good wife. There were plenty of money hungry women who would sign up to give me a family, but for a steep price and a divorce later.

My phone buzzed on the side table and I had a feeling it was Angel or Dean. I leaned over, stretching to pick it up. The screen showed a picture of Angel and my nephew. “Hello, beautiful. How are you doing?” I answered suavely.

“I’m fine, but I would go with handsome. I’m calling to make sure your bitch ass was coming to dinner tonight,” Dean barked, getting jealous as always. I thought it was funny as hell to mess with him. It kept him on his toes. Angel was a good woman.

“I said I was, didn’t I? I just got out of the shower. Now put your pretty wife on the phone. You know I’d rather talk to her,” I added, trying to get on his nerves.

“That’s why I called you from her phone because I know you’d answer it, fuckhead.”

“You got that right.” I chuckled. “I’ll be there in about an hour. Okay?” Dean knew I was playing around with him. Angel made him happy and not such a dick.

“Sure thing, bro.” I hung up, then laid on the bed.

They were never ready when I got there. Constantly on each other, fucking like wild bunnies now that she was pregnant a second time. The entire meal they would have their hands on each other. Two years later and they were like a hot new couple. I wanted a love like that. An all-consuming and Earth-shattering love that made you forget about time and obligations.

“Enough,” I yelled to myself, hopping off the bed. I needed to remember I had a set of balls and man the fuck up. I needed to stop being a pussy and get real about shit. My life was passing before my eyes and I had nothing but money to show for it. I worked hard for my own company, but had no heir to leave it to. Two things needed to happen, I either had to find the one, or sell the company.

Once I was in my car, I drove down the street to their house. Dean opened the door and stood there with a twisted mouth.

“I know I’m running late. Sorry.”

“No problem bro, just get inside before Angel freaks out anymore.” Since Dean often had to leave for homicide investigations, she hated to waste time.

“Sorry, where’s my angel at? I have to go make it up to her,” I replied.

“Don’t get fucked up. No matter how buff you’ve gotten I’ll still knock you out.”

“You are too jealous.” I walked into the kitchen and up to Angel. “Hey baby, how’re you doing?”

“Oh, Ted, I’m doing well, but you know my husband is going to get annoyed again.” She laughed me off and shook her head.

“Tough. He needs to prove he’s worthy of you.” I winked at her. It was just fun to fuck with my brother. I had no interest in her at all. He worshipped Angel and they were a perfect couple, and I had to admit I was a bit jealous myself.

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