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She needs his protection as much as she needs his heart…

Attorney Rebecca Mayes has already endured more than her share of tragedy. After her husband was killed in an accident, she’d do anything to shield herself from more heartache. Her success in the courtroom has not come without costs though. The disgruntled ex-husband of a client is seeking revenge—and his sights are set on Rebecca.
Navy SEAL Patrick “Ice” Foster vowed never to be in a relationship again. The gorgeous brunette he meets on the beach isn’t going to change his mind—no matter how tempting her feminine curves, innocent glances, and fierce independence may be.
Despite their determination never to fall in love, Rebecca and Patrick can’t deny the connection between them. When danger lurks around every corner, she knows there’s only one man she can trust to protect both her and her daughter. But who will protect her from a broken heart?

SEAL the Deal, a stand-alone novel, is book one in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.

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Chapter 1

Patrick “Ice” Foster hauled his sixty-pound rucksack onto his back and sauntered down the ramp of the C-17 military cargo plane, boots and fatigues dusty from his SEAL team’s week-long deployment to Afghanistan. He felt tired, his muscles stiff and sore, and dirty from the sweat and grime coating his skin. Nothing would feel better right now than a hot shower and a solid twelve hours sleeping in his own bed.

Hell, after a week of pitching a tent in the desert and barely sleeping five hours a night, he’d gladly crash on his living room floor.

He glanced down at the nasty stab wound on his forearm, sewn neatly shut with nine stitches. Compared to other injuries he’d gotten over the years as a SEAL, this was nothing but a scratch.

Another member of his team, Mike “Patch” Hunter, had stitched him up in the field after they’d battled with insurgents. Patrick and his men had conducted a raid on an enemy compound, rescuing an American soldier being held hostage, and had slipped back into the night in their Black Hawk as quickly as they’d arrived.

After tracking the enemies’ movements for four days, last night they’d completed their mission and gotten their man. And luck didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Patrick’s SEAL team was among the best of the best. His men trained together daily and fought as one in battle. They were his brothers, and he’d lay down his life for any one of them, just as they’d do for him.

“Are you meeting us at Anchors tomorrow, Ice?” Christopher “Blade” Walters asked as he caught up to Patrick.

“Maybe,” he commented noncommittally as the two men fell in step beside one another.

“You should—we missed your sorry ass last time.”

“Needed my help picking up women?”

“In your dreams. More like fighting them off.”

Patrick smirked. A local bar near their base in Little Creek, Virginia, Anchors was a popular hangout frequented by the locals and military members alike. It was always packed with SEALs looking to unwind and local women intent on taking one home for the night. And vice versa.

Not that Patrick had complained about that in his younger days, but at thirty-five, and as one of the older members on his team, he didn’t hang out there much anymore. Nor did he have the time to, but it was a tradition for the six guys on his SEAL team to go there the day after they’d returned from a deployment to have a few beers and decompress.

“Although I am hoping to avoid that cute little blonde I met last time. She was way too clingy.”

Patrick raised his eyebrows.

“I took her home for the night, and she stuck around all morning. I finally had to convince her we had training that day. Even put on my PT gear before I escorted her out my front door.”

“You’re such a charmer.”

“I do what I can. And don’t get me wrong—she was a tiger in bed.”

“That’s exactly why I avoid the place.”

“The blonde?”

“The women.”

Patrick had met his ex-wife at Anchors years ago. He’d thought he was hot as shit back then, nothing but six-foot-three inches of solid muscle with the ability to easily attract all the ladies within a fifty-foot radius.

The other guys had joked they were glad that he was off the market when he’d proposed to his ex. He’d never had trouble finding a woman to take home in the past and had enjoyed more than his fair share of the ladies over the years. Something about his ex-wife had drawn him in though, in a way no one else ever had before. She was open, sweet, and caring—the exact opposite of his own calm, cool, and collected demeanor.

Patrick had earned the nickname “Ice” in BUD/S, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALS training, for that very reason—he was completely calm, as cold as ice, no matter what situation was thrown at them.