Second Chance Cowboys (Wilde Horse Ranch #6) Read Online Kim Loraine

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Two cowboys, one wedding, and a night I never thought I’d get to have.

When I arrived at my cousin’s wedding I knew two things. One, I’d have to face my overbearing aunt and walk down the aisle with a smile on my face and shoes that hurt my feet. Two, it’d be over before I knew it and I could get back to doing what I loved, rehabilitating horses.
But everything changes when I get to the bed and breakfast where the wedding weekend is being held. Most importantly? I get to be bridesmaid to not one groomsman, but two. Oh, and did I mention they are both handsome cowboys I’d fallen in love with a long time ago?
Now I’m torn between rekindling the flames between me and Colt…or is it me and Sean?
That was the whole reason I’d broken things off in the first place. How could I love one if I loved both?
But after one night being around each other again, there’s no denying the chemistry is still there.
Their solution? Why choose when I can have them both? At the same time.




This weekend is going to kill me.

I sit in my car outside of the gorgeous B&B where my cousin Georgia is getting married. It’s so perfect for her. The vineyards surrounding us, the sprawling scenery. Her level of rustic whimsy is right up there with Joanna Gaines. White roses climb the facade of the picturesque storybook home, blooms so fragrant I can smell their slightly sharp floral scent through my slightly open window. I haven’t seen my cousin in years. Not since we both went away to college. Me to Central Washington University, her to Sarah Lawrence. When she called me and asked if I’d be a bridesmaid in her wedding, I expected it to be somewhere on the East Coast. Nope. She’d chosen our home state, a location three hours from our hometown, because of all the men she could’ve met, she found her future in a guy we’d grown up with.

So far, I’ve struck out in that department. Two serious relationships. Two serious heartbreaks. Lots of meaningless flings to fill the emptiness in my heart.

Pushing aside thoughts of my situation, I step out of the car and walk around to the trunk. My small bag is heavy with everything I need for this epic wedding weekend Georgia has planned. Wine tastings, a bachelorette party, dinners, and of course, brunch.

I grab my garment bag from the backseat of my trusty little Honda, the weight of the three dresses on the hangers making me laugh. It’s ridiculous. I’m at home in jeans and cowboy boots, not lace and stilettos.

“Chloe!” my aunt Karen squeals from the garden path to my left. She rushes toward me, holding out her arms. My hands are full, but I let her engulf me in her abundant embrace. She’s just as I remembered, soft, comforting, and smelling of every flower you could possibly mix to create perfume.

“Aunt Karen,” I say through a cough as the overpowering perfume assaults my senses.

“We thought you’d never get here.”

I frown and start to argue, but let it go. I’m an hour later than the earliest possible check-in time. “Traffic was a bitch,” I mutter.

“Oh, watch your language, young lady.”

“I’m twenty-seven years old.”

She laughs and shakes her head. “You’ll always be younger than me.”

“Am I the last one to arrive?”

One hand goes to her ample hip, and she rolls her eyes. “Not by a long shot. We’re still waiting for two of Porter’s groomsmen.”

“Oh, good. That’ll get me off your shit list then.”

She opens her mouth, likely to scold me, but stops and grins. “My list is long enough for all three of you. Come on, I’ll show you where your room is.”

I pull my suitcase behind me through the gravel driveway, past the main house until we reach a smaller structure. It looks like a two-story cottage with stairs on the outside leading to a door on the second floor. I’m really hoping I get the upstairs so I won’t have to hear my neighbor.

“We put you in the upper suite. It’s bigger than the rooms downstairs.” She hands me a key then stares at my cut-off shorts and cowboy boots. “I hope you brought some different…more appropriate attire for the next few days.”

I bristle, but only a little. I was prepared for this. “What do you mean? Cowboy boots go with everything.” Her face blanches because the woman thinks I’m serious. So, I put her out of her misery. “I’m kidding. I’ve got everything I need. Promise.”

She sighs. “This wedding is going to be the death of me. Between you and Porter’s friends, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at a pair of cowboy boots without having a stress reaction again.”

That piques my interest. “Porter’s friends are cowboys?”