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Second Chances

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M. S. Parker

Cassie Wild

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Jacen: My world imploded when a busted knee put a permanent end to my professional soccer career, but thanks to my buddy, Kaleb Hastings, I have a second chance at a decent life. Headlining Flames Down Under in fabulous Las Vegas wasn’t where I’d pictured myself at twenty-seven, but it’s steady work. Then, running into Kaleb’s baby sister, Camry, changes everything. She’s off limits––which shouldn’t be a problem––except she’s no baby anymore. I know I should stay far away but when she asks for my help, how can I turn her down?

Camry Hastings has been drug free for over a year, and is well on her way putting together a good life for herself. She knows it’s stupid to re-visit her dark past, but when a desperate friend calls for help, Camry takes the first flight back to Las Vegas where she runs into another blast from the past – her sexy childhood crush, Jacen Barbour, who offers to help finding her friend.

Jacen has his own demons to fight, but Camry gives him hope for a better future…until he’s forced to face down his fears so he can become the man Camry needs…or lose her forever.

Don’t miss Second Chances, a stand-alone novel in M. S. Parker’s Married a Stripper series.

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The lights were too bright and hot as always. Behind their brilliance, it was hard to make out much of anything, especially in those first few minutes. So I didn’t bother trying.

The music was a heartbeat, and I focused on that rhythm, moving to it in a way that had become second nature at this point.

I’d never been self-conscience about much, and this wasn’t any different; although, thanks to some recent changes made to the stage, there had been a few times when the women in the audience had been able to reach out and grab me.

That had been unexpected and not particularly welcome, but I’d quickly learned how to deal and evade.

The avid look in the eyes of one woman had my crotch-grabber alert going off, so instead of going to the spot in front of her where I normally would have, I side-stepped and went to the corner, dropping to my knees, then going lower to stare into the eyes of a cute, nervous woman who squealed and ducked behind her friend.

Her friend laughed and pushed her back toward me. I caught her hand, holding on as if she was the only thing in my world. The audience exploded into cheers as I lifted it to my lips and kissed the back before pushing away.

Who in the hell would’ve thought that I’d be doing this now?

Not me. I’d expected to spend at least another ten years in the game, being worshipped by adoring fans.

But that was done, and this was my life now. Technically, I guessed I was still being worshipped. Just by a different kind of fans. Off in the audience, somebody screeched my name, loud enough to be heard over the music.

Pushing myself to my feet, I fired a grin in that general direction and placed my hands over my heart and mimed that it was pounding too hard, before stalking to the other corner of the stage.

The crotch-grabber had somehow forced her way even closer to the stage, and her boobs were now all but spilling out of her low-cut shirt. If she jumped around much more, there would be two strip shows going on here.

That was up to her, as long as I didn’t have to share my tips.

Over the intercom, the emcee’s voice boomed out, “Laaaaddies…are you enjoying the man of the hour?”

He paused as the women erupted into hoots, screams, and applause.

“That sounds like a yes. Excellent, because Jacen is certainly enjoying you. As a matter of fact, I believe he would like to choose a special lady of the audience to join him…”

I managed not to roll my eyes. Again. One night, when I’d just become one of the show’s regulars, I’d pulled one of the women up with me. I’d had an argument with the manager and had decided to just say fuck it. I’d expected to get fired and had planned on going to one of the other shows in town.

But I’d ended up as one of the headliners instead.

And this was now one of the main draws of the show. Two of the other guys had tried it with so-so results, and then one was an abject failure, so now it was my deal alone.

Apparently, I had an eye for the right sort of person to persuade onto the stage.

And it wasn’t going to be the crotch-grabber, that was for sure.

I circled around and around, pausing from time to time. And just because I was an asshole sometimes, I paused in front of crotch-grabber, long enough to make her eyes widen and her lips curve. Then I moved on, right back to the cute shy girl and her laughing friend.

Shy girl’s eyes widened in panic. Her friend started to shove her to me as I went to my knees.

Shy girl met my eyes, shaking her head, terrified. I gave her a slow smile.

Then looked right at her friend and held out my hand.

“You’ve got admirers waiting.”

Ginny Hoyt worked the bar at Hard Rock, the place I always came to wind down after a show. I was particularly fond of the ladies they had at the bar or, to be specific, the ladies they had on the bar. In white boots and bikinis, they danced and moved and smiled, providing a welcome diversion for my amped-up mind. From time to time, I hooked up with one of them, but Daphne didn’t seem to be working tonight.

That pretty much sucked because I could’ve used the company and the distraction. I was feeling edgy and restless, and that was never a good thing for me. My eyes moved to the brightly colored bottles lined up on the bar. Pretty little maids lined up in a row. The oblivion they could bring was even better than sex.

“Get me a drink,” I said to Ginny, speaking far more abruptly than I’d planned.

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