Shadows and Lies (Cursed Kingdoms #2) Read Online Deanna Ortega

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Cursed Kingdoms Series by Deanna Ortega

Total pages in book: 136
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After getting out of her arranged marriage—though not without bloodshed—Jane finds herself transported to a new land with two men she doesn’t know if she can trust. To save herself and her kingdom, Jane needs to untangle the web of lies she is caught in to figure out who she is behind all of her carefully curated masks.
“A beast, even trapped behind the bars of a cage, is still a beast.”
Alone once more with only the skills of a political pawn, Driata has few options. She must decide whether she will continue to play a game controlled by others or master her own and take control of her future. Will she be able to rally her embittered people to stand against the oppression of the wicked crown? Driata must determine if she is ready to go to war in order to save her kingdom.
“True power came from those who knew how to manipulate the ones who wield it.”
Liam is the villain in Jane’s story, but he’s desperate to be her hero. Baltazar’s constant threats may not be the only danger he has to face…and his soul may be stained in the process. What lengths is Liam willing to go to protect the few he cares for? The cost of Liam’s freedom may be too great.
“I would not flinch. I would not falter. He would not break me.”

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Pronunciation Guide


•Anwyn: ANN-win /ænwɪn/

•Lunasa: LOO-nah-sah /luːnæˈsɑː/

•Ellesmere: ELS-meer /ˌelsˈmɪr/

•Luhne: LOON /luːn/

•Karhdaro: cahr-DAHR-oh /kɑːrdɑːrəʊ/

•Weylin: WAY-lin /weɪlɪn/

•Faery: FAIR-ee /ˈferi/

•Gralahran Mountains: grah-LAH-ren /ɡrəˈˌlɑːren/


Lunasa: Lunasians loo-NAS-ee-uhns /luːnæsˈiːəns/


•King Certis Serpen (King of Lunasa): SUHR-tis SUHR-puhn /ˈsɜːrtɪs/ /ˈsɜːrpən/

†Queen Elyse Serpen (True Queen of Lunasa): EE-lees / iːliːs/

†Queen Kore Serpen (Jane’s mother): kor-AY /ko:reh/

†Prince Oliver Serpen: AH-liv-uhr /ˈɑːlɪvɜːr/

†Princess Olivia Serpen: oh-LIV-ee-uh /əˈlɪviə/

•Princess Driata Serpen: dri-AH-tah /drɪɑːtɑː/

•Prince Ciaran Serpen: KEE-ren /kiːˈren/

•Princess Gemma Serpen: JEM-mah /dʒemə/

•Princess Jane Serpen: jAYn /dʒeɪn /


•Lord Keeper Baltazar Tellyk (Keeper of the Crown): Bal-TUH-zar TELL-ick /ˈbæltɑːzɑːr/ /tellɪk/

•Duke Vellum Tellyk: VEL-uhm TELL-ick /ˈveləm/

•Liam Tellyk (Baltazar’s Brother): LEE-ahm TELL-ick /liːəm/

•Duchess and Duke Tilby (Rulers of the Barrens): til-BEE /tɪlbiː/

•Lord Weemble (Of Luhne): WEEM-buul /wiːmbʊll/

The merry band of misfits:

•Lux: lUHKs /lʌks/

•Louisa: (Lou): loo-EES-ah (LOO) /luːiːˈsɑː/

•Kaleb Dower: KAY-leb DOW-uhr /keɪlʌb/ /ˈdaʊwər/

•Tessa (Tess) Dower: TES-uh DOW-uhr /tesæ/

•Gwyn/eth Dower: gWIN-uhth DOW-uhr /ɡwɪnəθ/

•Yvone: EE-vahn /iːˈvɔːn/

•Charni: CHAHR-nee /tʃɑːrniː/

•Marshall: MAHR-shahl /ˈmɑːrʃʊll/

•Maeve: mAYv /meɪv/

•Remus: REE-muhs /reɪməs/

†Odette: O-det /əʊddet/

†Nalyn: NAH-lin /nˌæliːen/

†Swineston: SWYN-ston /swaɪnstʌn/


•Bren: BRen /bren/

•Keller: KELL-uhr kelˈɜːr

•Luka: loo-KAH /luːkə/

Karhdaro: Karhdarans cahr-DARH-ens /kɑːrˈdɑːrens/

•King Blair (King of Karhdaro): bLEHr /bler/

†Queen Nyxas (Blair’s mother): NIX-sis /nɪksɪs/

†King Tauryn (Blair’s father): tah-RIN /ˈtɔːrən/

•Koda: KOHD-ah /ˈkəʊdə/

•Sloane: slOwn /sləʊn/

•Calysta: KAH-lys-tah /kʌlɪstɑː/

•Emmet: EHM-mit /emmət/

•Sage: sAYj seɪdʒ

•Aedin: AY-din /eɪden/

•Twil: tWIL /twɪl/

•Alina: ah-LEE-nah /ɔːliːnnæ/

•Cherin: SHAH-ren /ˈtʃerɪn/

•Marra: MAHR-ah /mɑːræ/

•Kiara: KEE-ahr-ah /kiːɑːræ/

•Jehibi: jeh-HEE-bee /dʒehiːbiː/


•Queen Orabelle (Queen of Weylin): ah-RUH-bel /ˈɔːrəbell/

•Princess Tavia (Orabelle’s daughter and heir to the throne of Weylin): TAYV-I-uh /teɪviə/

Ellesmere: Ellesmerans els-MEER-ens /ˌelsˈmɪrəns/


•King Maveri Alistair (King of Ellesmere): may-VER-ee al-IS-tehr /meɪˈvəri/ /ˈælɪstər/

•Queen Aurina Alistair (Queen of Ellesmere): ah-REE-nah /ɑːriːnæ/

†Prince Arius Alistair (Prince of Ellesmere): AHR-ee-uhs /ɑːriːʌs/


•Zander Dower: ZAN-der /zændər/

•Dessin: DES-en /ˈdessɪn/

†Commander Jenson: JEN-suhn /dʒɪnsʌn/

†Captain Gialanos: gee-ah-LAH-nos /dʒiːəlɔːnəʊs/

†Codis Wallin: KOH-dis WAH-len /kəʊdɪs/ /wɔːlɪn/

Faery: Fae: fAY /feɪ/

Catane: cah-TAYN /kʌteɪn/

The sun-drenched throne room was filled with drinking, fucking, and celebration.

The King of Karhdaro was gifted a clear view of it all, lounging on a velvet-wrapped throne. His head tilted to greet the midmorning sun streaming in from the towering, paneled windows that made up the walls and ceilings.

Two broad-shouldered and very naked men tended to him, dabbing a damp cloth to clear away any dried blood from the day’s battle—none belonging to the large king.

They faced him, the carved dimples in their muscled asses staring at me. One reached down and brushed the cloth over Blair’s chest, down to the lines of corded brawn on his abdomen.

Blair’s clan seemed to be tattooed the same way as their king, thoroughly covered in patterns and lines that complimented their sun-blessed skin. His were different, though, I noted. And as the bulkier of the two men’s hands lowered further, I wondered if the whorls and lines marked him as their king.

I thought of our arrival on the sand dune-covered beach before Blair silenced our confused chatter, requesting we move somewhere more suited for conversation. He stripped off his suit jacket and buttoned shirt and left them dotting the sand.

He instructed us to leave our weapons in the armory, a room so filled that it put any cache I knew to absolute shame. My jaw went slack at all the pristine and polished tools of destruction. His clan hadn’t even needed a fraction of their weapons to inflict the carnage they aided that day.

My grip had firmed on my blood-crusted dagger until Blair explained that he didn’t permit anyone inside the castle to have weapons, including his warriors. Eyes narrowing, disbelief coursed through me until the large king mumbled something about a dagger throwing competition gone horribly wrong.

The trek to the throne room was long and silent—weighted with all we had just experienced. No one discussed the day’s events, regardless of the importance. No, Blair’s clan only began their revelry.