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(North Carolina Highlands #1) Southern Seducer

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Jessica Peterson

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Lusting after the woman trying to steal my job is stupid. Sexting with her? That’s a game-changing fumble.
Emma Crawford became enemy number one the second she stepped foot on Blue Mountain Farm. She might think I’m just a dumb jock, but I know she’s a stuck-up wine snob who believes she’d be a better exec than me.
She can take my position over my dead body.
But with her ridiculous curves and fearless smarts, she’s becoming one giant distraction just when I need to prove my worth most.
Lucky for me that I have a secret internet sext partner to blow off steam with. My nightly dirty chats with V scratch all the itches Emma gives me.
Emma and V couldn’t be more different—except it turns out they’re the same person.
Just when I thought this scenario was enough of a disaster, I’m falling for the co-worker I can’t touch and can hardly stand.
Even a hotshot player like me can see this is a game we’re both gonna lose.
SOUTHERN HOTSHOT is a full length, STANDALONE small town novel. Coming December 10 to KindleUnlimited!
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North Carolina Highlands Series by Jessica Peterson

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Jessica Peterson

Chat #1

Monday March 13 11:48 PM EST

**LadyV85 has accepted your chat request**

**LadyV85 is now in the chat room**

MyBoyBlue4: You come here often to have sex with strangers on the internet?

LadyV76: Yes. This your first time?

MyBoyBlue4: How’d you know?

LadyV76: I can spot a cybersex virgin from a mile away. You’re in good hands.

MyBoyBlue4: I get the feeling I might be. Part of the reason I reached out to you. Also, your Tumblr is really fucking hot. You gonna show me the ropes, sweetheart?

LadyV76: Only if you never call me sweetheart again.

MyBoyBlue4: Yes ma’am.

LadyV76: Tell me what you want.

MyBoyBlue4: You cut to the chase. I like that. As far as what I want…something different. Something real.

LadyV76: Sex that says something.

MyBoyBlue4: Yeah. Yeah, I like that idea.

LadyV76: Let’s set some ground rules real quick. First, I don’t chat with married men.

MyBoyBlue4: I’m not married. Are you?

LadyV76: No. You okay with sending each other pics? No faces, no sharing outside this chat, and no cheating, e.g., sending me a pic of a dick that isn’t yours.

MyBoyBlue4: My dick’s already on the internet, so I got nothing to lose. Sure.

LadyV76: Good story?

MyBoyBlue4: Yeah. Maybe if you’re nice I’ll tell it to you one day. Wait, I actually don’t want you to be nice.

LadyV76: Good, because I’m not. You okay with kink? Role play? Any hard limits?

MyBoyBlue4: Yes, yes, and no. Only request is that you push my limits. I’m bored. Give me something I haven’t seen yet.

LadyV76: Open-minded. I like it. Safe word is RED if I go too far.

MyBoyBlue4: Got it.

LadyV76: Any other questions?

MyBoyBlue4: What does *your* sex say?

LadyV76: It says I know what I want. And I want you to take your dick out of your pants and send me a picture. Right. Fucking. Now.

MyBoyBlue4: Wow. Lol okay.

LadyV76: You’re already hard, aren’t you?

MyBoyBlue4: [Sends picture of his erect dick in his hand]

LadyV76: You’ve got a gorgeous dick, Blue. And look at that yummy drop of precum right there. Don’t touch it. Take off your shirt.

MyBoyBlue4: Already off. Why can’t I touch?

LadyV76: Because I fucking said so. I’m your college professor. You’re my student. My innocent, impressionable student who’s twenty years younger than I am. You’ve come to my office for help with an assignment. I tell you I’ll help, but only if you eat my pussy.

MyBoyBlue4: That’s so wrong and so hot.

LadyV76: I’ve been listening to a lot of Van Halen recently.

MyBoyBlue4: Whaaaattt? Jump was my jam for years.

LadyV76: So you whip out your cock because you’re young and stupid, and I’ve been turning you on all semester. But that’s not what I asked you to do. So I slap you across the face.

MyBoyBlue4: Hell yes! I mean, ouch.

LadyV76: And then, just to tease you, I lean down and lap up your precum with slow, firm strokes of my tongue. Mimic those strokes with your thumb. Get yourself nice and slick. Imagine your cock glistening with my spit. You groan, but I tell you to shut the fuck up because we can’t get caught.

MyBoyBlue4: Can I just say this is already the best sex I’ve had in forever?

LadyV76: You cannot because I didn’t ask. Tell me how my tongue feels.

MyBoyBlue4: It feels…ah…really good I’m typing with one hand god I wanna fuck you

LadyV76: Don’t make me slap you again. Get your hand off your dick. I stand and lean back against my desk, sitting on the edge. I’m wearing a pencil skirt and heels.

MyBoyBlue4: What do I doooo?

LadyV76: I reach up. Play with your nipple. Are you playing with your nipple? Then I tilt my chin and lick it. I like to lick you. You taste…clean. You tell me you like my instruction.

MyBoyBlue4: I sure as hell do Professor. I’m REALLY hard.

LadyV76: You come, and I’ll slap you again. Didn’t I just tell you to take your hand off your dick?

MyBoyBlue4: You’re killing me. Fine I’m playing with my nip. Feels nice.

LadyV76: You’ve never eaten pussy before, so I have to tell you how to do it. I hike up my skirt and spread my legs. I’m wearing…hmm, a red lace thong. You weren’t expecting that. I pull it to the side and show you my pussy. I tell you to get on your knees and lick my clit. You obey, finally, and you actually do a pretty decent job.

MyBoyBlue4: Please tell me you’re as close to coming as I am. Your pussy is BEAUTIFUL. I want it.

LadyV76: Too bad it’s not yours to have. I’m touching myself now.

MyBoyBlue4: I bet I got you wet. Really, really wet. You like that I listen. You like that I’m hard for you.

LadyV76: I do. Bet you want to put that cock where you mouth is right now.

MyBoyBlue4: Like you even need to ask.

LadyV76: But I didn’t. I grab your hair and pull it. You groan against my pussy, and I pull your hair again. We CANNOT get caught. Do you like the pain?