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“With food.”

I rolled my eyes as I looked at all the party trays I had ordered. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking. I told myself it was for all the parents of Kira’s classmates. Even though I knew they would all devour the Greek food the moment they saw it.

“You remember preschool when you tried to put out the cheese and fruit trays?”

With a nod, I frowned. “I remember.”

“No one ate them. They went for the baklava and kourambiedes!”

“Don’t remind me. Katerina ended up putting the trays in the bathrooms!”

Claire laughed.

The back door opened and my handsome husband came walking out carrying a cake. I jumped up and clapped my hands. “Kira! Your cake is here!”

Running over to Thano, she started jumping. “Daddy, let me see!”

He set it on the table and picked Kira up. Her dark curly hair was blowing in the wind. Reaching up, I pushed it behind her ears. Those baby-blue eyes lit up when she looked at her daddy.

Her mouth fell open as she gasped, “It’s the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen!”

I couldn’t help but smile bigger. Kira was obsessed with butterflies and the cake was covered in them. It was a two-tier cake done in pink and purple with little handmade butterflies sticking out on sticks.

“Phoebe did a beautiful job!” I exclaimed.

Claire took a picture of the cake. “I still can’t believe she opened up her own cake decorating business.”

“I still can’t believe Thad broke down and married her!” Thano said with a laugh.

Hitting him on the chest, I shook my head. “Now to get Nicholaus married off.”

Thano rolled his eyes. “You sound like my mother.”

My mouth snapped shut and I glared at him. “Bite your tongue.”

Laughing, he pulled me into his arms. The black shirt he had on made his green eyes pop even more as he gazed at me with a seductive look.

Placing his hand on my face, he rubbed his finger over my lips. “Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”

My teeth sunk into my lip as I shook my head.

“Really? That’s a mistake on my part. I’m going to have to make it up to you.”

“How?” I asked in a whispered voice.

With a crooked smile, his eyes turned dark. “I’m thinking pigtails, and rope.”

I fought to hold the moan in. “I’m thinking that sounds perfect.”

“Pappou! Yiayia!” Kira screamed out as she ran past us.

Thano and I both looked to the back door as family member after family member walked through it.

“Opa!” was called out as I buried my face into Thano’s chest. His laughter rolled through my body causing a warmth to spread quickly through it.

Placing his finger on my chin, he lifted my eyes to his. “Se agapó, Kilyn.”

Smiling, I felt my heart grow so big I was sure it would burst from my chest. “I love you too, Thano.”

The End

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