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Sweet Little Memories (Sweet #3)

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Abbi Glines

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Book #3 in the Sweet Little Series. Trusting again and facing the lies that had surrounded her entire life, Beulah is ready to move on. Love and enjoy the man she’s found happiness with. When the past comes back yet again with one last skeleton in the closet.

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Sweet Series by Abbi Glines

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Abbi Glines Books

THE SOFT CLICK OF MY bedroom door closing woke me. The dark curtains and black out shades that covered my windows made it impossible to tell if it was morning or not.

Yawning, I rubbed my face hard. I couldn’t have been asleep long. It felt as if I’d just gone to bed.

“We’re home,” Hilda whispered.

That was enough to wake me up. Grabbing the covers, I quickly sat up and squinted to see in the darkness just as I felt her sit down on the edge of my bed. She was close enough that I could smell her perfume.

“What are you doing in here?” I was panicked my father would find her in my room. He’d forgive her easily enough. It was me he’d blame and I’d pay for this.

Her hand touched my thigh and I jerked away.

“I’ve missed you.” She sounded pouty. I could hardly see her in the darkness of the room, but I knew her expressions. I could imagine the pouty face she was making as she spoke to me. Two months ago, I would have gotten hard and excited from her presence or touching me. I knew what to expect from her. Now, her presence was different.

“You can’t be in here.” I spoke firmly, disregarding her responding sigh. Didn’t she know she wasn’t welcome? When she was working as our housecleaner, I was thrilled to have her sneak in my room and suck my dick. I liked her even better the day she stripped naked and straddled me then fucked me. And we had fucked a lot. At least until my dad had decided she was going to be wife number three.

“I’ve been in Spain for three weeks. Haven’t you missed me?”

“Are you kidding me?” My voice conveyed the incredulousness of the situation. She was my stepmother now. Had she really thought we’d continue as we had? As soon as my father had put an engagement ring on her finger, we stopped touching each other. She had become the adoring fiancée and spent her time planning the wedding. No more blow jobs in my closet or fucking in the pool house.

Her hand found my leg again. “He’s old and he’s mean. I miss you. I miss your body and the way you make me feel.” She leaned closer to me, forcing me to back away. I didn’t have much room to avoid her touching me.

“You married him. Deal with it,” I replied as coldly as I could. I understood better than anyone how mean he was. Mean was too kind a word to describe my father if you asked me. I had warned her of his anger issues. She hadn’t listened.

“Winston.” She sighed and leaned into me. I felt her breath on my cheek. “Don’t hate me. I can’t do this without you. We need each other.” Her hand found my dick and it didn’t stiffen immediately the way it once had at just the sight of her. The image of my dad walking in on us was enough to keep my dick limp. She had no idea how bad his anger could get.

“I need you to leave,” I demanded. She didn’t move away. She didn’t seem to hear me at all. Her mouth found my neck and she started placing soft kisses below my ear. Frustrated, I grabbed her arms and forced her away from me. “Don’t you get it? He will fucking kill me. You won’t be his wife long. He has his divorce attorney on speed dial, and that prenup you signed is ironclad. This can’t happen. You don’t want the outcome any more than I do.”

She sniffled and sounded like she was crying. I sighed in frustration as I left the bed and stomped across my room. I knew well enough where things were to maneuver in the dark. She didn’t. At least I hoped she didn’t.

“He works all the time. He’s gone now. He dropped me off and left without an explanation. I’m all alone. I need someone to hold me.”

She had flirted with him, dressed in barely any clothing when he was around and successfully reeled him in. She got what she wanted. It was time she learned what it meant to be his wife. His constant absence was part of it.

“He will rarely be home. You’ll be given unlimited funds to spend. Slowly, you will grow apart, and in time, he’ll replace you. You’ll get a nice home, enough money to live comfortably and you can even join the ex-wives club. I hear the others have started one.” That last bit was a lie. My mother and former stepmother hated each other.

“I don’t care if he’s here. He’s not the one I want. My body craves you. I miss your touch. I miss having you inside me. I need you to make me come.” I heard my sheets moving as she spoke. I wasn’t sure what she was doing and my annoyance level was breaking records. The reason for the sheets shuffling was soon unveiled. “I’m naked. Come back to bed. Fuck my mouth.”

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