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The Baby Maker

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Tia Siren

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I won’t lose Piper a second time.
I’m going to make her a baby.
But she’s gonna make me a daddy.

I’m known as The Baby Maker.
Women hire me for one thing.
To get them knocked up.
I have rules. I don’t do dinner. I don’t do dad.
I’m just the donor.
Their moans tell me how much they enjoy my services.
But when I’m with a client, all I can think about is Piper.
I broke her heart. And I regret it.

So when she wants to hire me, I know it’s my second chance.
Just reading her application makes me hard.
The thought of coming inside her.
My name on her lips when she orgasms.

She’ll sign my contract.
Once she’s pregnant, she’ll be out of my bed.
No f*cking way.
For this client… The Baby Maker is gonna break all the rules.

This Billionaire Second Chance Baby Romance is a full novel with no cliff-hanger, lots of steam and an awesome HEA.

As a special bonus for your enjoyment, I’ve also included a collection of Single Dad Romances, including Big Bad Neighbor, Misbehave and Big Bad Daddy – all of which have been Amazon best-sellers – a sneak peak of Tied to Him, and a heart-warming baby romance.

xx Tia
Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

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Tia Siren Books

Chapter 1


There were rules to this business, and I stuck to them. My clients understood this and followed them to the letter – well, ninety-nine-point-nine percent of them did. Susan Reynolds was not one of them. She liked to test my boundaries. I’d been forced to remind her on a few occasions that she was pushing the guidelines too far.

I lay on the bed. Susan ran her fingers down my chest toward my groin. It was my cock that my whole enterprise was built upon. An enterprise I’d made successful by word of mouth and some very smart, secretive internet marketing.

I had other business ventures. Some earned well, and most had been presented to me on a silver platter, so to speak. It seemed everything I did was hugely successful, and this endeavor was no different. I just happened to possess a cock with a golden touch. The women that came to me for my services always found that out. They enjoyed our time together for as long as our business relationship lasted. Nearly all of them had become pregnant, which was why they came to me in the first place.

All except this damned Susan Reynolds.

The Baby Maker venture stemmed way back from my time in college. My father had been one of the world’s top surgeons. But even with all his knowledge and contacts, it wasn’t enough to prevent him from passing away. As for my mother, she had become mentally ill and now lived with her sister. My aunt was now her full-time caregiver.

The Baby Maker program made money, lots of money, but I donated it all to charity. And not just any charity. I gave it to an orphanage. I didn’t need the money. I was already wealthier than most people could understand. And I chose to donate to the orphanage for the simple reason that I, myself, had been adopted.

The fact that I was adopted became a serious point of contention after my father died. It resulted in a huge argument over my father’s inheritance. My uncle, who had since passed away, had tried to claim my father’s estate. He asserted that I had no right to the inheritance because I was adopted. Thankfully, the law was on my side. An adopted child had just as much right to his adoptive parent’s estate as a biological child. I was the rightful heir to my dad’s fortune. My uncle’s case was dismissed; it had fallen flat on its face before he could even put one foot on the courthouse steps.

Susan softly caressed my cock, and I started to become hard under her touch. Her tongue ran over my belly and began to lick the length of my shaft. Then my hardness increased until I was fully erect. Her warm lips wrapped around me, and her head slid deeper into my lap. I filled her mouth with each motion of her head.

Susan had dark, hazel eyes and long dark hair, which was perfectly draped across my belly. She sucked hard on my eager cock. She was only around five-foot tall, but her breasts were full and round. I took her nipples passionately in my mouth. They were divine.

Being healthy had become a huge factor in my life; especially considering my mother’s condition and the untimely death of my father. I’d learned early on that sex and vitality ran hand in hand. I made sure I had both in equal amounts. I ate well, and thanks to my ingenious enterprise, I had a constant stream of sexual partners. I had no shortage of applicants for my services, and the possible clients were personally vetted to make sure they met my strict requirements.

Another thing I’d learned from my younger years and my adoption was, you didn’t have to know who your real parents were to have a successful life. I had no desire to settle down or have children. I didn’t need a family of my own. And really, I’d only ever loved one woman in my life, and that had not worked out the way I’d wanted. Her loss led me away from romance and set me on a road that led to sex. Yes, just pure unadulterated sex and lots of it, with no ridiculous, heartbreaking, strings attached.

Susan straddled me and rubbed the tip of my cock against her soaking wet pussy. She lowered herself, and my hard cock slipped inside her like it was meant to be there. The warmth of her body enveloped me. It was perfect. Then she raised and lowered herself harder and faster onto me. She bowed her head forward and gazed into my eyes. She placed her lips on mine, and her long hair fell on me when she leaned lower. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and ran it around. She definitely wanted me.

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