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The Baby Pact

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Lexi Whitlow

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She’s desperate to have my baby.
Eliza Carver was a good girl until I got a hold of her.
 I ruined her, and she gave it right back.
Now she’s back in town, on the run from her abusive ex-husband.
She needs help — and she’s ready to start a family.

She just doesn’t want the whole marriage thing that goes along with it.
Fine by me. I’m a billion dollar playboy,
and after I split with Eliza, I never wanted to settle down.
Her luscious curves are making me want to sign up for the job of Baby Daddy anyway.

Once I get a taste of her,
the old addiction returns.
This good girl turns bad just for me.
Now it’s my mission to make her and our future baby all mine —
and I’ll move heaven and earth to protect her if anyone stands in our way.

She wants my DNA. She needs my protection.
After we sign the baby pact — I’ll win back her heart.

This full-length 84,000 word novel contains NO cheating, guaranteed HEAs all around, lots of steam, a healthy helping of revenge, big emotions, a pinch of mystery, a lil suspense, and second chances for redemption.

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Macon – Ten Years Ago

“Macon Sands, you are too much,” she says. She kisses me again, and something deep inside of me stirs.

I want her, need her. Love her. Maybe that’s the right word — but we’re eighteen. I shouldn’t say it, not yet.

Her chestnut hair glistens in the sun. We slipped away to the beach after our senior year dance, and we slept on the beach, fooling around on a blanket I’d kept in the back of my beat-up Honda Civic for the past year, hoping that Eliza would finally run away with me — even if just for a night.

I pull her close to me by the waist and move my hand up her skirt. Her panties and bra came off hours ago, in the middle of the night when we were still slightly drunk from the Schnapps she stole from her parents’ liquor cabinet.

It’s a funny thing — having a liquor cabinet. The house, if you can call it that, where I live, is just filled with liquor bottles. The whole damn thing is a liquor cabinet. But I didn’t mention that to Eliza. Instead, I tasted the minty, burning alcohol and pretended I knew what it was.

Her skin is warm against my touch, and I feel my cock stirring again.

We’ve done everything we could think of, everything except for that last, final thing.

When my hand travels higher, I find her wetness, and she spreads her legs reflexively. I groan, almost dizzy from desire. I’ve spent the last four years wondering what she would feel like, imagining it, staying up late looking at the school photo she let me had.

Her sex feels sweeter — tastes sweeter — than anything I’d ever thought could be possible. And I need her today, if she’ll have me.

We’re leaving for school in six months, and if she’s on a college campus, she’ll find some other guy, someone more deserving.

I do what my brother told me to do — I let her guide me. Her hand lifts her dress and finds mine, pushing my fingers in further.

“Don’t stop,” she moans, biting her lip. “Just like that, baby. Put your thumb right there — oh!”

She bucks against my hand, lifting her hips, begging for more.

“God,” I say, inching closer to her so I can feel more of her body against mine, “you feel so damn good.”

Her hips are still bucking against my hand, and one strap of her pink dress falls away, exposing a perfectly round breast. I put my mouth to it and dance my tongue across her nipple. She cries out — and as best I can tell, she comes again.

My cock is now at full mast, straining against my cheap slacks.

“Eliza,” I moan against her skin. She smells tropical and musky and like roses — everything good all at once.

Her hips finally stop moving, and her fingers tangle in my hair. “Macon,” she whispers. “Do you have — a — you know…a condom?”

I gulp. I hadn’t thought it would get this far. “No. I don’t. We could wait,” I say through gritted teeth. My cock stiffens even more, though I would have thought that wasn’t a possibility.

“I don’t want to wait,” she says. A stiff breeze catches her hair.

It’s stupid. It’s reckless.

But we’re alone on this beach, waves crashing against the shore just yards away from us.

“Are you sure?”

She nods, her cheeks flushing. Who would have thought that the smartest girl in school would go for a guy like me. Sure, I know a little bit about math — and a fuck load more about computers, when it comes down to it. But she’s gorgeous and smart, and her family is way better off than mine. I’m like the street urchin kid in all those Dickens books she likes.

I think that kid eventually gets the girl, but I didn’t pay attention to that shit. I was too busy looking at Eliza.

“Yeah,” she says, biting her lip. She pulls me into her and kisses me, tongue glancing against mine.

She guides my body into hers, unbuttoning my pants in haste. I lift her skirt and lay her back against the blanket.

“You’re all I ever wanted,” I say.

I don’t say the word love because that’s silly. It almost isn’t enough to describe how I feel.

It’s quick and endless at the same time, and it all takes place in flashes that I won’t entirely recall for the next ten years.

But the feeling will remain with me.

Her legs, wrapped around my hips, the feeling of her like a hot vise, her breathy voice, begging me not to stop.

I let myself go, for perhaps the first time in my life.

“I love you, Macon,” she whispers.

But still, I don’t say it back.

I spend every moment in college and in the following years when I make my first billion dollars — wishing that I had.

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