The Backup (The Underdogs #1) Read Online Kata Cuic

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What’s a girl to do when she finds out she’s played an unintentional mistress to a professional football player?

Hitch the fate of my reputation to one of his teammates, of course.
The jilted wife wants revenge, and I don’t blame her. Unfortunately, my family counts on me to be a steady source of income. As devastated as I am about being an accidental homewrecker, I’m not the only one with something to lose if she sinks her claws into me and ruins my pet grooming business as payback.
Enter Kyle Jessop—backup quarterback and heroic knight in rusty armor.
His proposed plan is simple. I scratch his back, and he scratches mine. If he keeps his teammate out of hot water with the wife, then my business stays afloat. All we have to do is pretend that my stint as an adulteress was a cover to keep our fledgling relationship out of the press while Kyle takes over as QB1 for his team.
Listen, I know it sounds like making a bad situation worse. Honestly, my life can’t get much worse, so this hare-brained scheme is par for the course.
Yes, I know more about golf analogies than I do about actual football.
Yes, I’m well aware that I’m out of my league.
Yes, I have to figure out how to fake it ‘til I make it for the rest of the season.
The only rule I really need to know? Do not trust any more men. Especially not of the football-playing variety.
Not even grumpy ones who show their inner gooey center from time to time.
Not even committed ones who give more than they take.
Not even exceptionally talented ones who… never mind. That’s not part of the plan.
Kyle Jessop can’t be my Prince Charming. I’ve learned my lesson. Happily-ever-afters don’t exist.

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Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend—dogs are. Diamonds come in a range of cut, color, and clarity? Dogs come in a range of breeds, color, and temperaments. Unlike a rock that’s cold, hard, and sharp, a pet gives unconditional love.

Even if you’re a total stranger who’s somehow managed to mangle what should have been a simple trim.

“Aww, shit,” I mutter before remembering my furry client is hanging on every word I say like an adoring fan. “I mean shoot. We’re going to have to go a little shorter than Mommy wanted, buddy.”

Sokka yips then licks my face. All is forgiven. From him at least. His owner will be another story entirely. She’s way more temperamental than her friendly pooch.

“I don’t understand why she named her dog Sokka,” my part-time partner and full-time best friend says.

“Because she’s obviously an Avatar fan,” I answer as I try to salvage the length of Sokka’s coat while smoothing out the deep gouge in the fur on his left cheek.

“She has good taste. It’s a great show, but couldn’t she have at least gone with, oh…I dunno…Appa or Momo?” Jezebel taps her manicured stiletto nail against her lip like she’s giving this way more thought than it deserves.

I know people are into ASMR lately, but even the sight of Jezebel’s nails makes me shiver. When she taps them against anything? I want to crawl out of my skin.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how she gets anything done with nails that long. Typing must be a nightmare. Imagining how she gets her contacts in and out of her eyeballs without blinding herself gives me nightmares.

I glare at her because she’s aware of my quirks, and she’s obviously using them against me. “It’s her dog. She can name him whatever she wants. And can you please stop freaking me out? I already have to fix one mistake. I don’t want to make this cut worse.”

She grins, then sits on her hands. “I don’t understand why my nails bother you so much.”

“Do you know how many cats have stabbed me with their razor-sharp claws in the past year?” I mumble as I continue to shape Sokka’s cheeks into something more symmetrical.

“You do that to yourself, you know. I keep telling you that we should switch to being dog-only groomers. We need to niche down on our target market, not cater to every pet owner in the Sacramento area. I had to bathe a lizard last week, Brooke! A freaking lizard!” She shakes her head.

With one hand, I point to one of the hand-made posters that hang over every door in our small shop with the cutest little variances in style and color. They all say the same thing.

Service with a Smile

“Yeah, yeah.” She rolls her eyes with her voice. “I don’t consider animal abuse to be a service.”

“Larry the Lizard got the royal treatment,” I remind her. “Lizards should have regular baths.”

We also gained Larry’s owner as a loyal customer because we didn’t refuse his odd animal. The pet business is a cutthroat market, and we need every advantage we can get as a local, independently owned full-service groomer in the bustling capital of California. If that means expanding our services to hermit crabs, then I’m all for it. I made a new web page for custom-decorated shells of varying sizes last night while annihilating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. No one can ever claim that I don’t balance self-care with hustling.