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The Better Brother

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Rye Hart

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What would you do if the man of your dreams turns out to be your awful ex-boyfriend’s long lost brother?

The moment I saw Michael, my panties were instantly wet.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted – but never had.

Michael and I met when I was a complete mess.
After supporting my ex through years of med school…
He progressed in his career, and kicked me to the curb.

I packed my bags for a fresh new start.
And started a new life in a new town.

And then … I met Michael.
A fantasy come true.
Hot. Charismatic. Passionate.
The sexual tension between us is unbearable.
I know everything about him – including the fact that he was adopted at birth.

But, my ex just gave me the most shocking news about Michael – and it’s blowing my mind away…

Dear Reader,
This book comes with a TWIST that will have your panties in a knot — and its NOT what you think it is. I promise… you won’t be disappointed!
Rye Hart

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I turned to face him, and my eyes dropped to his lips. He was just inches away from me now, and my entire body was crying out for him.

Our kiss was hot and fast. The second our lips touched, his body reacted. He shoved me roughly against the elevator wall, holding me in place with strong hands. I’d been dreaming of this moment since he first picked me up that night. Seeing him in a tuxedo was almost too much for me to handle. I knew what was beneath those clothes, and I was desperate to get my hands on him.

“God,” I whispered as his lips found my neck. “I’ve wanted this all night.”

“You have no idea,” he growled, his lips still pressed against my skin.

His teeth bit down lightly, and I moaned. His hands roamed over my body, sliding over my hips and reaching around to grip my ass. Every inch of me that he touched lit on fire.

“Come here,” I demanded, pulling his face back to mine.

I kissed him so hard we were soon out of breath. My tongue slid into his mouth desperately. I could taste the martinis he drank that night, and it only made my head spin faster. Alcohol coursed through my veins, propelling me forward. I was reckless. I was horny. The elevator couldn’t rise fast enough.

His hand reached down for my thigh. He tightened his fist around the light material of my dress and pulled it upward. His finger caressed my bare thigh, moving higher with each stroke.

I moaned and let my head fall back. Panting, I wiggled beneath his touch. He slid his fingers even higher, soon realizing that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

When he touched my bare pussy, he groaned and buried his face in my neck. His fingers played with me, lapping up my wetness and then sliding upward to tease my clit. I moaned loudly and pushed my hips forward.

“You’re the devil,” he said roughly.

He pressed down harder on my clit and rubbed me roughly. The elevator door chimed behind us, and we jumped apart. My pussy was throbbing, aching for his touch, but neither of us wanted to get caught. We stood a few feet away from each other while the doors slid open.

There were a few people in the hallway, so he dipped down to grab my wrap off the floor, and we hurried toward our room. Neither of us said a word until were safely tucked away behind the door.

The second we were inside, he grabbed me and tossed me roughly on the bed. He crawled up below me, taking my legs in his hands as he moved. His lips traced light patterns over my calves as he moved upward, shoving my dress aside as he did.

Soon, I was completely exposed to him. He gripped my thighs and buried his face between my legs, his tongue already lashing out at my waiting clit.

“Fuck!” I cried out. For the first time in my life, I didn’t care about being overheard. I cried out his name repeatedly as his tongue flicked back and forth over me. Wet desire rushed between my legs, dripping onto the bed while he pushed me further toward the brink.

He reached around to grip my ass, holding me tightly while his tongue took me harder. My legs shook, and just like that, I came so hard that my back arched. My mouth opened but no sound came out. The cry of pleasure got caught in my throat as my whole body shook with ecstasy.

He stood up and tore his tux from his body. I wiggled upward just enough so that I pressed against the pillows. My eyes trailed down his body, growing wider when his rock-hard cock sprang free.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he told me as he climbed onto the bed, now fully naked.

“Prove it,” I teased.



Either I’ll end up in a mental institution, or this will be the best damn decision of my life.

My new place was small but charming. The walls of the living room were painted a shade of green that lightened both the space and my mood. I leaned back in my desk chair and stared at the wall in front of me. Dallas was good to me, but there were too many bad memories now.

I needed a change. This place was just forty-five minutes outside of the city. Quaint. Quiet. Peaceful. And, away from pain – at least that’s what I wanted so desperately to believe.

Ennis, Texas, was the last place I ever envisioned myself settling down. I thought I’d spend my entire life in one big city or another, chasing my dream of being a journalist. Now, freelancing was all I needed. Living a quiet life seemed perfect and relaxing. After the last few weeks of hell, I longed for quality alone time.

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