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What happens when two people on completely different spectrums are thrust together at a time in their lives when they both want what the other has? Fate? Or will the pasts they both want to forget, but come back to haunt them, spell disaster?

Being a single mom was never an aspiration of mine, but after being betrayed by my long-term boyfriend and dropped like a bad habit just one month after giving birth, I’d like to think I am handling it fairly well. Finding out Julian was autistic was another blow I hadn’t anticipated. For years, I have scraped by trying to provide for my son and a family that needs me. Things suddenly take a turn in my favor when I land a prestigious job with the new pediatric surgeon in town. Unfortunately, after only one meeting, I realize that Dr. Damon Russo is the kind of man I have always yearned for. Handsome, dominant, confident – the kind of man that can make the hard choices, to tell me what my body craves and fulfill my every need without me having to spell it out for him. The kind of man that can perform, without hesitating, all of the fantasies I am too ashamed to admit for fear of judgement and ridicule. I’m woefully inexperienced and in way over my head.
I can’t work for this man.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to pick up and move away from the life I had lived for over a decade. It had been a whirlwind of willing women, wild parties, and secret clubs. When I realized none of that was making me happy anymore, and I began to wish for a more simplistic life, something deeper, something meaningful, I knew I needed to get out. The first time I meet my new assistant, I know I’m screwed. It’s like she purposefully makes her entire being as sweet and innocent as possible, knowing a degenerate like myself can’t help but want to corrupt her with the dirtiest things imaginable. My willpower to keep a distance from my forbidden assistant is quickly waning. I know I should stay professional, and I know I have no business coveting someone so pure and perfect. I also know I am having a really hard time caring anymore about the reasons I should stay far away from Rosalie. Throwing caution to the wind, I decide to shoot my shot with her. Who knows, maybe she will want to indulge in a little excitement of her own.
I would gladly provide her all of that and more.

Unfortunately, our pasts don’t seem as eager to let us go as we are to leave them behind. When playing becomes real, and no-strings get complicated, can I finally learn to let go when he asks, “Do you trust me, Sweetheart?”

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Chapter 1


“Thanks again for doing this, Tess. You’re a lifesaver.”

I stare down at my little boy, feeling the stress of the morning getting him ready to his exact specifications drift away when I see him already enamored with Phoebe, his new favorite person. They are sitting at the coffee table, studying puzzle pieces and smiling at each other.

Phoebe is such a sweet girl. Tessa absolutely adores her. She is just over eight, beautiful, polite, and quiet, quieter than most girls her age because of the loss of her mother. Julian has taken to her, the silent kindness she exudes a comfort to him. He is a highly functioning autistic. He can speak, and he does sometimes, but at almost seven, he is definitely not the chatterbox you see with other boys his age. They instantly hit it off when they met, enjoying each other’s quiet company.

“Anytime, Rose. You know that.” Tess answers with her wide smile.

“Okay, Buddy. I’ll be back to pick you up in a little while. Be good for Tessa, okay?”

He nods, not interested in the slightest that I am about to go, now that he has Phoebe to keep him company.

“Can I get a hug?”

He looks up, so I take that as a yes and crouch down to squeeze him. I turn back to Tess who gives me an excited hug.

“Good luck, you got this girl!”

I take a deep breath and absorb her good vibes. Tess is always great for resetting my system.

“I’ve got this.” I agree confidently.

I walk out of her cozy little bungalow and head to my car for what will be the most important interview of my career to date. I begin my drive, deep breathing and reflecting on my accomplishments so they are fresh in my head if I am asked about them.

After finding out I was pregnant before my last year of nursing school, it has been a mad dash to get to this point. After having Julian, I took on additional education to become an RNFA, knowing surgery is where my true passion lies, not to mention, a heck of a lot more money. If I can land this job, it will be a dream come true.