The Knotty Princes Club (Saint Vista Pack Regimes #2) Read Online Ginna Moran

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Alphas are nothing without their omega. That’s what the princes of Gilded Sands intend to prove to the Pack Regimes of Saint Vista. Their love for me strengthens them as a pack, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure a bright future for us.
After secrets come to light, my pack must destroy their ruthless father and steal control of the throne. If only he were our biggest problem. My past comes back for me, and fighting for my freedom to love who I want is now more dire than ever. I’m no longer a docile omega to be pushed around. I’m my alphas’ strong, resilient omega.
We will take the power we deserve no matter the cost. Omegas depend on it or risk worse fates than me. This is war.


Chapter one



“We should put her in the fucking trunk. I can’t stand how strong she smells like those bastards.” A car door slams, and I blink my eyes open again, trying to find the will to fight against the sedation.

“I’m not risking losing sight of her.” The world shifts as the man sets me on the front seat of a vehicle heavily scented like cigarettes and citrus.

“Who fucking cares, Brock. She’s used. You got to get it out of your head that she will be anything other than fucking trouble. The princess, on the other hand...she’s perfect.” The second man speaks about Holly.

“I care. Now just get in and shut up, Vance. Don’t test me today. You’ve fucked up enough already. We’re lucky that the fucking wannabe king is a cowardly bastard.” The man, Brock, slides behind the steering wheel while the other guy gets in the back. I wish my body would cooperate so I could see exactly where we are on the property, but I’m also afraid to move. All I know is I need to act fast. If they get out of these walls, I’m not so sure that I’ll ever see my guys again. These men aren’t just some club owners. They’re powerful. They’re the leaders of Platinum Shores and also a reigning pack within the Pack Regimes. They rank the same as the princes of Gilded Sands.

Vance grumbles from the backseat and slaps his hand against my headrest, sending my soul out of my body for a second. At least, that’s what it feels like. It’s enough to help me focus. I peek through my heavy eyelids, staring at the winding driveway. It’s a quick shot to the gate, exiting the palace grounds.

The vehicle lurches forward, sending me into the dashboard. I don’t move, acting as if I still haven’t gained awareness. A hand grabs my shoulder and yanks me back to the seat. Brock restrains me with his arm instead of putting the seatbelt on me. His skin is so close that I can nearly taste the citrus. I count the seconds, knowing I have to do something. I have to fight. I have to distract him. We can’t leave. But I’m also afraid that if we crash the car, I’ll go flying. I could get severely injured or worse. And Holly? I need to think of her as well.

“Help me with the seatbelt.” Brock growls the words, stomping the throttle, pushing us faster.

The cool strap slides around me, and I summon my bravery. I can’t let it click into place. I can’t let it trap me.

Shooting upright, I sink my teeth into Vance’s arm at the same time as I swing my fist down between Brock’s legs, punching him in the cock. I thrash and manage to slap Vance behind me. He hollers, yanking away. The car swerves, and Brock swears. Shit. He doesn’t slow. I need to keep fighting.

Pushing through the fog of whatever drugs I was given, I scratch and scream, hitting everything I can. I don’t stop. I won’t stop until they force me to.

The car slows, coming to a halt. I snap my eyes open to get a good look at Brock. And then I see the knife on his belt. He doesn’t even have a chance to block me before I lock my fingers to the hilt, pull it out, and stab him in the thigh.

He shouts and smacks me, jerking his hand to grab me. I twist in the seat and kick him in the face. I manage to get him in the neck, stealing his breath as I smash my foot against his Adam’s apple. I blindly find the handle and thrust open the door, managing to get more space between us. Vance hops from the backseat, exiting the vehicle to chase me. I roll a couple times, scrambling to get to my feet.

“Get back here, bitch. Don’t make me hurt you. We had a deal with Winston. You belong to Platinum Shores. If you don’t uphold the deal, we’ll take down this fucking territory.” Vance rushes toward me, not giving me the chance to decide if I’m going to surrender to him or not.