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She saved him. Would she do it again if she knew the truth?

It has been a year since Maxwell Forbes fled his castle and abandoned everything he ever loved. Life on the streets has not been easy for the son of Laird Forbes, but Maxwell knows he can never turn back. Desperate for a haven, the Highlander is forced to travel through enemy lands and finds himself in the lion’s den; the McDonald castle.
The towering McDonald keep has been Kenna Bowie’s home since two guards saved her life years ago. The lass has lived a peaceful life as Laird McDonald’s servant until the day she discovers a rugged stranger in the stables! Unable to deny helping the starving Highlander, she hides him in her bedchamber.
Maxwell soon realizes he is saved but is trapped in a castle that hosts men who want him dead and decides to hide his true identity from Kenna. Although he is the largest man the lass has ever seen, Kenna is not afraid of him. However, she knows that he is hiding something from her…
As Kenna helps him regain his strength, their mutual attraction becomes undeniable. But will Maxwell be able to trust Kenna with his secret and his life? Or will his lies and his terrible past be the undoing of them both?

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Kenna’s eyes were full of dust, and she could hardly see the path ahead of her because of her tears. She had tried to run at first, but in the end she had crept under the trees and waited until the bad men went away. She was too afraid to go back to her house after she saw one of them knocking her mother down, then her father.

She heard her sister, Bella, scream from inside the barn, and that was when she began to run away. Kenna was only four years old, although she would soon be five, and the long grass was too tall and thick for her to run through.

At last, she got down on her hands and knees and began to crawl, but eventually she had to stand up again because she could not see the way ahead. She was afraid—very afraid—because she knew that the bad men were still around somewhere, and she did not want to be hurt like the rest of her family. All Kenna wanted to do was sit on Mammy’s lap, feel her strong arms around her, and hear her gentle voice.

She wanted to hear Da’s deep voice singing to her as she went to sleep, and she wanted to cuddle her rag doll Betty, but most of all, she wanted to get away from the bad men on their big horses. Kenna shuddered as she thought of their cruel, ugly, snarling faces. She did not quite understand what being dead meant, but she knew that once you were dead, you went somewhere nice, but you never came back from that place, and nobody ever saw you again.

Are Mammy an’ Daddy an’ Bella dead? she thought, and suddenly she was even more scared than she had been before.

It would be dark soon, and Kenna was alone and hungry, with no idea where she was. She began to weep bitterly. She was only wee, and she needed her family. What was happening to her?

“If I get ahold o’ them swines, I will tear them limb fae limb!” Jack Johnstone yelled as he surveyed the remains of the little cottage.

Three dead bodies lay there, each having been done to death in the most brutal way. There was a man and a woman in their thirties and a girl of perhaps twelve years old, all their lives snuffed out in their prime. And for what? They had so little, and Jack was sure they would have gladly given it all up to the bandits just to stay alive, but they had been murdered anyway. Jack was so angry he was shaking.

“Is there no’ a wee lassie that lives here an’ a’?” his colleague and friend Frank Young asked as he draped bedsheets over the corpses, trying not to look at them in the process.

Jack tapped his chin thoughtfully. “I think ye might be right, Frankie,” he agreed. “We had better look for her, but I dinnae know her name.”

“Poor wee thing is likely terrified,” Jack remarked. “If she is still alive, that is.”

They searched around the cottage for a long time but saw no sign of her, and eventually they mounted their horses to go back to Invercree Castle, where they were employed as guards.

“Those bandits are becomin’ a curse,” Frank growled. “A whole family wiped out, just like that! An’ they wilnae be the last. Somethin’ will need tae be done!”

Jack gave a cynical laugh. “Our laird isnae exactly the type that does things in a hurry,” he remarked.