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The Lawyer's Daffodil - Flower of the Month

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ChaShiree M

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I have been all work and no play for years, convinced I would never find what I was looking for in a woman. Then, my little flower walks into the courtroom and everything I ever wanted is within my grasp. She is running from something and I will stop at nothing to find out what or who it is and put an end to it. She ran into my arms for a reason and I am never letting her go. Even if I have to breed her, to keep her. This plush little flower might not know it yet, but I am all she will ever need.

For as long as I can remember someone has always taken care of me. Even if it wasn’t what was best for me. First, my father who was a hitman now marked for death, and then it was my brother who took me away from that life and dumped me in college, dumping money into a bank account every month. Trying to prove my independence, I ended up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Now, once again, I need someone to save me. The only difference is this time, I don’t want to walk away from the handsome lawyer who calls me his good girl. I want to give him everything.
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ChaShiree M



How in the hell do I keep ending up in these situations? It is a redundant question, really. It is all my fault. I move headfirst into stuff before thinking of everything. I could blame it on the fact that for the first eighteen years of life, either my father or older brother was making the decisions for me, and I never had to think quickly on my feet or make decisions at all. Well, until a few months ago when all hell broke loose.

My father is Julio Barbieri Sr., a former hitman for the Coronado Cartel. Apparently, according to all the papers, he was their number one triggerman until they discovered he had been embezzling from the organization and sleeping with Quanico’s wife. He is our version of the Don. Now, my father is a wanted man, not only by the cartel but also by the Feds. Yeah, see what I mean? So, my big brother, Julio jr., came and got me when word got out, scared they would kidnap me and try to use me as collateral. He took me from my home and my friends and drove me home with him for the first few weeks until college started. He enrolled me in a school far away from him and told me to stay put and make something out of my life.

I am sure you are wondering why he didn’t let me live with him, right? Well, my brother, too, is in the mob, just not the Coronado’s. He is the right hand, second in command to Dario Lassiter, a Lawyer/mob boss. I know. The men in my life are a hot mess. College was good. I mean, it is okay. My brother stacks my bank account every month, and I have a room to myself. I enjoy it, I guess. I just never saw myself as a college girl.

I was actually trying to figure out how to tell my brother that once this second semester is over, I don’t want to go back even though I am enrolled in a summer program. But then, Logan happened. He is a Lacrosse player at the University, and for some weird reason, even though all of the girls on campus are obsessed with him, he has set his sights on me. It started out innocent enough, but then it was just downright creepy with him showing up in random places.

So, I decided to go away for spring break but leave a little earlier, which is how I ended up here in Miami, with no place to go. No idea where I am staying because I didn’t think about hotel reservations, transportation, or anything.

I thought it was fate when I met these two girls and they offered to take me to the hotel they are staying at. When they said they had to make a stop to pick up some stuff, I thought nothing of it until they went running out of the store with the owner chasing them. They drove off and left me holding the proverbial bag. I tried telling the store owner I wasn’t stealing, but he wouldn’t listen. Next thing I know, I am in jail, talking to a sleazy public defender who basically told me, if I were willing to lay on my back as payment, he would do his job. I know I should call my brother, but I am supposed to be in LA, and I really can’t face him. But seriously, how does this always happen to me?



Two days. I have been in this cell for two days, huddled in the corner, trying not to make eye contact with the other women in here. It is clear I don’t fit, and by the looks, they have been giving me, they know it as well. One of them, I heard her lawyer say she might get off with manslaughter. That is when I began to cry inside. I would never let them see me cry, but on the inside, I am dying. They gave me a chance to make one phone call, and I did try to call my brother. When he didn’t answer, I couldn't bring myself to leave a message. I mean, what was I going to say? Hey big brother. Sorry, I am not where you left me. Actually, I am in jail less than an hour from you. Come get me? See. It didn’t sound right to me either, so I just hung up.

Now, I am anxiously waiting to be escorted to the courtroom for my arraignment, and even though I know, logically, I am going to probably be let out on bond, I still don’t know what to do from here. “Barbieri. You're up.” The guard comes and unlocks the door. Head down, I follow him out and wait for the cuffs to be placed back on me and be led to the courtroom.