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The Longest Rodeo

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Rye Hart

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Every cowboy deserves a second chance.

I just hope it isn’t to late to ask for mine.

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I leaned down to press my lips to her ear, breathing softly and feeling her shiver against me. When she turned to face me, there was desire in her eyes. I grinned at the sight and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the Ferris wheel.

“The Ferris wheel?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

I just looked her up and down and pulled her forward. She giggled and sat down into the waiting car. I slid in beside her and let the Ferris wheel attendant lock us inside. In seconds, we were floating up, gliding over the other attractions. All the laughter and noises from below faded to soft murmurs as we moved higher.

Her eyes found mine and I couldn’t wait another second. I leaned forward and claimed her lips, sucking her bottom one between my teeth and feeling her shiver against me. She kissed me back roughly, her tongue desperately tasting mine. Our kiss grew more passionate by the second while our hands groped freely over each other’s bodies.

Unable to resist for another second, I slid my hand up her thigh, slipping my fingers beneath her dress and stopping just before I reached her panties. I pulled my lips from hers, panting breathlessly, to meet her eyes.

She stared at me for a second, a desperate hunger on her face. When she nodded, I growled and dove for her lips again. My hand moved higher as I moved her panties to the side and found her clit without effort.

“Oh God.” she moaned against my lips and pulled away slightly, breathing heavily and locking her eyes on mine.

I rubbed her clit gently, letting her slowly get used to my hand. When her legs began to tremble, I moved one finger lower. She gasped but didn’t stop me as I pushed my finger inside her sweet, juicy pussy. She was so fucking wet that I closed my eyes and groaned. I longed to bury my cock inside of her but for now, this would do.

While I massaged her clit with my thumb, I pumped my finger in and out of her. My eyes never left her face. I watched as waves of pleasure washed through her. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was hanging open. When I kissed her, she moaned and bit my lip hard. I moved my finger faster, desperate to see her come for me.

“Oh my God,” she said softly. “Holy shit.”

“Does that feel good?” I asked, my voice low and husky.

I rammed my finger inside of her, hard and fast. She gasped and moaned, throwing her head back and thrusting her hips into my hand. The Ferris wheel continued to move around and around but we barely noticed. My entire being was focused on her.

“Oh God!” she cried out as she moved closer.

“Come for me,” I ordered. “Come for me, baby.”

“Dean,” she moaned loudly, and I claimed her lips to keep her quiet.

My fingers were ruthless between her legs. I rubbed her clit and thrust my finger inside of her, curling it upward with each entry. She was moaning and grinding against my hand, desperate and needy. As she came closer, I pulled back to watch her body.

She was writhing and thrusting against my hand, her tits bouncing with the movement. I growled and moved harder, making her cry out. Her walls clamped down around my finger, and she let out the sexiest sound I’d ever heard.

“Fuck!” she cried. “Oh fuck.”

I slowed my motions, rubbing her clit slowly and dragging out her orgasm. When she was done, I removed my fingers and slowly slid my hand back down her thigh.

“We have to get out of here,” she said when she pulled away. “I want to be alone with you.”

I nodded and raked my eyes down her body. She didn’t need to tell me twice. I was desperate to be with her without the noise and distraction of the carnival.

The second the Ferris wheel came to a stop, we jumped off and ran toward my truck. She was giggling as we flew through the crowd, not slowing down until we reached the truck and jumped inside.

“Come here,” she said, pulling me toward her.

She crashed her lips against mine, and I groaned, grabbing her hips and holding her close. I wanted to tear that fucking sundress from her body and ravage her right there in the parking lot but she had other ideas.

Still in the dark parking lot, she pulled her lips from mine and unbuttoned my pants. I lifted my hips just enough for her to shove my jeans and boxers down. My rock-hard cock sprung free, already dripping with want.


“Goddammit. Mom’s back at it again. She was passed out in the hallway last night and had to be carried to her bed. Every time things seem to get better, shit hits the fan again,” Daniel grumbled as we both scarfed down our breakfast.

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