The Right Guy (Modern Princess Collection #3) Read Online Autumn Archer

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He’s my best friend. My boss. And the one guy I’ll never be allowed to settle down with. I’m miles from Ireland and on the hunt for the right guy.
There’s an age-old clause threatening my inheritance. Marry a rich guy with finances to rival my own and secure the family business.
Theo is everything I could ever want. Except, he’s a bar manager and I’m a super rich student pretending to be normal. He’s a little rough around the edges, loves fast motorcycles and even faster women. And I’m infatuated with my roomies big brother. The hot jock. The coolest guy on campus and the heir to a fortune. On paper Cicero Huxley is my ideal match. In my heart, Theo is my soul mate.
That’s not the only hurdle. My crush is dating Fia, a gorgeous mean girl. He’s already spoken for. Or so I think. Until a VIP pool party leads to a naughty kiss and a wave of guilt. I’m pumped. Shocked. And running straight to my best friend for advice.
After too many shots at the bar with Theo, I wake up in his bed alone. And now he’s acting strange…
Then he flips my world upside down. My best friend drops a bomb. He’s leaving town. And I just remembered Cicero wasn’t the only guy I kissed. Should I throw my family’s business to the wolves and lay my heart on the line? I would give it all up to be the right girl for him, because I’m one hundred percent certain he’s the right guy for me.

Take a trip with Ada in this sweet, steamy standalone contemporary romance.



Best friends & broken glass

“Ada—Earth to Ada!”

A deep rumble penetrated my daze, pulling me away from a daydream where my roomie’s big brother, Cicero ‘Ro’ Huxley, was my devoted boyfriend.

“Seriously, Ada, if you keep mooning over that cum stain, I’ll fire your ass.”

Theo’s firm tone yanked me back to reality. Lifting my chin from my knuckles, I prodded the thick black frames resting on the bridge of my nose. “What’s wrong with my ass?” I stepped away from the beer taps lining the wooden bar.

His tiny black pupils flared ever so slightly, and the outer ring of crystal blue glistened under the lights. Those magical eyes of his were even more languid than the rippling seas back home in Ireland. When I found his gaze, time and time again, it never failed to invoke a harmony for my topsy-turvy life, which was utterly absurd, given my phobia of open water.

Theo scraped his long fingers through shoulder length wavy tousles and joined the coal-colored strands in a heap, securing them with a rubber band. “There’s definitely nothing wrong with your ass.” He winked, and the bearded edges of his mouth crept up. “But your head—that’s a whole other problem.”

I understood exactly what my best friend was talking about. My not-so-subtle Ro obsession. Ro had me at the first waft of his fresh cologne when he waltzed into my dorm room behind his little sister, Kim.

“Whatever do you mean?” I pulled open the glass washer and jiggled dirty glasses with false motivation.

“They’re not washed, Ada. That’s what I was trying to tell you while you were dribbling over the beer taps.” Theo screwed the lid off a vodka bottle and secured a thin liquor pourer to the neck.

My gaze slid sideways, eyeing his brawny shoulders that stretched the fabric of his tee as tight as a drum. Black tattoos decorated bulging biceps, filtering down to his leather-clad wrists. When he finished, bulky arms crossed his broad chest, and he cocked a brow at me. “I asked you to turn it on.”

“I forgot.” I offered a goofy grin. “I’m sorry. You should fire me, Theo. I’m a terrible friend and an even worse employee.”

“You’re not terrible. Perhaps, mildly irritating.” He smirked.

Theo always knew how to make me smile. “You’re such a charmer, for a Neanderthal. Now I remember why we’re friends.”

A low chuckle echoed in his chest, and he scratched the dark layer of bristles on his jaw. “Friends forever.” His gaze lingered, watching me stack a few more glasses into the washer under the counter.

While cramming in the last pint glass to the already packed wire rack, a sudden sharp pain rocketed up my arm, followed by the sound of glass splintering. Within seconds, Theo was tight against my hip, and my bloodied finger pressed firmly with a clean tissue. “Jeez, Ada. You nearly cut off your hand.”

His body was rock hard, oozing power and protection. “I’m okay. You don’t need to mother me, big guy. It’s only a scratch.” I lightly nudged my elbow into his ribs and pretended the slice didn’t sting like hell.

Theo grunted and kept the pressure firm. He peeled the crimson-stained tissue from my index finger and let out a long puff of minty air.