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(Royals #2) The Stray Prince

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Ella Fields

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Treacherous, sexy, and highly addictive. USA Today bestselling author Ella Fields delivers the conclusion to Audra’s story in this fast-paced dark fantasy romance.
I have your queen. If you wish to see her again, you know what you need to do...
After months of burgeoning peace, Queen Audra is doing her utmost to help Rosinthe further cleanse itself of the stains her father left in his wake. With the steadfast lord of the east at her side, and her estranged husband returning to his duties in the Sun Kingdom, it would appear that order has finally been restored.
But nothing is ever as it seems.
A mystical land has awakened, and after being locked unto itself for many years, its king wants more than answers. He and his realm are in need of something else, and he’ll stop at nothing to retrieve it.
Hearts will break. Blood will spill. Desire will destroy. When two worlds collide, can love endure when vengeance must reign?
Contains dark themes. Recommended for 18+ and that book one, A King So Cold, be read first.
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Royals Series by Ella Fields

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Ella Fields

A storm won’t calm

until the damage is done


The blistering ice unfurled beneath my feet, spreading toward the pink tinge upon the horizon. Stars began to wink out, the moon a fading ember in the lightening sky.

My breath shook from my lungs, clouding the air before me. My feet traversed the ice as though it were nothing but a cool slab of concrete. A slab of concrete that stretched farther toward the changing sky with every step taken. On either side of me, rolling waves lapped by, their salt-misted spray ricocheting off the frozen barrier.

Perhaps they were here, buried and veiled by the Gray Sea. Perhaps he would reveal himself to me, so I kept my gaze firmly upon the ice that grew inches at a time, seemingly out of nowhere.

But no, that wasn’t right.

Or maybe it was. Maybe I was nowhere, and whatever path I was paving was leading me somewhere. Somewhere with creatures with bright red eyes, vibrant green hair, and long, slender hands. Soft, those hands. Softer than I’d have ever thought possible for a creature who could supposedly peel the flesh from the bones of men before using those bones to pry said flesh from their razor-sharp teeth.

I snorted, even as trepidation knocked at the base of my spine and dragged shadowed fingers over my vision. I told it to go away. For although we were all flesh and bone, I was no mortal.

I was a queen, and if they’d planned to make a meal out of me, then surely they wouldn’t have wrapped those strangely elegant hands around my slashed open limbs to preserve what little life I’d had left. To help me survive all those months ago.

So where were they, I wondered, pursing my lips against the gust of wind that howled before me.

A thud, and then a crack to the left of my feet. Slowing, I tilted my head and spied a long shadow beneath the frosted ice. It darted away before I could make out what it was.

And then it came.

Not a mermaid, but a male.

A male I knew all too well—a male whose face I’d recognize anywhere. Staring back at me through the glass, his expression blurred and shifted but those eyes... such unmistakable eyes.

Like burning gold, they were clear and easy to see but not so easy to read.

And wasn’t that so often the case. Zadicus Allblood, the infamous lord of the east, my lover turned linked one, gave only what he wanted you to see, and one of his many skills was concealing that of which he did not.

Only now, his face might have been the same, as far as I could tell with half of it veiled in shifting shadow, but his hair was not. Bending low, I splayed my hand upon the ice. “Zad?” I asked, and then he was gone.

And darkness took hold.

The sun was melting the burning glass beneath my cheek. A gull’s shriek pierced the wintry air, and I startled, pushing upright. My hands slapped at the patch of ice I’d been asleep on, my eyes protesting the harsh glow of early morning as I blinked, taking in my location.

Water. I was in the middle of the water, halfway to the looming mountains that gave entrance to the mass of sea beyond. Squinting, I absorbed the castle in the distance, the giant mountains at its rear—the entire city of Allureldin small enough to make my stomach churn.

Onlookers, tiny little pinpricks back ashore, were likely gawking, and then there was the male racing toward me. His hair was disheveled, shirt too, as though he’d woken and thrown himself out of bed, out of the castle.

A tremor raced through my stiff hands as I slowly forced myself to my feet to backtrack over the frosted path of my own making.

Zad met me in the middle. “Audra.” Warm hands clasped my face. His breath as he said my name was a plume of welcoming heat. Frenzied golden eyes held a feral gleam, soaking me in. “What,” he started, his throat bobbing before he tried again, his hold on my cheeks tightening. “What in the darkness are you doing out here?”

I didn’t know. I did, but I didn’t, and my heart became a thing with scales and weapons, trying to defend itself from the beating given by my flaring panic. “I... I don’t know,” I said, my voice hoarse. I repeated myself if only to be sure I was truly awake and that he was real this time. “I don’t know.”

Zad’s brows hovered low over his eyes, his jaw flexing. Flicking a glance at the gently lapping water, he released a breath that seemed to carry too much weight, yet his shoulders were still taut, as was his voice. “Come, let’s get you home.”

With his arm around my waist, we crossed the melting, cracking ice, being mindful to watch our step.