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Tied to Him

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Tia Siren

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I’ve always been tied to you.
I wanted you even when I shouldn’t have.
I desired you even when it was wrong.
But I’ve been waiting for you.
And now I’ll have you.

You’ll be alone with me on my private island.
You’ll forget you’re there to pay off your father’s debt.
You won’t even remember your own name.
You won’t feel the ropes I tie around your wrists.
You won’t miss the light when I blindfold you.
All you will feel is my mouth on yours, my skin against yours, and my hardness as I slowly slide in to you.
And when you scream my name, I’ll know you’re mine.
Tied to me.

This Alpha Billionaire Romance contains light-BDSM. No pain – it’s all about her pleasure. It’s a full novel with no cliff-hanger and an awesome HEA. I’ve also included bonus books for your enjoyment.

xx Tia
Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

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Chapter 1


“You know, Nancy, this is a fantastic apartment,” I said as I turned my head away from the window and faced Nancy.

“You think so? It’s a corner apartment and a funny shape,” Nancy said as she checked her uniform for her summer job.

“Hell yeah. Look at it from this side. We have a perfect view of the campus. I can see everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off, getting ready for the last day of college.” I smiled as I pointed from the window. “And from this window, I can see my parking spot.”

“Do I look okay in this, or do I look like a complete dork?” Nancy asked as she stood there in her Papino’s uniform.

“You look fine. Everyone looks like a dork at Papino’s. It’s just that yellow and red aren’t your best colors,” I said as I stifled a laugh.

“So, what you do you mean your spot? There is nothing there but the beach,” she said as she brushed her hands against her yellow pants.

“Exactly. Three months in my spot, the center of the beach, soaking up the rays and spending Dad’s money. What could be better?” I said as I placed my hands on the window frame and rested my head on the glass.

“It’s a waste. You should do something exciting. Look at me; I’m doing something positive while we are off.” Nancy donned her red and yellow Papino’s cap.

“I don’t want to belittle you or anything, but why would I want to work when my Dad has all that money, just sitting there calling my name? Anyway, there is no way you would catch me wearing a uniform like that and selling corndogs,” I said as I lay on my bed. “I think we should keep the apartment for the summer. It saves us a hassle, and it’s super convenient.”

“I can’t afford to pay rent. Why do you think I’m working?” Nancy said as she removed her uniform and faced me. She looked pissed off.

“Not to worry; Dad can cover it. It’s only three months anyway,” I said. “Come on then, get dressed and I’ll treat you to ice cream.”

Just as I had decided to treat Nancy, I called Kelly and Donna and told them to meet us at the ice cream parlor; we needed a final bit of bonding before we split up and they headed home for the summer.

We took the short walk to the promenade and headed toward the small shop. I looked out toward the ocean and saw the wind kicking up some radical waves, and that reminded me that I should call Chip and see how he was doing.

We entered the ice cream parlor and saw Kelly and Donna seated by the window. We snuck up behind them.

“Who’s a bitch!” I shouted as I slammed my hands cheekily on Donna’s shoulders.

“God, you scared me to death,” Donna replied in a muffled voice.

“So, what’s everyone having? My treat,” I said as I looked at the menu. “Just remember me when you get home to your folks.” I waved to the woman serving.

“Yes, can I take your order please?” beamed the waitress as she scribbled on her pad.

“One banana split, two chocolate overloads, and one coffee-toffee please,” I said.

“Okay sure. Just a few minutes and your order will be ready,” the waitress said before she scuttled off back to the counter.

We were chattering about the summer break and what we were doing as the waitress approached again. The dishes of food were humongous and would definitely take some time to eat. We started to work our way through our treats; I took a piece of banana and slipped it into my mouth.

“Ah, watching you slide that banana in your mouth has just reminded me…” Kelly said with a grin on her face. “Why did you break up with Russell?”

“Easy answer. He was totally shit in bed. Talk about unadventurous. I had to show him how to do everything. Oh, and he had a small offering,” I replied cheekily as I munched on a ripe cherry.

Nancy sighed. “You have had god knows how many guys from around campus, and you have said the same thing about them all—that they are boring in the sack. Elizabeth, is there no one who will fulfill your womanly needs?”

“I like to take charge, but come on, surely one of them can take the lead and satisfy this great body,” I replied with a laugh as I ran my hands down my curvy body.

“You’re just too easy, or maybe you just like to sample everything,” Kelly retorted as I dipped my spoon into her dish. “A prime example; you’re stealing my ice cream!”

“Life is just too damn short to take seriously. We should take advantage of this time and sample everything that San Diego has to offer. I mean, we are only young once you know,” I replied with a wink.

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