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Too Good To Be True - A One Love Novella

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Lauren Blakely

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She’s wary of love. He’s been burned. But when a matchmaker connects these two jaded New Yorkers, sparks fly and chemistry crackles from the first date. Can this kind of insta-connection be the real thing? Or is it too good to be true? Find out in this delicious novella from #1 NYT bestselling author Lauren Blakely!

Too Good To Be True is a standalone in the One Love series of standalones! Other books include THE HOT ONE, THE SEXY ONE, THE KNOCKED UP PLAN and COME AS YOU ARE!
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Lauren Blakely



Do I want to try it?

My brother asked me that very question when he invited me to check out a prototype for his new home automation system.

This is no Alexa. This is no Google Home. His home automation system supposedly answers your most annoying emails, makes you an omelet, and even folds your laundry.

Well, in my dream life it does.

Geek that I am, naturally I said “hell to the yes” when he invited me to take a test run. So here I am, race-walking across the blond hardwood floor of the lobby of his swank Gramercy Park building and pushing the button to his penthouse apartment.

When I reach the top floor, I practically vault down the hall to his place.

Can you say eager?

I bang on his door. He takes more than ten seconds to answer, so I decide to act thoroughly annoyed when he finally does.

“Come on, come on, come on.” I’m bouncing on my toes, making grabby hands.

He rolls his eyes from behind his black glasses. “Overeager much?”

He holds the door open for me. I sweep in, my eyes like lasers scanning for the little white device. “You can’t dangle something as cool as the ultimate home automation in front of me and expect me not to jump all over it and want to play with it. I only strapped a jetpack on and flew down to touch it.”

He laughs, escorting me to the living room. He knows that, just like him, I love all sorts of electronics, gadgets, gizmos, and toys, and have ever since we were kids, fighting over all sorts of various game consoles. Since I’m the oldest, with two twin brothers, I usually beat them.

And I beat them up.

Someone had to put the little evil geniuses in their place. Lately, it’s hard to put Dylan in his place since he’s been traveling for business. But when he returns, I fully intend to kick his butt in our softball league.

“True, true,” Flynn says thoughtfully. “What was I thinking? You and Dylan are both geeks like me.”

I hold up a fist for knocking. “Dude, we are so nerdy. Also, FYI: nerds rule.”

He scoffs authoritatively. “You know it. Nerd or bust.”

I spy the device on the coffee table. My eyes widen and I hold out my hands, like I’m caught in a tractor beam. “Take me to your leader.”

“Kate is all yours,” he says, using the name of the automation device.

I park myself in the leather couch and fire off questions.

“Kate, tell me a dog joke.”

“Kate, make me a sandwich.”

“Kate, what’s the weather like in Bora Bora?”

She answers each one with panache.

What’s more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee.

Okay, you’re a sandwich.

And . . .

Perfect, you should go there.

I glance at Flynn, who’s rightfully proud of his new tech. “Kate knows the answers to everything. I’m booking a flight now.”

Flynn nods his agreement. “Bora Bora is always a good idea. If anyone thinks otherwise, you should excise him or her from your life.”

I tap my temple. “The Bora Bora litmus test. I’m filing that away.” I return my focus to the white disc. “Kate, make me a playlist of top pop songs.”

As she preps some Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, Flynn groans and drops his head into his hand.

“No, please, no pop songs.”

“I like pop.”

“You need to try indie rock, I’ve told you.”

I roll my eyes and launch into my best rendition of his favorite tunes. “Oh, my life is so sad, I flew with an eagle, and now I have a noose around my toes.”

He cracks up and gives me the strangest look. “What on earth is that, Olivia?”

I answer like it’s obvious. “That’s what indie sounds like. A sad lament.”

“Oh, well then, let me tell you what pop sounds like.” Flynn adopts an intensely happy look, snapping his fingers, then sings a send-up of my music. “Oh, I want you. Yes I do. Yes, yes, yes, I do. Do do do do do do do do do.”

I laugh. “See, that’s so fun to listen to! You should totally write that song.”

“So we agree to disagree on music.”

“But not the Bora Bora litmus test.”

“Never the Bora Bora litmus test.”

I spend the next hour playing with the device, and pronounce it is the coolest one I’ve ever seen. “But we have one more test for Kate.”

“What is it?”

I hold my arms out wide, like I’m ready to make a pronouncement. “This will be the toughest test of all. Can she handle what I’m going to throw at her?”

Flynn gestures grandly. “Go for it.”

I clear my throat, adopting a most serious tone. “Kate, find me a hot, smart, and kind guy. Must love animals. Be willing to try quirky new dates in New York City. Ideally, likes odd and interesting art installations. And be able to sustain a conversation about something other than himself.”