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Tourmaline (Awakened Sea Dragons #2)

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Terry Bolryder

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Kai, formerly a powerful storm dragon, can’t seem to stop causing chaos wherever he goes, despite being collared in human form. Now he’s been ejected from the company of other dragons and sent out to an island to take a vacation and not come back without a mate. Something that isn’t easy to do, given that his awareness of social norms is so low that even his extravagant sexiness can’t overcome it. Until he sees his mate, the embodiment of Venus, a goddess so sexy he can’t believe she is his. Finally, Kai is willing to make an effort in this world, if it means he can win this exquisite creature.

Renee is used to being overlooked, so she doesn’t mind going with her pretty friend on a free vacation after a breakup, even if she knows all the guys will ignore her as if she isn’t there. Until the hottest man on the beach suddenly takes an interest in her. Too much interest. Kai is too tall, too blunt, and too aggressive to be her type, but somehow despite his awkwardness and his obsession with water, she can’t resist the innocent kindness and strength of spirit she sees inside. Not to mention his hulking muscles and storm-blue eyes.

But as Renee is opening herself to realize she deserves more than she ever hoped for, and Kai realizes life on land is great when he can spend it in sizzling moments with his mate, dark forces are circling. And if the Tourmaline dragon isn’t careful, he’s going to lose more than a chance at mating. Maybe even his life.

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Awakened Sea Dragons Series by Terry Bolryder

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Terry Bolryder Books

Chapter 1

“Just give me my wings back. I don’t need to take this metal sky beast for my vacation.” Kai—formerly the powerful sea dragon of storms, currently a useless, collared human—folded his arms and came to a halt in front of the kiosk where Aegis was printing his “tickets.”

“It’s a plane, weirdo,” Aegis, the emerald dragon, said. “You’ve been awake long enough to know better by now.”

Kai did, but he also enjoyed annoying Aegis. It was one of the few things that brought him joy, and now it was being taken away from him and he was being kicked out of the mansion.

He’d been grumpy since he’d been awakened in an unfamiliar world, unable to take dragon form. Once he was brought to the mansion where the land gemstone dragons lived, he might have taken his frustration out on them a little too much.

“Come back when you have a mate,” Aegis said, tossing his bags at him as they reached the entrance to security.

“But what about my collar?” Kai asked, disgruntled.

“That’s your problem. You asked for the ocean; you’re getting the ocean. You’ll have to figure out the rest yourself.” Aegis rummaged in the pockets of his dark-green jeans and pulled out a small notebook. “Here, I almost forgot. Some of the dragons wrote notes for you.”

Kai sighed as he opened the notebook, peeking at the contents. Then he shoved it in a pocket of his backpack.

Perhaps he should have gone a little easier on the indoor thunderstorms. Or the tantrums. Or the pranks. He’d only wanted his collar off, but now he was being sent away, an outcast.

To find a mate. “A human.” The word rolled off his tongue in disgust. He didn’t like his own human form and didn’t expect he would like other human forms much either.

He had little experience with humans, though he’d rescued many from storms. It was his job to use storms to disguise the effects of many epic sea dragon fights against other creatures, but they weren’t supposed to let humans come to harm.

And when he wasn’t needed to make storms, he often rescued shipwreck survivors, bringing up pieces of wood for them to cling on and pushing gentle tides to take them to shore.

Not that any of them were grateful. How could they be? They didn’t know he existed. He was always beneath the surface, the cause of things people didn’t understand, never the face of the operation.

Unlike Marina, who was sometimes spotted and mistaken for a mermaid.

Kai sighed once more as he looked out the windows at the giant, metal beast (plane) he would be boarding.

On the upside, it would be taking him to the ocean. On the downside, it would take him away from Marina and Seaton, his siblings he hadn’t been apart from for years. Though they operated separately in the ocean, they were never far from each other.

Seaton was currently honeymooning with his new mate, and Marina had taken to sneaking to the dungeon to harass one of the prisoners there, much to the oracle’s chagrin, so no one had much time for Kai after all.

Perhaps some sun, a beach, would do him good.

He had money now and wouldn’t be a castaway. He might not have his dragon power, but he would have human powers, looks and money and a place to stay.

All would help him win a human, which he would do if it meant regaining his dragon form once more.

He had a list of requirements. She would have to love the ocean, of course. Be an excellent swimmer. Be fine with him taking his dragon form and leaving her alone for long bouts of time.

Seaton had insisted Kai would feel differently when he met the right woman. That staying on land wouldn’t seem so bad, but Kai doubted it.

The sea was everything. His home. His power. His love. The turbulent beauty there reflected his heart. The tossing waves mirrored the restlessness inside him that never seemed to ease unless he was deep beneath the water, swirling with the currents, looking up through the depths to see sun shining from above.

He also loved making it rain.

Something he couldn’t do as easily with his collar. Sure, he could, but it left him tired, achy. He needed to get the collar off soon. That was certain.

Aegis rubbed the back of his neck. “Look, Kai, I’m sorry if I’ve come off a bit rough. I know this has all been confusing for you.”

Kai folded his arms and drew up to his full, imposing height. He didn’t need anyone’s pity, least of all the emerald dragon’s, a man who had once been a villain and only recently turned good. “I’m fine.”

Or he would be, most likely, when he was back at the ocean.

He would miss his friends, but obviously, they couldn’t understand him. If only they’d gotten to see him more in the old days, when he was comfortable in his dragon skin and not dragged around on land.

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