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Two Can Play ( #2)

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Victoria Ashley

Book Information: – That’s all the info you need to get off in the privacy of your own room, office or hell… even in a public fucking pool.

Whatever gets you wet.

Lynx brought me into the Alpha House because he knows I can give the women what they want.

They want to see me take my pants off, so I give them a big fucking surprise. They want to see me stroke myself, so I do it with both hands, giving them the show of their lives.

It’s been fun and games for the last few months and money is flowing in faster than I can count it. Anyone I want, my fine ass can get.

Until Karma walks into the Alpha House and changes the damn game.

She wants to play hard to get and pretend that she doesn’t want me every damn day.

Well… She’s about to find out that Two Can Play.

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WHAT THE HELL IS THIS crap . . . I put my truck in park as I pull up to the back of the mansion. Nash met me at Rebel’s because there was no way I was letting that woman drive home in the state she was in. . She was drunk and devastated that Lynx had walked out on that fucked up mess of a threesome.

I honestly don’t know what to think of the whole situation and was surprised when she hit on me to begin with. Watching Lynx’s responses to it all didn’t give me any more insight either. He was all over the fucking place and I should’ve known to walk the instant I noticed that. Threesomes have to be no strings attached by all three or it is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Any sex between us was never meant to be. Besides that, I’m positive Lynx would’ve been ready to kill me later just thinking about me touching Rebel. Good thing that shit was diverted. I’ve been known to get my ass into some serious trouble in the past. I’m hoping to slow some of that down now that I’m trying to really make something of this House and my career.

“Thanks for saving my ass tonight.” I finally say something to Nash after a very silent ride home. I’ve been too lost in my head, trying to figure out what just happened, to talk.

“Look, I don’t even want to know what the hell is going on here. Just know, I’ll always be a call away to get your ass out of deep shit. Something tells me it won’t be the last call I get.” I seriously hope it is, but you know shit can change from day to day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Hell, we’re not even through with tonight yet.

I stare at the side of his cowboy hat and laugh as he assumes probably the worst and speaks what is most likely the truth. “Yeah, probably not.” I can’t help it. Trouble seems to find me. It can be both a blessing and a curse. He doesn’t need to know about the fucked up shit I almost got myself into; besides, something tells me Lynx and Rebel will work it all out and it isn’t like me to air other people’s dirty laundry.

Jumping out of the truck, I slam my door harder than I expected. Sexual frustration flows over me and I decide I need to find some pussy quick before I get irritated even further. That wouldn’t be a fun night for me or our guests.

Shit. I can’t believe I almost fucked Rebel. I can’t even lie, if Lynx would’ve been up for it, I would’ve tore that shit up. She’s fine as hell, but honestly, I would’ve been thinking about a perfect red head that’s been torturing my dick ever since she stabbed it three times.

I can’t say I don’t love the piercings now that I have them, but damn I can’t think about my dick without remembering the chaos in my mind as she held it in her hand and sent the most excruciating pain through it. The only good memory from that scene was the feel of her hand around my dick.

Fuck my life, I need pussy now.

I step into the mansion only to see hundreds of women waiting for us to enter. They all move toward me and I can’t help but smile that all of these women could be mine if I just said the word. Simple as that. Or complicated as that, depending on which way you look at it.

Moving my eyes around the room, I look for the one that I really want to see, only to be left disappointed when she’s not there. Not sure why I even looked for her, this isn’t her scene. She’s probably at her tattoo shop working like she seems to do so often.

Who else can I take to my room for a quick fuck?

I begin to look at a few of them closer, just trying to choose one quickly. Maybe I need a threesome with two women. Especially since the one earlier was a bust.

I’ve never felt so awkward in a threesome in my life. I should’ve known that shit wasn’t really going down by the way they both looked at each other. It was obvious she was doing it all out of some sort of revenge and he looked like he was about to kill us all for even thinking it was going to happen.

The last thing I want is Lynx wanting to rip my fucking throat out. That fucker is crazy.

I’m going to have to talk to him about her. He’s about to fuck up something there; hell, even I can feel the shit between them. I need to stop thinking about all of that bullshit from earlier and make something happen for myself tonight.

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