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Under My Boss's Desk - Under Him

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Jamie Knight

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My boss is insanely hot and outrageously tempting. And now we’re trapped together on lockdown.
I’ve had a crush on my boss since day one. But he’s super busy, filthy rich and cocky AF.
So I’m sure he doesn’t even realize I exist. Until he asks me to join him in quarantine.
He wants me to be his Very Special Assistant. I’ll have to do anything he wants or needs. Whether that’s on top of his desk or under it.
Little does he know I’ve been waiting for this. My whole life. I’m a virgin. I need an older, experienced man like him.
Even if he IS known for being a player. I’m obviously down for the assignment.
And all of the perks of my new position.
But will the end of quarantine mean the end of our arrangement? Or is my heart locked down for good?
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Jamie Knight

Under His Watchful Eye

Love Under Lockdown, Book 13

Chapter One – Liam

I must have spent three years trying to get her attention- Three and a quarter if I am being exact.

I have tried calling her to my office for the pettiest of things, finding small mistakes that would force us to spend more time together, trying to make her heckles rise, even finding small faults in her work. What have I gotten throughout the years? Pure indifference.

She always does whatever I tell her to without a single complaint and then goes back to bury herself in her computers, or papers, or presentations again. It is like nothing can ever get to her in her little world.

What she doesn’t know is that her indifference has made me both hate and love her all the more. She has always managed to make me hate her a little for her inability to feel emotions, and love her more thanks to fantasizing what it would be like to entice her out of the little world in her head.

Yet now Anna Mallon is doing what feels a lot like flirting with me.

Her eyes are looking straight at the camera fixed on her home desk, looking so cheeky that I want to kiss the little smirk off her lips. She looks so innocent yet so naughty that I want to do all sorts of wicked pleasurable things to her.

Right as I look, she reaches with her index finger to swipe the beaded red dot on top of her chest and brings it up to show me. She must know I am watching because she is holding her index finger to the camera.


When I told her that she had something on her chest some minutes ago, I was expecting the usual indifference. This was nothing like I expected, but in this case, I am glad to be disappointed.

I want to know what is going to happen next, but my eyes can’t stop looking at the very impressive cleavage she has put on full display. Very unlike the usual grey or brown high cut official blouses, but again, I am not exactly complaining. I am holding my breath waiting to see what she will do next, when she does something most uncharacteristic of her.

The little minx smears the jam on her lips, staining them red before licking it off slowly. She has me on the edge of my seat and I just about cum my pants off when she lets off a little moan the minute she tastes the jam.

My hands come up to cover my eyes as I groan into the back of my hand.

She knows what she’s doing.

She has to know what she is doing to me.

I’m about to call her and order her to be at my house in the next ten minutes when the phone rings. I rub my face again before shutting off Anna’s camera screen and picking up the phone.

“Liam Thorne. Speak!” I bark into the phone.

There is a pause before the other side responds, “This is Michael from IT, Sir.”

I feel a little bad for the guy. He has nothing to do with my impatient mood, yet I am taking it out on him. Letting out a deep breath, I soften my tone.

“Talk to me, Mikey.”

I hear him clear his throat before he continues, “My team and I have been poking around, and we have confirmed that there must be a mole inside our company.”

Thorne Tech has been experiencing a number of hits in the form of leaked out information in the past three months. While the breach is not that extensive yet, it has been costing us money and our stock has gone down.

That is why, as a precaution, we started monitoring all employees who have might have access to important information under the guise of making sure all our employees are working the hours they are supposed to be working during the pandemic period, in which they are all quarantined and working from home.

It is also the reason I have access to Anna’s desk camera.

“How can you be so sure?” I ask.

Is that my voice? Because it sounds a little distracted, even to me.

“Because nobody could have known about our buying Brown Tech except for those inside our company.”

Makes sense. But then again, we have been thinking the same thing all along. It doesn’t seem to be a new development. I hate for my time to be wasted but I try not to sound too curt to Mikey, who is a good guy just trying to do his job.

“Okay, then, let me know if there is more. In the meanwhile, go over everyone’s records and activities for the past twenty days. Anything that is useful, let me know.”

There is another pause, before he says, “That could take a while.”

“Do it.”

I hang up the phone and my fingers go straight to my hair.