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Olivia hopped out after me, following me over to the Jeep. I motioned for the keys, which she tossed my way. I popped the hood and took a quick look. It wasn’t protocol to evaluate a vehicle on the side of the road, but I was hoping it would be an easy fix, something I could do right there and send her on her way. Much to my dismay, it wasn’t an easy fix.

“I’ll have to tow it back,” I said.

“All right,” Olivia said with a nod. “I’ll grab my things.”

She grabbed two bags out of the backseat. They were designer as well and matched her purse. The only good thing about this girl, other than her curves and tight ass, was that I knew I’d get a good payday off her.

“Listen,” I said as I cranked the Jeep up and latched it onto to the tow truck. “It’ll cost extra to look at the Jeep tonight. It’s after hours. I can wait until Monday or…”

“That’s fine,” she said. “Monday works.”

Her words surprised me. I frowned and studied her face. She just blinked back at me, those brilliant green eyes locked on mine. I cleared my throat and nodded, still surprised by her answer.

I expected her to hand over her daddy’s credit card without a second thought. She didn’t strike me as the type of girl to hang around on the outskirts of Santa Fe unless she had to.

She surprised me even more as we climbed back into the tow truck and drove toward the shop. With the Jeep attached, I had to drive slower, and my patience was already wearing thin. I was desperate just to get home and out of my crappy work clothes. It had been a long day and Friday nights were always my favorite. I could kick back with a beer and some food, not having to stress about work for two full days.

Olivia Storm changed that with her presence. As we drove, I tried to hold on to my annoyance, but my eyes kept glancing over at her, admiring her petite form and strong features. She looked young, maybe twenty-one or twenty-two, but her eyes were darkened from experience. When I looked at them, she suddenly seemed older, more mature. It was as if she’d felt things only people twice her age had ever felt. I instantly felt connected to her, and it was hard to tear my eyes away from her.

“Do you know any cheap hotels in the area?” she asked, a slight hitch in her voice.

“Cheap hotels?” I asked, confused.

“If you can’t look at the car until Monday, I’ll need somewhere to stay,” she explained. “And maybe a cheap restaurant as well. Just somewhere to grab a quick bite before it gets too late.”

I frowned. Why would she need somewhere cheap? She obviously had money. Why else would she drive a brand-new Jeep Cherokee and tote around designer luggage? It didn’t make sense, but I wasn’t the type to pry.

“I know a place,” I said. “It’s not far from the shop. I can give you a lift after I unhitch your car.”

“I don’t think I could pay you for…” she began, but I just shook my head to silence her.

“No charge,” I said. “It’s on my way home.”

She nodded. “Thank you. I appreciate it.”

We pulled up to the shop, and I backed the Jeep up to the garage doors. Jumping out, I slid open the garage and then hopped back behind the wheel of my truck. I backed the Jeep into the garage and climbed out to unhitch it. The whole time, Olivia stayed sitting in the cab of my truck, just staring out the windshield as if she could see into the future.

I found myself wanting to ask her questions, to find out more about her. It was strange. Most women I spent time with didn’t inspire me to ask them anything more than their name. Olivia was different. She wasn’t like the other girls who waltzed into my shop. Those girls pulled their windshield wipers off just for an excuse to see me. They hung around until closing time, wearing revealing tops and shorts that showed off their ass cheeks. They wanted me, and I wanted a quick fuck. It worked out for all parties.

With Olivia, I felt something new stir inside me. Her clothes were tight and fitted but also modest. They didn’t show an inch of skin she didn’t want seen. I could tell her body was insane beneath those clothes, tight and sexy as hell, but there was enough mystery to keep me interested. And interested I most certainly was.

“I just have to grab something,” Olivia said, jumping out of the truck and hurrying toward her Jeep. She pulled open the door and grabbed a bag full of art supplies. She zipped it up and swung it over her shoulder as she jumped back in the truck.

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