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What The Hex - The Family Spells

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C.M. Stunich

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My demon ex has me trapped in a devil’s bargain.
My mother is dying, and I need the help of my soulmates to save her: all four of my soulmates. That means I’ll have to rescue the half-witch, Hex Sorciere, from his evil coven before the clock runs out on Mom’s curse.
The only person who can help me do that is Monster, the demon prince whose skin is literally tattooed with an aphrodisiac that I can’t resist. Once upon a time, he pulled me into his arms and into darkness: I can’t let that happen again.
Crash Hex’s wedding to a demon mafia princess, stop the curse rotting my mother’s body, and visit the families of my vampire, werewolf, and fae husbands to stop a demon-witch war. What the hex is a busy mom, business owner, and wife of three gorgeous men supposed to do? Take her cursed pistols, her broom, and her best heels, and kick some serious a**, that’s what.
WHAT THE HEX? (THE FAMILY SPELLS #2) - this is a full-length, reverse harem, paranormal romance novel with a 'why choose' ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains naughty scenes, magic, witches, demons, vampires, faeries, and werewolves as well as four unruly kids, spells for just about everything, and plenty of cursing.
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C.M. Stunich


That’s all I felt: violent, overwhelming passion. It was all a bunch of bullshit, sure, but try telling my body that.

Monster—the full-blooded demon dickhead I’d broken up with more than a decade ago—was holding the side of my face, leaning in for a kiss. I jerked my head back at the last moment, stumbling back and falling into a shallow pool of water.

He laughed, that cruel, cold laugh that I’d once loved, then hated, and now …

“I can’t think straight,” I whispered, turning around and trying my best to wash off the aphrodisiac with the brackish water. It smelt like dead sea creatures and salt, and no matter how much of it I splashed on my skin, it didn’t help. My body shuddered with need, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was throwing my arms around Monster’s neck and begging to be fucked.

“That’s the whole point,” he said, standing behind me with his arms crossed over his bare chest. He didn’t bother to restrain me; Monster knew I wasn’t going anywhere. We’d played this game in the past, me and him. Hint: he always won. “But really, you should be thanking me: I just rescued a delightsome damsel in distress.”

I paused, lifting my face up to stare out at a dark ocean. The waves were calm, but the sky was that awful red color, and I knew I was still very firmly entrenched in Hael. I glanced over my shoulder to find Monster’s copper eyes laced with hunger. As soon as I made eye contact with him, I felt myself fracture into pieces.

Don’t let him do this to you again! I warned myself, pushing up from the black sandy shore and spinning around. My husbands were trapped inside a spell circle here somewhere, and Hex … Hex had been summoned to goddess only knew where. On top of all that, I had my mother’s curse to worry about, the safety of my kids, my coven …

“What do you want from me?” I asked, breathing heavily, my nipples pebbled to hard points. I could feel my body betraying me, throbbing and pulsing, begging me to let Monster lay me down on the beach and … No. No, no, no. “You just left my husbands to fend for themselves. If you really wanted to help me, you’d take me back and break them out of there.”

Monster smiled at me, but it wasn’t a very nice facial expression. That seemed to suit him just fine, because he wasn’t a very nice man. On the contrary, he was one of the worst individuals I’d ever had the misfortune of running into. For two years, he’d been my lover. For two fucking years I couldn’t decide if I were immersed in bliss or thrust straight into the fires of hell.

“Clearly, I’m not going to do that sort of thing … for free.” He moved toward me, and I took a step back, until I was knee-deep in the water and starting to get concerned about what sorts of demons might be swimming out here. Monster’s eyes sparkled with maniacal glee, and I knew what was coming. “I’ll save your family, help your mother, and tell you all about the demon-witch war brewing—for a price.”

“If it’s me and my body, then it’s a no,” I said, taking off through the water in the direction opposite the giant volcano. When we’d entered Hael, I’d seen it in the distance to my left. A simple divination should show me exactly where to go, but really, I was just being optimistic here.

Monster was not going to let me go.

“Be reasonable,” he said, striding along beside me, but above the water and not in it. He just floated his way along the beach, giving me the illusion of freedom. I knew how powerful he was. Like I said, I’d seen a category nine demon before—one time. This was the one time. A category nine was demon royalty: Monster was the demon king’s only son.

As if those category seven demons that dropped pumpkins on our house weren’t bad enough. Each step up on the scale represented an exponential power increase, like with an earthquake. Monster wasn’t just a little bit more powerful than a level seven or eight; he was a lot more powerful.

“Reasonable?” I started, trying not to choke on the word. The dark woods moaned and keened on our right, and on my left, an endless sea stretched out to the horizon, broken only by jagged rocks against the red sky. I hated it here. I hated knowing my husbands were trapped here even more. “Not wanting to be your magic-drugged whore makes me unreasonable?”

My throat clenched tight, and heat and wetness flooded between my thighs. I was still reacting to the aphrodisiac from Monster’s skin. His ebony flesh was decorated with glowing white lines, almost like tattoos. But I knew they were anything but. Instead, they were natural glands that allowed him to spread a sweet-and-spicy aphrodisiac that could reduce any adult person to tears of lust. There wasn’t a man or woman of any species who’d passed puberty (children were immune to the aphrodisiac) who could touch Monster and not fall on their knees, begging for sex.