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When He's Bad (Walker Security - Adrian’s Trilogy #2)

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Lisa Renee Jones

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The second book in a Walker Security trilogy featuring Adrian Ramos...
He was dirty. That's how Priscilla met him. She was all about just how dirty he was and, in fact, had to be. Now, he's just plain bad. When you cross a man like Adrian Ramos, you find out just how bad he can be. Priscilla started out as an enemy, became a lover, and now, she is his obsession.
Lies. Secrets. Enemies that appear they are friends. The passion and danger just won't stop coming.
Adrian's Trilogy:
When He's Dirty (book one)
When He's Bad (book two)
When He's Wild (book three)
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Walker Security - Adrian's Trilogy Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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Lisa Renee Jones


Adrian Mack—34, goatee, dark wavy hair, six-foot-one. Hero of the story. Former FBI agent. Was once undercover with the Devils biker gang, and is now set to testify against Nick Waters, the leader of the gang. Now a prominent member of Walker Security.

Priscilla “Pri” Miller—32, brunette, blue eyes. Heroine of the story. Assistant District Attorney. Used to work for her father’s law firm before she decided she wanted to put away the bad guys instead and went to work as an ADA.

Rafael—Younger brother to Adrian Mack. Rock star Latin singer.

Blake Walker—One of the three owning members/brothers of Walker Security.

Lucas “Lucifer” Remington—Walker Security team member. Blond, tattooed, rock god type looks. Pilot.

Savage—Walker Security team member. Former surgeon and special ops.

Dexter— Walker Security team member.

Adam— Walker Security team member.

Kirk Pitt— FBI agent, was undercover with Adrian. Handsome face, big and broad.

Ed Melbourn—District Attorney. Pri’s boss. 50’s. Fit, a big man, with thick salt-and-pepper hair, broad shoulders, and a broader presence. Single. Ex-military.

Nick Waters—King Devil, club founder, 42, brutally vicious, sports a dark beard with hints of gray, but doesn’t drink or do drugs. He just peddles drugs, weapons, and women, while pumping iron, and adding new tattoos. Green eyes.

Grace—Pri’s co-worker. 30, blonde, green eyes, in a relationship with Josh, shy.

Josh—Used to be the detective for the DA’s office, but now has turned to private sector work. In a relationship with Grace. Light brown hair, strong, classically handsome features.

Jose Deleon—Waters’ right-hand man, his assassin, most likely responsible for the murders of the witnesses.

Cindy—Newest ADA, straight out of school, petite, feisty, pretty blonde.

Logan Michaels—Pri’s ex-fiancé, works with her father still. blond pretty-boy, clean-shaven jaw. Cheated on Pri with her secretary.

Shari—DA’s office receptionist.

Mr. Miller—Pri’s father. Owns his own firm. Pri used to work for him, Logan still does.

Mrs. Miller—Pri’s mother. Wants Pri to come back to their family firm, refused to go out of town to stay safe during the case Pri is working on.

Chapter One



Deleon cannot be here at the cabin, at the hideaway I’ve told no one about but my team at Walker Security. And yet, here he is, big, tattooed, and smirking like the clown he is, but he’s not just a clown. He’s a killer, one who enjoys the sport of it.

Before Pitt ever hits the ground, with Deleon’s knife buried in his back, Deleon charges at me. I reach for my gun, but before I can get off a shot, there’s a blast at the rear of the house. My first thought is Pri, please God, do not let Pri be dead in the middle of one of my booby traps. But thank fuck, she screams in reaction to the blast, right here in the cabin, but I’ve hesitated with my fear for her, and it’s a mistake.

Hesitation is the kiss of death with Deleon.

With a tackle, he takes me down, the hard floor punishing my back and jolting my bones and he doesn’t do it silently. He’s cursing me in Spanish, calling me a traitor and pig, but I don’t miss another beat. I punch him. He punches me. I’m about to elbow the fuck out of him and flip us over when I hear, “Get off him or I’ll shoot!”


Holy fuck, Pri.

Deleon smirks at me, his long dark hair in disarray, half in and half out of the tie at his nape. His gun shifts, lifts, points at Pri, but he’s still looking at me. “Make one little move,” he promises, “and I’ll shoot her before she shoots me.”

“She’s gutsy and well trained,” I warn. “I wouldn’t gamble against her skills or willingness to kill you.”

“Are you really going to gamble against me?” he demands, smirking again, as if he knows I won’t, but he doesn’t shoot me or Pri.

Why, I wonder, did he bother to tackle me? Why not shoot me and be done with it when he had the chance? All I know are two things right now: I want his attention off Pri and I hope like hell she just shoots the fucker.

“What do you want, Deleon?” I demand softly.

His eyes burn with hatred. “Does your bitch know all the dirty shit you did, man? Does she know you’re like us?”

“Isn’t that exactly what makes me such a damn good witness?” I taunt, but I don’t like where this is going.

“Does she know you killed your brother? Does she know you enjoyed it?”

That’s it. I’m done. Adrenaline and anger collide in a surge. I roll him over, smash him to his fucking back, knock away his gun, and my blade is already in my hand. I don’t even hesitate. I slam the damn thing into his chest, a non-lethal location just below his collarbone. But it hurts like hell and I know from experience that it bleeds like the bitch he is. He gasps, blood spurting from his mouth, and I’m already standing, rolling him to his stomach, my boot between his shoulder blades.