Wolves of the Rising Moon (The Healer’s Pack #2) Read Online Jewel Killian

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I’m mated to a murderer.
My omega body doesn’t care. But I do.
This isn’t supposed to be my life. This isn’t how any of this works. And if magic keeps screwing me over, I might just have to take matters into my own hands.
When new a friend comes knocking, needing help across the country, I throw myself into the opportunity. It’s better than staying here and dealing with my problems. So, it’s off to Laurel Cove for me and my two non-murdery mates where we might make a shitload of enemies. Or life-long friends.
Can I accept Drago as my mate? I honestly don’t know. But I guess we’ll find out.


Chapter 1

The Big Bad Wolf

Important moments always happen at half speed. Good or bad, every meaningful event slows down enough that I can ruminate on them in crystal clear detail, usually until I’ve driven myself crazy.

“You’re my mate,” he repeats.

The alpha’s gravelly voice trembles on the last word just as my body recognizes the truth in them. My breath comes in ragged puffs, hands quake, and that wobbly bottom lip gets to wobbling as the wolf’s strange, elusive scent overwhelms me.

Drago’s scent is like everything and nothing. Forest, ozone, spice, pine, all shifting, changing right as I’ve nailed one scent down.


It can’t be.

How could I be mated to—

He steps closer, and moonlight glints off something on his side, drawing my eyes away from his blacked-out gaze, down the trailing tree branch scars along one side of his face, and the corded muscle of his shoulder and arm, finally coming to rest on a vicious blade strapped to his side.

Honed to a needle-fine point, the double-edged, double-deadly blade has the most stunning metal-worked handle. Delicate gold and silver filigree embellishes the hilt, twisting around and around before turning back on each other and spiraling downward.

I know the blade’s purpose the moment I lay eyes on it. It seems so strange that such a deadly, horrible thing could also be so lovely. Made to steal lives and magic, yet also made with such artistry, such care.

I cannot reconcile the duality. Beauty in such a vile object.

But it’s not really the blade I’m having a hard time with. Not fully.


The blade is only the tip of this shit-berg. The rest? Everything hiding below the water?

How can this monster be my mate? How can my body scream for a murderer’s touch? Someone who enjoys taking life so much, he volunteered to be the Kootenay pack’s champion. Someone brimming with so much alpha magic, he’s likely to explode.

Someone not even Jonah would accept.

I stare at the blade, refusing to look at the wolf attached to it, horrified yet intrigued. Disgusted yet fucking perfuming. For him. Mouth watering, fingers just shy of reaching for him.

I mean, it tracks.

This is what I wanted. A squishy omega life with more knotted cocks than I could shake a vagina at.

And magic has gone and found another way to screw me over again.

Like that stupid joke where the guy asks a genie for a million bucks and the genie smirks and gives him a million male deer.

That’s what my life is.

Everything I’ve ever wanted always gets twisted or fucked up.

You want dicks? Sure. Here’s one you can’t fuck. Here’s another that makes the first one jealous. And how about a third attached to a morally deficient psycho?

He’d have to be to agree to kill alphas. Right?

Drago sucks in a sharp breath. “I disgust you.”

The surprise in his voice draws my gaze to his.

“Don’t bother denying it. I can smell the change in you as if you’d stated it aloud.”

“I wasn’t planning on denying it,” I say, chin high, back straight, and staring right into his fear-blacked eyes.

The blackness clears as I watch, revealing startling slate-gray eyes.

Completely unlike the dark gaze I saw in the meeting house.

Everything about his demeanor is different. The twist of his lips, his cold, unnerving stare, even his stance is more aggressive. “What makes you think you can talk to me that way?” The oppressive weight of his alpha voice tells me everything I need to know.

Mates or not, I will never let this wolf have me.

Goosebumps rise along my neck and arms as instinct overrides my pride and recognizes this wolf as the threat he is. I step back, lowering my gaze to the ground.

“I apologize, Alpha,” I whimper with deference that only comes from abject fear.

“That’s better,” he says with a snarl and comes closer.

I hold my breath, hoping he doesn’t touch me, hoping Mari or Vala wakes up. I know even three of us are no match for him, but my gaze still darts to them, hoping all the same.

They’re cuddled comfortably, oblivious to the scene playing out just a few feet away.

“Please,” I whisper as his large hand draws closer, just inches away from my cheek.