Worth the Distraction (The Worth #2) Read Online Weston Parker

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Brice Masterson has it all: Mansions, a masterful reputation, and millions of dollars. The only thing he’s lacking is the thing he avoids: Love. He’s been there and done that, and has decided not to trust his body, including his heart, to any woman for longer than a night. But all that changes when a beautiful redhead shows up at his Christmas party and starts insulting him behind his back. But it’s what she does to his front that really heats things up.
Janna Puchina can’t figure out what to do with her life. She’s tried her hand at everything, but nothing seems to fit. When she meets millionaire Brice Masterson, the pieces seem to suddenly fall into place. Which scares the shit out of her. Janna knows his reputation, a new girl in his bed every night, and she’s determined to avoid that fate. But when he insists that he wants her for more than one night, she wants to believe him, but can she?
Things get more confusing when an irate cousin shows up on the scene, determined to get Brice’s attention and hurting Janna in the process. Brice insists on nursing her back to health, until his ex-fiancée appears suddenly, begging for another chance. Can their relationship survive these distractions, or is Jann doomed to be just another name on his list?



Janna Puchina watched as her friend Dani pummeled her fists against the chest of the man who held her small frame in his strong arms. Letting loose a sigh of frustration that blew a low-hanging curl off her forehead, Janna wished her friend luck. Some holiday party this was turning out to be. She'd made a fool of herself in front of her wildly rich and supremely handsome host, downed enough whisky to light a fire with her breath, and now she was watching one of her closest friends have a meltdown all over the guy she loved but couldn't have. Another regret to add to the steaming pile she was creating this evening.

Janna turned away from the window overlooking the balcony and back to the festivities. The crème de la crème of the Pacific Northwest were dancing, hob-knobbing, and sampling the appetizers and champagne their host had laid out for what would be known as the shindig of the year. Janna blushed, remembering her introduction to Brice Masterson, millionaire entrepreneur and owner of the mansion that was currently packed to the gills with partiers.

In true Janna fashion, she'd immediately fucked up. Babbling about the excesses of the rich to Dani, she hadn't realized that Masterson had been standing beside her through the entire diatribe. Now, attempting to banish her embarrassment, she was hitting the bottle like it owed her money. The champagne flute she currently held was drained with no time wasted. Liquid courage imbibed, she headed off in the direction of the kitchen.

Janna smiled as she made her way through the crowd. Moments ago Dean Fischer had burst through the balcony door, his hands cupping a nose that was dripping blood. Masterson noticed his guest's distress and had come to the rescue, leading the dean off to see to his wound. It was Fischer's condition that had led Janna to spy on her friend Danielle. She made her way in the direction she'd last seen Masterson and Fischer heading. After passing down a wide hallway, she poked her head into the kitchen and found the object of her curiosity.

Dean Fischer was sitting on a stool at the granite-topped island, his head back, an ice pack pressed on the bridge of his nose. Tissues were pushed into both nostrils to stop the flow of blood. Brice Masterson stood beside him, flanked by two large men in black suit jackets who had the look of security guards.

Janna couldn't help smiling at Fischer's pain. He was a grade-A asshole, one who had taken advantage of his position to attempt the seduction of Dr. Danielle French, her friend and a professor under the dean's supervision. Before she could hide her inappropriate grin, her host looked up and met her eyes. He shot her a confused half-smile, and a strange bolt of electricity jolted her system.

He really was inordinately handsome. Straight white teeth, wavy blond hair that was mussed just right, and green eyes that seemed to shine with an inner light. Mix in an exceedingly sexy body and a handful of millions, and you had the total package.

Janna tiptoed forward, drawn in by the look in his eyes. She stood close enough to Fischer to hear him groan in pain. "That little Jezebel broke my nose! I demand that she be removed from the party. In fact, call the authorities. I want her arrested for assault!"

Clutching her chest, Janna's mouth dropped open. Dani had done this, and not her forest ranger? Dani had said how worried she was about confronting Caleb, the man she'd fallen for while doing fieldwork in his park. But neither of them had been expecting to see Fischer, and when the dean fled the balcony, Janna assumed his injury was at the hands of the handsome ranger.