A Bit of Hocus Pocus (Holidaze in Salem #1) Read Online Kelly Elliott

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Hollie Craft has a problem.

After casting a spell on Lucas Dayton, Hollie believes she is truly a witch when certain types of events start to happen to Lucas.

Is it just a bit of hocus pocus, or is it fate?

To Make a Man Fall …

Eye of newt
Toad stool powder
Wing of bat
Hair of man
Spirit of raven
Snake venom
Spider legs

Mash it, crunch it, mix it all together. Say his name three times and put him in sunder.

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Before we begin, I need you to know a little something first.

There are witches in my family.

Ever since I was a little girl, my Aunt Lucy has told the same story to me and my sister, Sarah, of how we are from a long-descended line of witches. The most famous one being our eleventh great-grandmother, Sarah Wildes, who was hung in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem witch trials. And the best part of the story was how Sarah was named after that famous witch. Okay, that was the best part for my sister, not for me. And that wasn’t even true. Every first-born female on my mother’s side of the family has been named Sarah, but, hey, I never argued with my aunt or sister on that little detail. Don’t worry—my mother gave my father dibs on naming the second born. Me! Thank goodness my father named me after his grandmother, Hollie. Who I might add, was not a witch. At least, I don’t think she was.

Back to the story.

My favorite part of my aunt’s story had always been that our mother married a man with the last name of Craft. According to my Aunt Lucy, it had been fate that the two of them met and fell in love. What a perfect last name for my mother. Elaine Craft. Get it? With my mother coming from a long line of witches… Hello, destiny! I’d like to introduce you to fate. I should mention, my aunt has yet to find any history of witches on my father’s side of the family. But with a name like Craft, there had to be at least one, right? At least, that was her way of thinking as well as that of my sisters. My father, Mike Craft, likes to tease that there are indeed witches in the family because everyone has a little bit of magick in them.

According to Aunt Lucy, it was meant to be that my parents met and fell in love in high school. That their love stayed strong while both went off to college, even though Aunt Lucy swears it was because my mother put a love spell on my father—which my mother has not denied, I might add, nor has she confirmed this part of the story. My father says one day, while walking down the hall on his way to first period, he spotted my mother and felt like someone sucker-punched him. He was in love from that moment on. It was a sweet gesture, and one that I had wanted to happen to me, that I believed would happen to me. Well, until I grew up and realized that events like that were few and far between.

Anyhoo, they fell in love, and today, they are the parents of three kids. The oldest, Sarah, who is thirty-three. Next, me, Hollie, twenty-nine, and last, my brother, Nathan, who just turned twenty-five. All of whom my aunt Lucy has declared as witches. Sarah is totally on board. Nathan, he’s on the fence about it all. I really think it depends on his mood. And me…well…let’s just say I stopped believing in all that hocus pocus when I realized the world wasn’t such a nice place.

But back to the witches in the family.

Let me give you a bit of history on the family. Hang with me for just a bit; I know you’re excited to hear about my little journey.

My mother’s family immigrated from Chipping Norton, a small market town west of Oxfordshire, England. Where, according to both my mother and aunt, the women of the family were rumored to hold special powers. They were healers, and if someone was sick or suffering from an ailment, they went to their herb garden and worked their…magick. Once they came to the US, they continued to be one with the earth, but this time, they wouldn’t be called healers like they had been back in England.

My father’s family was from a small seaside town called Laugharne in Dyfed. They come from a long line of fishermen. Nothing really exciting to report on Dad’s side of the family. My father is still a fisherman to this day and a damn good one. He takes people out on fishing charters and has won numerous fishing championships. We’re all proud of him, especially my mother. She adores my father, just as he does her.