A Villain’s Kiss Read Online T.L. Smith

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My husband wanted me back, but I was already falling for someone else…

Savior or seducer.
I am not sure which one he’s playing at.
He is forbidden, after all.
I am married to a rockstar.
Appearances must be upheld.
But what does it mean when your marriage is breaking, and the dark, mysterious savior is offering you things you have never felt before?
Do you say yes? Or do you say no?
He owns a club that’s specific to every person’s desires.
So the promises he is making might very

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Chapter 1

Suck my cock and shut the fuck up


The sounds she’s making fill the room.

Why the fuck does she have to moan so loudly? Is she trying to show me how much she enjoys being on her knees sucking my cock.

Because honestly, I couldn’t care less.

“Hmm…” My eyes find the television screens in my office, showcasing the views from the cameras situated everywhere throughout the building.

I’ve been up here for hours. At first, I was working, and now I’m doing anything but.

Her hand lands on my thigh as she tries pushing my legs wider, and I let her. She continues sucking my cock as my eyes lock on one of the screens, where I find a sultry redhead I would recognize anywhere. She stumbles as she moves toward the door, and I watch as a guy reaches out and redirects her. She waves him off with the brush of her fingers.

Fuck, I bet those fingers would be real nice wrapped around my cock.

I glance down at Miranda, or was it Rebecca? Fuck.

I don’t know or care.

She offered, so who the fuck was I to say no to a decent pair of lips.

“You can go,” I tell her.

She pulls her mouth from my still mostly flaccid cock—she just isn’t doing it for me.

It’s not her fault.

It’s me.

But she doesn’t need to know that.

My taste has changed, and I can’t pinpoint why. I glance back at the cameras and see the redhead being walked out through the back alleyway—no one goes out that way. Her steps falter again as the club starts to die down. It’s close to closing time, but have you tried kicking out a bunch of drunk dickheads? It’s damn near impossible to get some semblance of cooperation.

“I can make it hard again.” The woman in front of me stands and pulls her tits free. They’re cute little tits, I’ve got to give her that, but they are simply not enough for me to want to continue.

“Just leave. You know the way out.” I flick my hand to the door and turn my chair back to my desk, but this woman does not take the hint.

Instead, she saunters over to me, her tits still free, and comes to stand behind me. Her hands wrap around my throat, and she leans over me, her chest now pressed against my neck. “But we haven’t had any fun yet,” she purrs.

I press the button on my desk. A moment later, the door opens and in stalks Captain, also known as Gino, but only I can call him that. To everyone else, he’s Captain. We come from a place of understanding. We both ran from our demons and created a life for ourselves. And here we are.

“Captain will see you out,” I say. My bored tone makes me sound like an asshole.

She pushes off my chair and huffs. “Really? Maybe the stories are true. I have heard you own this club to watch others fuck because you suck in bed.” I give her no reply, just smile as Captain grabs her arm and leads her out. “Fuck you, Jake,” she yells as the door shuts behind her. “You limp-dick motherfucker.”

I chuckle at that dig because it was a good one. I mean, she did make me soft, so limp-dick is quite fitting.

Focusing back on the screens, I can no longer see her anywhere inside, so I flick to the alley camera, and what I witness makes my blood boil. I can’t get Captain to check it out, and I usually don’t get involved with outside drama, but this? This is not acceptable.

Chapter 2

Either angel or devil


Rough hands push me back, then one skates up my thigh while the other grips my ass. Hard.

My head spins.

What is happening?

I have to move.

Why aren’t I moving?

Come on, legs… Move.

Managing to open one eye, I finally see him.

Who is he?

Do I know him?

Groggily, something leaves my mouth.

Did I make a sound? I’m not sure.

“What the fuck?”

Whose voice is that? It’s strong, and it isn’t coming from the person who’s touching me. No, that person is grunting.

“I suggest you move along,” the man holding me roughly says.

Someone grips me firmly. His hand goes directly to my neck and squeezes. My eyesight becomes blurry to the point where I can barely make out faces.

“Get lost,” the man above me says.

The new voice is closer now.

“That ain’t gonna happen.”

My arms start to move—slowly, methodically, inch by inch—then I shove the man’s chest and attempt to push him off me, but he merely laughs at my efforts.

I can’t remember how I got here.

Where is here?

What’s the last thing I remember?

It takes a moment to gain my bearings before I recall going out with the girls for Simone’s birthday drinks. She’s my best friend, but she left with someone, and I… My thought drifts off for a moment as I force my eyes open and try to keep them that way.