Alessio (The Conti Crime Family #1) Read Online C.M. Steele

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Juniper wasn’t the right fit for the job, but it didn’t matter to him. She’d be the perfect fit for him. As the Underboss of the Conti Family, Alessio D’Amato hadn’t planned on finding anyone. Still, a simple, inane task led him to the woman he wanted more than he anticipated.

There were just a couple of problems. He wasn't a good guy, and worst of all, she didn’t see him as the guy for her. June had eyes for someone else.

From the first encounter with Alessio, I felt the heat between us. Unfortunately, I was just the help. He’s hot and cold, I couldn’t figure the man out, but when I did the gloves were off. Then he got the wrong idea, and I couldn’t correct him.

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Chapter One


I pull up to the temp agency early on a Tuesday morning full of annoyance and ready to return to my normal tasks, which doesn’t involve household chores. However, Dario needs me to handle the staffing after the last fuckup led to a young maid trying to seduce him.

It was a poor attempt at seduction that resulted in a quick firing, so it made him wary of hiring and needs me to take the reins. He doesn’t want a spy or a whore working for him, and it’s my job to make sure the agency gives us the right person.

I asked him why we didn’t just go with a maid service, but they ask too many questions and they have too many people coming in and out without reliable background checks. In our line of work, we need to be sure who we have working around us at all times. With a mansion as large as his, he needs a full staff, and that includes a maid—a well-vetted one.

It’s a headache, but I’m here to do Dario’s bidding as his underboss and cousin. It feels like a task that’s beneath me, although technically, it’s for the best for all of us to have trusted employees that handle the cleaning. A snitch could land us dead or behind bars.

I’m about to get out of the vehicle when a CTA bus pulls up across the street, and I’m frozen to my seat by the sweet thing that exits.

She pops off the bus in a light, summery white and blue sundress with a matching dark blue blazer that’s open and only covering her slender arms. Her ample breasts aren’t hidden from my gaze as she bounds across the road with her tits bouncing. Those round curves slightly peek out from the top of the dress.

My mouth salivates like never before, and I want to follow her wherever she goes but I don’t have the damn time. It’s bullshit.

She’s about ten feet in front of my vehicle, right where I’m headed. Holy hell—please tell me she’s looking for a position. She takes a deep, calming breath before opening the door to the agency and stepping inside.

Immediately I’m on the phone to the director, informing her that I’ll be just a few more moments. Frankly, I can’t exit the vehicle in my current state. Trying to relax and calm my arousal, I remember my priorities and step out of my vehicle, adjusting my dark blue suit that hides my now semi-hard cock.

Sliding on my sunglasses, I inform Michael, my driver, to wait here. “I shouldn’t be too long.”

Entering the office, all eyes are on me and I survey the area for danger. It’s benign, so I move to the desk. With years of experience, I don’t let on that I spot the girl from the bus in the one seat away from a group of men. Good girl. She nervously looks my way, but then quickly looks down. Too late, beautiful. When I turn toward the desk, I catch her head lift back up. Interesting.

“May I help you, sir?” the receptionist asks, smiling as she stares a little too long at my throat.

“Hello, I am Mr. D’Amato,” I inform her.

“Yes, Ms. Walker is expecting you, sir.” She dials her boss’s number, and after a brief call, she gives me her attention again. “She’ll be out in a moment. Would you care for something to drink?”

“No, thank you.” I turn and lean on her desk, pretending to aimlessly look around the room. My little stalker isn’t quick enough to turn away so I train my gaze on her, but she focuses on the hem of her skirt.

Smirking, I wonder if she’s interested or just curious. Then I remember she’s alone in a room full of mostly men, abrasive-looking fuckers too, and safety dictates she protect herself by hiding herself. Damn it. I’m not trying to scare the girl. She should never fear me unless she wants to end up over my knee, getting a nice spanking. I’m not sure where the fuck that came from, but I’m grateful that my suit covers my cock. Hopefully, no one pays too much attention to my pants.

The door opens to the side of the receptionist’s desk, and an older woman steps out. “Sir, I’m Ms. Walker. I’m sorry about the wait.” She smiles politely.

“That is no problem,” I say, even though I’m the one who was late.

“Please join me in my office.”

I hold the door open for her and wait until we’re inside before I close the door and say, “I’d like to ask if you had any candidates in mind for the posting.”

She takes a seat behind her desk while offering me the one in front of it. “Well, Mr. Conti was clear that you would be the one to say what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Although he did mention that selecting a young woman was off the table. Also, he was adamant that those with other obligations, like children and husbands, were not acceptable as well.”