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Aurora Amor
Nix Dixon is a hot, spoiled jerk. He broke my heart into a million pieces before walking away without a backward glance. Now the fae prince is back, trying to play nice. I don’t think so.

Nix Dixon
The curvy little goddess was too young, too stunning, too mine. Unfortunately, my timing sucked. Big time. I needed to cement my position in the fae world. Walking away from Cupid’s daughter was the hardest thing I’d ever done, and I regretted my choice every day. When Aurora falls into my lap years later, there’s no way I’ll let her get away a second time.
The fae prince has his hands full trying to tame his spoiled goddess. Cupid’s daughter is determined to resist him. Maybe using his massive magic wand will help convince her to give him a second chance.

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Prologue - Valentino Amor (Cupid)

Many years ago, life changed for every “Eternal.” Romulus and Remus, my dumbass stepbrothers, brought about the great reveal by accident. To add insult to injury, it was all because of a female. A mortal woman, to be exact. During the past twelve millennia, the two hotheads had been butting heads. It all came to a head when the two immortal gods lost their minds and threw a hissy fit in public.

We had been living hidden among our human neighbors since the dawn of time. Blending in was easy until modern technology came along and changed everything. Everyone has a cellular phone with a high-tech camera. And that little feature bit us in the ass. During their argument, the two hotheads lost control. Their roars shattered windows for blocks before they progressed to throwing lightning bolts at each other’s heads.

The entire downtown area stopped to watch the show, and quite a few mortals recorded it. Within minutes, the videos spread throughout social media and boom. We were out of the paranormal closet. The Eternal Parliament had no choice but to announce our existence and hope for the best.

Shock, fear, and turmoil followed for the next two years while we worked hard to convince humans that we don’t present a threat to their survival. Their long-held beliefs about “monsters” began to change over time, and humans slowly accepted our kind. We stopped hiding in the shadows, and most mortals either ignore our existence or embrace it. For some crazy human women, bedding an Eternal has become the new status symbol.

Nearly all supernatural beings have a preordained true mate, and no one else will ever satisfy them. Since the dawn of time, many beings have struggled to find the other half of their soul.

The Fates have a perverse sense of humor. The three old biddies love throwing obstacles in the paths of everlasting happiness for both Eternals and humans just to watch the fireworks. Eons ago, these juvenile tricks irritated the Goddess of Love, my mother. She created me to help counterbalance the meddling old ladies.

Silly fairytales claim I run around in a diaper shooting arrows at unsuspecting individuals, and boom, there’s an instant love connection. I wish. Blending in requires dressing in human attire, and my celestial bow shoots invisible, golden threads that tie the lovebirds together for all eternity.

Stubborn, pain-in-the-ass Eternals make my job a nightmare when they fight the attraction. It’s a losing battle for them. You can’t outrun your destiny. Whether human or paranormal, no one except their true love will ever truly satisfy them. However, free will allows mortals to fight the connection, and they often ignore the feelings The Fates have created. When this happens, they end up with a completely incompatible mate.

My demanding bosses deliver their commands to me, and I get to work. Before I start the whole process, I must ensure the two love birds are ready for what’s coming. After arranging the first meeting between soulmates, I meddle a little and then stand back while the mate bond does the rest. At least, that’s how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, things don’t fall into place every time.

Ten years after the big revelation, I learned this lesson and almost lost my own soulmate in the process. The Fates don’t take too kindly to romance fuck-ups, and I pulled the mother of all oopsies. In my defense, the whole mating was a clusterfuck, but that didn’t matter to my bitchy bosses.

Wolves are beasts to match. No pun intended. The uncouth fuckers are all “I’m going to bite you and keep you.” Once they mark their mate, the bond is sealed for all eternity. One tiny slip-up by me—my arrow hitting the wrong toothy motherfucker—was the end of the fucking world. When the wrong wolf ended up sinking his teeth into his twin brother’s predestined mate, my bosses were pissed off. Supremely. In my defense, a little witch’s spell started the whole trainwreck heading down the tracks.

Stormy Loinnir got wind of my upcoming match for her and the surly wolf and decided to take matters into her own hands. The witch’s interference caused my golden threads to wrap around the wrong twin brother. My bad. I shudder remembering my horror when I discovered my mistake. It took a while, but I managed to arrange mate bonds for both Blackthorne twins. It all worked out in the end for everyone involved, but we had a bumpy ride getting there.

My crabby bosses have forgiven me, and life is good. Or so I thought. Evidently, messing with my own mating wasn’t enough to satisfy them. They’re turning their attention to my children.

Chapter 1


“I cannot believe this!” I slam my hand down on my mother’s desk. “I don’t want to decorate the big jerk’s house.” I’d rather have toothpicks run under my fingernails.