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A new “family” is coming to Silver Spoon Falls, TX.

The well-known Arakas men are looking to expand their operations, and the small Texas town is the perfect place to start a new, less-than-above-board business venture. Along the way, the dangerous, wealthy men are going to find a whole lot of trouble...and the sassy women who will bring the possessive crime bosses to their knees. This family will turn the town on its ear looking for their curvy soulmates. Prince Charming's crown may be a little tarnished in this spin-off series of sweet and steamy mafia instalove romances, but these possessive bad boys always put their women first.

Don’t worry, Nichole and Loni like to keep things light. Come along with us on this wild, steamy ride.

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Two Months Ago

"Grab the fucking girl and let's go before the cops get here."

Are they talking about me? I fight to open my eyes, but they're so heavy. Why aren't they cooperating? I try to roll onto my side, but my limbs don't cooperate either. My body fights against me, leaving me helpless.

"She's a fucking gold mine."

I hold my breath, praying they aren't talking about me. It's a useless prayer—one said more because I have nothing except faith left to rely on than out of any hope it'll be answered. Whoever they are, I think they came specifically for me. But my dad didn't raise a willing victim.

He may have raised a terrified one, though. I've never been so afraid in my life. Every muscle in my body aches with the desire to burst out of bed and flee for my life…except I can't.

I can't even move.

"At least the bitch left the door unlocked like she said she would."

No. Oh no.

Someone let them in here? They betrayed my dad?

I warned you not to trust anyone, my long-dead nanny's voice whispers in the back of my mind. You were cursed. The cards told me evil would befall you, but you never listen, girl.

She was wrong about that. I listened all too well. Thanks to her absolute conviction that I was cursed, I learned long ago to trust no one. The fact that my dad is the mayor in a town full of billionaires probably didn't help. Being the only daughter of the mayor comes with a lot of strings.

"I thought you said she was sleeping."

"She is sleeping. I put a sedative in her drink."

My heart sinks when I hear the familiar dulcet voice. Millie Audley. My dad's senior advisor. She's been his closest friend for as long as I can remember. She's practically family at this point.

Why, Millie? Why?

"Doesn't look like she's sleeping to me. There's no one in her goddamn bed."

I'm not in my bed?

The bathroom.

I never made it out of the bathroom. Did I lock the door?

I don't remember. I try to drag myself out of the floor to find out, but my legs still refuse to cooperate.

"Check the bathroom."

Loud steps thump across the floor and then the doorknob rattles.

"Now what?" the second man who spoke asks, sounding surly.

"Kick the goddamn door in." The first man who spoke—the ringleader—doesn't have much patience. "We need to get the fuck out of here before they realize we were even here."

Even though I know it's coming, my heart still skips a beat when the door jars beneath the force of their kick. It's hard enough to rattle everything on the vanity.

Please, let the door hold. Please, let the door hold. Please…

Another well-aimed kick buckles the door and cracks the frame.

Tears leak from the corners of my eyes.

Fight, Aurora, dammit. Fight!

I expend every ounce of strength I have to haul myself to my knees. My hand lands on a wire hanger. I grasp it, pulling it close to my body. It's a useless weapon, but it's the only one I have.

A hulking giant in a pinstripe suit pushes the door out of the frame just as I stumble to my feet. He isn't what I expected. He seems…normal. Except his black eyes, anyway. Those are cold and soulless.

"Evening, Sleeping Beauty." He grins at me and my stomach twists. No, he's not normal. He's a monster dressed in sheep's clothing. His gaze drifts to the hanger in my hands. "You want to put that down and come with me?"

"No." The word comes out strong and sure, though I've never been more terrified. I sway on my feet, dangerously close to collapsing on the floor again.

"I'll make you a deal. You put it down and come with me nice and easy, and I won't kill your father. You put up a fight, and you'll never see him again." He holds my gaze, unblinking. "We won't hurt you."

"What do you want from me?" I ask warily, not so sure I believe that. The not hurting me part, I mean. I absolutely believe he'll kill my dad if I put up a fight.

"We just want you to come with us for a few days."


He shrugs one massive shoulder, making it clear I'm not getting an answer.

"Remember our deal, Victor," Millie states from behind him, her voice ringing out clear and firm. "You aren't to harm her. This is a ransom only."

Malice flows through Victor's dark eyes.

I whirl on Millie in outrage. "You betrayed my dad for money?"

Victor lunges forward, grabbing me around the waist. Within seconds, the hanger is gone, and I have no hope of escape.

A needle jabs deep into my arm, delivering more sleeping poison directly into my system.

I scream in fury as the world goes dark. I'm a prisoner, betrayed by my dad's advisor, caught by my own emotions. Cursed…exactly like Merry always said I was.