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Baby for the Boss (The Office Affairs #1)

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Victoria Snow

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“It’s going to be our little secret. Will you agree to be my fake fiancée?”
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!
Why did I agree to this?
My feelings for my boss were never fake. I know he doesn’t do relationships,
And only needs me to keep his job. Then, why is it getting so hard?
Why is he turning into my romantic fantasy? It was all supposed to be fake, no strings attached.
And the pact never talked about the two lines that I now see on the pregnancy strip!
Oh no, Oh no. Oh no!
A full-length, standalone office romance with no cliffhanger, and a swoon worthy happily ever after.
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The Office Affairs Series by Victoria Snow

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Baby for the Boss

The Office Affairs Book 1

Victoria Snow

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Prologue – Remy

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Prologue – Remy

His hands are roaming all over my body. There isn’t a single inch of my skin that I think he has failed to touch. My senses feel completely overwhelmed by this hot, sexy man who’s surrounding me like he wants to devour me. His scent is musky and woody, so masculine and unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. No matter how close I feel I am to him, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I just want to feel him impossibly nearer, impossibly deeper inside me, but I...

“Remy?” the familiar voice of my best friend and colleague Shelley whispered, forcing me out of my daydream.

“Yeah?” I murmured back as I lifted my gaze from the paper I’d been mindlessly doodling on. I realized I had completely zoned out during an important meeting in the conference room. I was supposed to be taking minutes for my ridiculously sexy boss, Griff Strong, and now I wasn’t not even sure how far along we are in the meeting.

It seemed like Griff had noticed my lapse in attention. His mysterious gray eyes met mine across the large wooden table where all my colleagues and a few of the other higher ups were sat. His intense gaze made me look away again as heat rushed throughout my entire body.

From that moment on, I did my best to pay attention to what everyone around me was saying and I thought I did except for the unwavering tension I could feel between my boss and me. It was a bad idea. I was already struggling to concentrate on the task at hand, but I just couldn’t resist. I took one more glance upward at my handsome boss and watched as he marked up the proposal sheet in front of him with a red pen. He slashed the nib across the page in a decisive strike to cross something out that he didn’t like.

It was strange. Even watching him scribbling on a document made my cheeks flush bright red. I couldn’t help but focus on how strong and commanding he was in everything he did—even editing. Ever since I’d started working for this company, I’d had a crush on Griff. He was pure male, totally dominant, and unquestionably masculine. In other words, he was my ideal man.

Every time we were in a room together, I couldn’t help but clench my thighs tight while my panties got soaked from how aroused he made me. It was like that right from the very start of my time at Enviropak, America’s leading packaging manufacturer using only recycled materials. Now, I’ve been in my position as Griff’s secretary for almost two years and never once did I truly believe my little crush would lead anywhere—that is until a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, a couple of weeks ago, Griff took me along to a conference in Chicago about new types of foil packaging he was interested in researching and that’s where everything changed. One thing had led to another and we spent an unexpected and raunchy weekend in the throes of passion together. It had been everything I’d wanted for so long, but as soon as it had started, Griff had ended it.

‘We can’t do this again,’ he’d told me with a stiff posture and a frown. But it was all so confusing. How was I supposed to separate my sex life from work when I was currently pretending to be in a full-blown relationship with him?

That’s right. When Enviropak was taken over by a bigger conglomerate, the new CEO, Albert Anderson, decided that he wanted every member of the management team to emulate the new company values. Those values? Family, family, and family. Everybody in a position of responsibility was pretty much expected to be either married with kids or on their way there—which was a problem for Griff, the biggest, baddest, most eligible bachelor I’d ever met.

I had no idea if our little charade was working. Griff hadn’t mentioned anything to me about Albert being suspicious of his new family-orientated appearance. From what I’d seen of Griff and Albert’s interactions, I thought they were buying it, but they weren’t the only ones…

I might have been buying it too.

It wasn’t my fault. Apart from the lack of sex, Griff had been acting like the perfect boyfriend. The more he acted like an amazing boyfriend, the more I wanted the fantasy to become a reality.